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Carpet on living room floor

Carpet usually comes in 12′ and 15′ wide widths, and is sold by the square yard, which is equivalent to an area 3 feet by 3 feet. Waste is usually figured at 10%.

To convert square feet into square yards, either enter the dimensions of your room (in feet and inches) in our calculator below, or divide the number of square feet in your room by 9, then add on 10% or so for waste.

carpetwidth = widthft + (widthin / 12);
carpetlength = lnft + (lnin / 12);
waste = waste / 100;
results = carpetwidth * carpetlength;
results = results + (results * waste);
yardresults = results / 9;
yardresultsa = yardresults;
yardresults = Math.round(yardresults);
resultsa = results;
results = Math.round(results);
if (resultsa > results) {
results = results + 1;
if (yardresultsa > yardresults) {
yardresults = yardresults + 1;
msg = "" + yardresults + " Square Yards Needed or " + results + " Square Feet Needed";
document.getElementById('output').innerHTML = msg;




+ % waste


  1. Am I missing something. The instructions don’t say how to calculate amount of carpet, wood flooring, tile etc. needed.

    Do you multiply the width X Depth and divide by three to get square yards etc.

    It has been so long since I have figured how to do this that I have forgotten.

    Sorry if I seem so dense, but I need to measure for wood flooring for my upstairs.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Lee,
    To find the number of square feet or square yards in your room, just type the dimensions of your room in the boxes above and click on the calculate button.
    If you want do the calculations yourself, the formula is:
    width x length = square feet
    Divide that number by 9 to get the number of square yards.

  3. How do I find the required amount of carpet when my rooms all run together? The main floor of my Townhouse is all open. Do I take the dimensions of the entire floor and subtract the SQ ft of the unuseable space (like the open stairs, bath, foyer and kitchen)?

  4. Kathy,
    Depending on how many nooks and crannies there are, you can either subtract the parts that are not included from the whole, or divide the room up into various sections and add the square feet for each of them together.

    • Hi Donna,
      To find the number of cubic cubic yards of concrete needed, multilply the length x width x depth in yards (or fractions of a yard). One cubic yard of concrete equals a volume of 3′ x 3′ x 3′, which is the same as 27 cubic feet, so you can also measure it in feet (or fractions of a foot), then divide the total by 27 to find the number of yards. For example, to calculate the yards of concrete needed for a slab 12′ x 12′ x 4″, multiply 12 x 12 x 0.33 = 47.52 cubic feet ÷ 27 = 1.76 yards. Another way of thinking about it, is that a 4″ thick slab 9′ x 9′ equals one yard of concrete.

  5. Danny,

    need the correct formula to calculate measurements for replacing shingles on a roof. How many yards do I need for the job. (e.g.) 50×14 = Sq Yrds?

    Thanks, Ed

    • Hi Ed,
      Roof shinges are measure by the square which equals 100 square feet and usually comes packaged as 3 or 4 bundles of asphalt shingles. To find out how many squares you need, multiply the width of the area times the length in feet and divide by 100 (i.e. 20’w x 10’h = 200 sq. ft. ÷ 100 = 2 squares). It’s usually a good idea to add 1% to 5% in for waste. You can find out more about roofs and roofing in our article How to Choose a Roof for Your Home.

  6. I am not understanding why a room that is 19 X 19 (which is 361 sq ft) would need 45 yards of carpet.

    Isn’t 361/9 the square yards? I have heard that I need 45 sq yards, 50 sq. yards 60 sq. yards… Why are there such huge differences. What would the result be if I only brough 45 square yards?

    • That is correct, to convert square feet to square yard, you divide the number of square feet by 9. Since carpeting comes in limited widths (usually 12′ and 15′) and is sold either by the linear foot or yard in length, you need to be sure you buy enough to fit your room. In your case you would probably need to buy two pieces 12′ wide by 20′ long for a total of 480 square feet or 53.33 square yards.

  7. I can’t get the calculator to work. my 2 rooms are 12×12. do you come out for such small rooms. I have 2 of them.

    looking for a beige color, for kids room.
    I am in Beasley, Tx (outside Rosenberg 10 minutes off of 59S
    Do you move furniture, or do I need to have it out.
    Also need padding, do you do the one that helps if pets wet on it, to keep it dry.


    • Hi Judy,
      To use the calculator for your rooms, just put 12 in the feet boxes under width and length, and click on the “calculate” button. For your 12 x 12 rooms, you would need 16 square yards each of carpet, plus any additional amount you need to include for waste. We do not do remodeling work outside the Mobile, Alabama, area. Good luck with your carpeting project!

  8. Hi , I have my sqyd’s figured out and I’m using 15 foot goods , how do I convert my square yards to linear feet in 15 foot goods ?

    • Hi Steve,
      To convert square yards to square feet do the reverse of the process above, so you would multiply the number of square yards times nine to get square feet (sq. yds. x 9 = sq. ft.)

  9. I understand how to convert to sq ft. and sq yrd.! What I’m not understanding is how to figure out how much carpet is needed when you have…15×22 room…I know the answer is a 12×40, because I was told, but I don’t understand how this answer arrived….

  10. My room dimension are 13ft wide, 13ft long, 10ft in height. I figure I need 169square ft of carpet. Trying to figure out how much wallpaper and boarder I will need. Please help

  11. hi, I’m looking to do our kitchen floor with tiles. its 18ft x 11ft would that be 22sq yards then in total i’d need of tiles?

  12. adding 10 percent for waste is totally crazy. Wasting the consumers money. You can figure out square yardage per inch without adding 10 percent. Take length of room and multiply by the width of the room and divide by 9, that will give you the square yardage needed. So example if you have a room which is 12×18. Multiply 12x 18 equals 216 and divide that by nine-you get 24 square yards needed for a 12×18 room, no ten percent needed

    • Hi Larry,
      If you know the exact size of your room and don’t want to add a waste factor when using our carpet calculator, all you have to do is delete the 10 from the waste box and you will get the exact number of square yards needed.

  13. Hi, I need to install 24″x24″ carpet tiles in my basement which is 15’x15. The tiles come in 12 per box. How many boxes do I need to buy?

  14. My kitchen is 9’4″x 20’4″ but 3ft. Of it is only 6′ across.The linoleum is 12’long x 12″ wide linear foot. How many linear feet do i need for my kitchen? Thank you.

  15. Hi Ben.

    I’m wanting to cover our Church stage with carpet tiles…

    It’s 4 mtrs x 13 mtrs… How many tiles will i require plz..??

    Many thnx,

    Steve. 😉

  16. Re our stage…

    It’s concrete based, & was an old Cinema stage 1st.. How would be the best way to lay these tiles, & would i need to stick them down, or can i just lay them onto the bare concrete…??

    Thnx again, Ben..

    Steve. 😉

  17. I have been quoted 24sqr/25sqr metres for my hall& stairs but all ads ask for just metres. I don’t know how to change from sqr metres to just metres. Can you please tell me what …25sqr metres is in metres.

    thank you Eleanor

    • Eleanor,
      If you’re determining the amount of area, such as for carpet or other flooring, it will have to be in square something (square feet, square yards, square meters, etc.), it can’t be in just feet, yards, or meters, since that would be just a linear length measurement. A square meter would be one meter in length by one meter in width. Since a meter equals 39.37 inches and a yard is 36 inches, a square meter and a square yard are close to the same measurement (1 square yard = 0.836 square meter, and 1 square meter = 1.196 square yard).

  18. I have a box of sticky tiles that are 12 x 12, there are 20 in a box. I have a room that is 14′ long and 12′ wide how many boxes of tiles would I need?

  19. I know I need 29 sq. yards to carpet a 15.6 x 15.1 room. However, the carpet is 12′ wide. How many linear feet do a I need to be able to seam with no more than two pieces in the 3 ft. section?

  20. I need to add carpet to a home how do i add the dementions for each room to calculate the total of the sq ft to sq yards??

    Fam room 16×16=28
    Living room 23×9=207
    1 Bedroom 14×13=182
    2 bedroom 12×6= 72
    3 bedroom 6×6=36
    hallway 6×6=36

  21. I have a room that is 15×15 and want to purchase carpet tile that are 24×24, how many tile should I purchase?

    Thanks for your help.

  22. I was wondering the math that I would use for a room sized at 12 feet 6 inches length and 16 feet 6 inches for width. I need to find out how much carpet to get. I know it is 12 by something but not sure how to get that other number. thank you

  23. My room is 11ft 9inch wide and 14 feet long. How much carpet will I need if I have a pattern? Loves is telling me I need two pieces and a 12 by 15 foot would not fit. Can you help me?

  24. Just a suggestion, it would be helpful if the answer could also include Lineal feet. For example, if you have a 15×15 room what size of 12′ wide carpet would be needed. in this instance, a 20×12, which is 26.67 yards, the calculator said 25 yards


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