There’s nothing as important in construction as ensuring that everything is waterproof and made to last. We have the same high standards, which is why we want to spotlight Polyguard! If you’re curious about this employee-owned brand: these are the places where Polyguard shines brightest.

Who Is Polyguard?

For the last seventy years, Polyguard has been an employee-owned surface protectant company. Originating in Oklahoma before eventually moving to Texas, this company understands that when employees are given a chance to thrive: the company will succeed.

The main products Polyguard offers work to protect structures and surfaces from water, moisture, insects, and anything else that could corrode or leak in. Although it works in multiple industries, its products are heavily tested and put through rigorous workshopping before they reach the customers.

This has given them a bit of a name in the business, both in the United States and internationally: selling to over thirty countries. This international work has earned the company many exporting awards and shows it understands how to offer quality on a global scale. 

Pipeline Construction

The largest issue faced with pipelines is corrosion. Water, wind, sand, and multiple other forces can cause decay inside or outside of a pipe. Polyguard has underground pipeline coatings and girth weld coatings that ensure that the pipes last longer and do what they’re built to do.

Mechanical Goods

Jacketing is vital to protecting the integrity and safety of many industrial machines.  Weatherproof jacketing and vapor barriers can ensure that pipes of any type can run at their best, need less maintenance, and are better at holding up against adverse weather and conditions. In addition, ensuring these pipes are protected can save businesses a lot of money in repairs and replacements.

Commercial and Residential

Whether you’re creating an office building or a residential home: the property must be waterproofed. Liquid flashing can help seal windows, doors, and any other gaps in a wall system and help ensure a building’s envelope is sealed and airtight. Blocking any moisture from getting in can stop the risk of mold or rot, will ensure that insulation is given the best chance to keep your home’s temperatures stable, and will fight against the likelihood of your building flooding. Polyguard’s Home Stretch peel ‘n stick membrane applies easily and works extraordinarily well.


Many don’t consider the importance of pavement underseal membranes: but these are vital to ensuring that the roads are safe from moisture and corrosion. The risks come from water getting in and breaking down the pavement and are worse in areas that freeze in the winter: leached water can freeze and expand, making the problem worse.

Private Brands

Whether you work in the automotive industry, transportation, drainage, or flooring: there’s something that Polyguard can do for you. They cover construction, the marine industry, and anything else where longevity matters the most. Although they cover their bases with the industries they serve: every item they have is made of high quality and planned to ensure their items last.

Term Barrier

Termites are a rapidly growing problem, especially in the southern United States. These insects work to destroy and dismantle properties, weakening their support and putting the occupants at serious risk. This ruins the value of the buildings, causes costly repairs or replacements, and shouldn’t be ignored. Polyguard’s Term waterproofing and termite barrier keep this common pest and stop them from ruining the buildings. Without using harmful pesticides, this physical barrier system is the only surefire way to ensure these insects don’t get into your property.

Polyguard Understands The Needs of Modern Construction

This company has been around long enough to see what companies need and understand that the main way to help any construction project last is to lock out moisture and other destructive elements. Regardless of whether you’re

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