The pebble shower floor has long been popular with homeowners who like to get creative with interior design ideas. The shower is a sacred space for many of us, and a plain white plastic floor just won’t cut it for some. Thankfully there are tons of ways to spice up your shower, one of them being the pebble shower floor. 

In case you’ve never considered installing a pebble shower floor in your home and you’re interested in learning more about this artistic remodeling project, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of a pebble shower floor as well as some ideas you might like to experiment within your own bathroom. 

Benefits of Pebble Shower Floor Design

One of the best things about using a pebble shower floor design is the fact that they are so easy to install. While the process might seem complicated, all you really need are a few basic tools and the patience to complete the process. 

Another major benefit of installing a pebble shower floor is how they feel on your feet. You might expect a shower floor made from pebbles and stones would be bumpy or even painful on the feet, but this isn’t the case. 

For starters, the pebbles used are sanded down so that they feel completely smooth to the touch. Some even prefer the feel of pebbles to that of laminate or tile floors. They are also set into the floor low enough that all you feel are the tops of them, rather than stepping on a bumpy surface. 

The surfaces of the stones are very resistant to slipping as well, despite being smooth to the touch. This is a benefit for anyone who wants to prevent injuries from slipping and falling in the shower, especially the elderly. 

Of course, you can’t talk about the benefits of a pebble shower floor without mentioning how incredibly beautiful they are. It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful shower floor than one filled with stones and pebbles. A well-done pebble shower floor has a very natural look to it and can make you feel like you’re taking a shower under a waterfall in the great outdoors. 

Pebble Shower Floor Design Ideas

1. Urban

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This is a version of the pebble shower floor that resembles an inner-city cobblestone pathway. It goes great with marble and is the perfect way to put an urban twist on your pebble shower floor.

2. Magnolia Modern

Magnolia modern features pebbles of differing sizes and colors set into light-colored flooring. It pairs especially well with glass-door showers and well-lit bathrooms. Natural wood cabinets are a nice complement too.

3. Light Brown Floor and Walls

Pebble shower floors aren’t always limited to just the flooring. You can also set stones and pebbles into the walls as well. Take this shower with light brown pebbles, for instance. Including a wall of pebbles can totally change the dynamic of your shower.

4. A Unique Twist

Try putting pebbles in the floor as well as in a vertical pattern going up the wall behind your showerhead. The single strip of pebbles works well to add charecter to the shower walls without overpowering the surrounding material.

5. Contemporary

A contemporary design for fans of the modern aesthetic. Oval stones are preferred here, as well as plenty of natural light and some nice, neutral colors in the space. Walk-in showers tend to work best with this design.

6. Tile with Small Pebbles

Small white pebbles with multi-colored surrounding tile can turn a shower with less square footage into an interesting experience that feels bigger than it is.

7. Mosaic Tile Shower Bench

This wooden shower bench perfectly complements the neutral-colored pebble floor and brings life to an otherwise tame color scheme.

8. Corner Shower

Dark pebbles set into a travertine floor in a corner shower. Combining white walls, glass doors, or both with dark-colored pebbles makes for a beautiful corner shower contrast.

9. River Rock

River rock shower floor with beautiful brick walls. Setting river rock stones into the floor of your corner shower with beige brick walls creates a calm, serene shower environment.

10. Walk-In

A walk-in shower with a pebble floor. This variation on the walk-in shower is perfect for slender showers and complements a nearby tile mosaic wall quite well.

11. Natural Elements

An Asian-inspired pebble shower floor. For a Far-East twist on the pebble floor shower, include a natural bench built into the wall and switch up the color scheme on your walls to include varying shades of brown and orange.

A Pebble Shower Floor is a Bold Statement

A shower is a place of supreme privacy and should feel like a sanctuary to you. Spice up your shower by implementing any of the pebble floor ideas we’ve listed here and watch as the entire vibe of your bathroom is completely transformed. Whether you have a small shower or a big, walk-in shower, there’s a pebble floor out there for everybody.

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