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December 23, 2023

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    In commercial, residential, and industrial construction, you know it is vital that everything is sealed and waterproofed. We agree, which is why we want to spotlight Tremco! If you are curious about this innovative, powerhouse global company, you’ll be pleased to know they have exactly what you need. 

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    Who is Tremco?

    Tremco is a customer-centric global sealant and waterproofing supplier. For over the last ninety years, Tremco has been an industry leader in innovation. William Treuhaft opened a small manufacturing plant for roofing materials in Cleveland, Ohio named Tremco Manufacturing Company. 

    As the years passed, that small company has grown into one with multiple divisions employing over 500 people, with 100 representatives in just the United States. Specializing in sealants and waterproofing products for residential, commercial, and industrial structures, Tremco has positioned itself as a smart solution for any project. You’ll find Tremco’s high-quality products in places like hospitals, high-rises, parking garages, stadiums, multi-family housing projects, and more because they are a single-source solution for structures of all shapes, sizes, and uses. 

    Tremco’s commitment is to help customers develop and maintain high-performance, sustainable structures with the lowest life-cycle costs possible. They are the most experienced team in the industry so they can provide sophisticated solutions to complex projects. 

    Products Fit For You

    One of the places that Tremco shines the brightest is the number of products and variety that they provide. Because of their wide range of expertise, they have a product that is fit for your project and hands-on top-notch technical support whenever you need it. 


    Commercial buildings take on a lot of wear, which makes Tremco’s Vulkem EWS for Coatings perfect for the job. These coatings have elite adhesion and resistance against abrasions making them essential when it comes to high-traffic areas in commercial buildings. 

    Commercial buildings also need to be able to handle and mitigate anything that could happen including water and fire to protect companies’ valuable assets. Tremco has commercial construction products, including waterproofing and fire-stopping systems that will give you peace of mind in your commercial building. They also have sealants, adhesives, primers, and glazes for every surface ensuring your investment is protected against the elements, wear, and accidents for the long run at the lowest cost.


    Residential homes may not be as vulnerable to the traffic that commercial buildings are, but they are even more susceptible to the environment and weather. In residential homes, water and moisture are the enemies, causing millions of dollars in damages each year across the United States alone. 

    Tremco residential waterproofing systems, damp-proofing and restoration products, and window and door installation sealant selections offer a line of defense for homeowners. For instance, the Enviro-Dri weather-resistant barriers provide permanent, seamless protection against unexpected air changes, liquid moisture intrusion, and trapped moisture better than other traditional wrap products on the market. 

    Mitigate methane in residential properties with Tremo as well using the Vapor Lock barrier system designed to protect homes from methane gas entering through the foundation slab. 


    Industrial structures require attention to detail in order to provide a functional, durable, and efficient space with low maintenance costs. Ongoing maintenance is one of the biggest concerns with industrial buildings. Tremco addresses this concern from the start with their low life-cycle cost industrial construction products like glazing systems, modular products, coatings, tapes, and adhesives. 

    Installing durable products to seal and waterproof every surface from the start in an industrial structure goes a long way in reducing maintenance costs and increasing functionality. Tremco takes it one step further with their monitored ongoing maintenance programs, ensuring that industrial structures are ready for the long haul.

    Tremco Is Unique

    Tremco has become the leader in the sealant and waterproofing industry because they are unique. Tremo offers innovative, six-sided solutions focusing on the lowest life-cycle cost while providing demonstrable performance. Once installed, Tremco offers ongoing maintenance programs and elite warranties all from a single-source platform– features that are hard to find in a company.  With Tremco, excellence doesn’t end with product quality because they ensure a personalized, efficient process from start to finish.

    Tremco is also unique in that they share their wealth of knowledge. In addition to their many other services and products, Tremco is a comprehensive educational resource for all things in the construction industry. Take advantage of their years of experience in your next project by utilizing their resource bank. 

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    Serving Your Needs Around the World 

    No matter where you are located, Tremco has a division near you. Though they are headquartered in Ohio, Tremco has grown its international resources over the years. With distributors and support in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, Tremco is serving your residential, commercial, and industrial waterproofing and sealant needs around the world. Check out Tremco’s BUILD MEETS WORLD Blog, and read some helpful blogs such as this one on how to apply sealants. Find a representative near you today to discover how Tremco can improve your next project.

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