How To Install Commercial Carpet

This small room is perfect for a piece of low pile commercial carpet we picked up for $100.

Start by aligning the factory cut edges of the carpet against two of the adjoining walls in the room.

Press the carpet firmly against the remaining walls with a 6” drywall knife, then cut through it using a sharp utility knife.

The drywall knife holds the carpet in place and acts as a guide for the cuts.

After the carpet has been cut to fit, fold it back and spread adhesive around the perimeter of the room with a notched trowel.

Carefully position the carpet on the floor, and use the drywall knife to press it into the glue.


  1. I want to put tile in front of my sliding entry way which is a concrete floor. Right now I have a carpet over the concrete. After putting down the tile, how do I butt the carpet against the tile and secure it onto the concrete?

  2. We are going to replace the carpet in our office.When we pulled up the old to see how hard it would be.We found how easy it was to remove and was wondering what kind of glue may have been used?The carpet was just a standard commercial grade,and no bulky glue residue.


    Greg Coss

  3. indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive is sold at every home depot. our most popular brand is made by armstrong. be sure to buy the correct trowel to put the glue down because the trowel ensures that you’re using the right amount of glue, more is not better!

  4. I’m trying to install comerical carpet over ceramic tile and i want to patch the grout line what kind of patch should i use for that job.

  5. Basically, there are two types of carpet installations, i.e. direct adhering and smooth edge installation. Direct adhering is a simple method – you just get the exact measurement of the room, have the carpet cut to the exact size and just lay it down. In this process you don’t give any padding or support underneath. Type and texture of the carpet plays vital role because this installation does not require any cushion or padding between the carpet and the floor. Generally, carpets used for direct adhering process are manufactured with padding below the surface texture.

  6. Hello, my name is Yordennis, i am a Cuban man living in Recife,Brasil.
    I would like to know if you have courses for beginners, installation folder and carpets by internet.

    HAPPY 2012 !!

    From Brasil
    a friend


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