Converting a Basement, Attic or Garage

While converting an unused basement, attic, or garage into additional living space is a popular option, careful planning is needed to prevent potential problems.

Basement Conversion: In basements, issues include relocating ductwork, wiring, and plumbing as well as the lack of windows and doors needed to provide ventilation, natural lighting, and emergency exits.

Attic Conversion: Turning an attic into living space may require adding a staircase and beefing up the existing framing. Dormers are usually the best way to add light and additional floor space to an attic room.

Garage Conversion: To allow it to blend seamlessly with the rest of the house, try to match the exterior building materials used on the garage conversion to the house as closely as possible. Also, disguise the garage door opening and remove the driveway where it meets the home.

If you take these unique planning and design aspects into consideration, your conversion will be a success.


  1. there is 600 sq.ft above the kitchen which has a tray ceiling. U can see it from up top
    Wanting a large bonus roo with a full bathroom and a 10×10 office. I have to build a staircase in the foyer for access. Slightly complicated but plumbing, electrical and HVAC all accessible. My problem is putting a floor down up there without it putting pressure on the kitchen sheetrock. Will be 3/4 CD plywood along with laminate pergo flooring. Help me please. Just wondered if I need to build a floor about e existing and use some kind of padding in between floors to avoid drywall downstairs from cracking le t me know how to do this and with e wey precaution. The home is a 400,ooo dollar 3 year new home

  2. Love the Georgia Townhouse basement makeover, especially the shelving unit that was built so that storage bins are easy to get to.

    Our family has been thinking about finishing our basement as well.
    The house is 1260 sq ft. and has exposed masonry blocks. How would it cost to finish our basement. We have an idea if we finished it ourselves but also needed a price if someone else does the work – such as a contractor.

    • Hi, Beverly,
      We don’t offer project estimates or quotes on construction, as this varies by location, but we encourage checking your local phone listings for the most accurate, up-to-date information in your area.
      Good luck!


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