How to Prevent Water Damage in a Basement | Ep. 49

Water damaging a basement
Water damage can be a big issue in an area already plagued by moisture.

On this Week’s Podcast:

• We help a homeowner who has a problem with water entering a basement.  Here’s what he can do to limit damage to his floors and walls.

 This time of year you’ll likely be reaching for firewood. We have a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your wood and fireplace this winter.

• Have a slippery concrete driveway? Here’s how you can use play sand and masonry sealer to give it some grit.

• Joe’s Simple Solution for improving water flow from your faucets.

Question of the Week:

Eric from Pennsylvania writes, “There are three wood support posts in our basement. We are in our first home and in less than 13 months they are starting to split. We have no budget and our home is over 100 years old. 

What can we do about them?

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