Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for October 27, 2012

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Here are some of the highlights from the October 27, 2012, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Weekly Topic

Allen and Amy discussed some tips for Fire Safety Month.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

  • How to determine how much ventilation an attic needs.
  • Can you use odd-sized blocks to build a wall with Quikwall.
  • How to remove hardwood flooring without damage for reuse.
  • Best tile pattern to use in a small bathroom.
  • How to repair a heat damaged Corian countertop.
  • Problem with water in basement from holes drilled in wall.
  • Using an infrared heater to heat a cellar.
  • Amount of venting needed to vent a small outdoor shed.
  • How to build a wheelchair ramp.
  • Problem with water coming through a brick wall in garage.
  • How to transition a thick tile floor into another room.
  • Enlarging or adding a new closet.
  • How to install posts and railings on a deck.
  • Installing plywood on an attic gable behind vinyl siding.
  • Whether to remove vinyl flooring adhesive before laying tile.
  • Painting over an oil based stain on a garage floor.
  • Whether to replace a water heater that has a leaking relief valve.
  • What kind of primer to use when painting a ceiling.
  • Whether to use a sprayer or roller to paint aluminum siding.
  • How to repair an asphalt driveway that has lots of cracks.
  • Repairing leaking seams on a granite countertop.


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