There’s no building that can stand without well-made support. ICF blocks are concrete blocks that stand in place to form the interior and exterior substrate for the house. No company sets itself apart in this field quite like Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms. This company has an eye out for everything, from forming their blocks, how they transport them and how to ensure their products last.

Here’s what everyone should know about Fox Blocks…

Options As Custom As Your Building Plans

Most in construction know there’s nothing as exciting as a job that’s different from any other. But, unfortunately, many products only come in one to two different options. Fox blocks work against that idea and offer a large range of shapes and arrangements for their ICF blocks so that you can have the same structural integrity regardless of the form of your building. From blocks that sit at a 45-degree bend to curved radius blocks, tilt wall construction, and t-shaped blocks, you’ll find the shape that works for your project.

Money and Space-Saving Shipping

One of the most expensive parts of construction is freight, followed closely by storage. Luckily, Fox Blocks takes this problem seriously and works to remove the need for bulky shipping containers. Instead, these blocks can be compact, stacking easily, and allowing more materials to be shipped out at a lower cost. This can save the amount of time it takes to get something shipped out to you and will ensure that your budget isn’t blown out of control while you’re still working on house framing.

Gorgeous Exposed Concrete Finishes

If you love the look of exposed concrete, it goes beautifully with your company: consider the finishes that Fox Blocks offers on their ICF blocks. From traditional stucco, brick, stone, fiber cement siding, or drywall, you can find a modern concrete home design that will set your company apart, and you won’t want to look away! These finishes are all gorgeously executed and can tie a building together.

Built Strong to Last Against Any Element

A building has to be made to last. If a company uses poor materials, that will quickly show how long their projects last and how sturdy the results are. Instead, companies like Fox Blocks work hard to meet every safety, resilience, and durability rating needed for concrete on both government and industry standards. As a result, these blocks are made strong and are designed to last longer than their builders.

Wicks Away Moisture and Noise

Many fear extra moisture, noise, and smells coming into the building where they’re working. These kinds of distractions can both break down the building itself and ruin the furniture within the building. On top of moisture, noise pollution can be a company killer. If employees are distracted every couple of minutes by sounds out on the road or someone walking by the building, they won’t do their job.

Ensures Climate Control Isn’t a Struggle.

Heating and cooling bills can take a big punch out of anyone’s budget: this is especially true when heating or cooling a massive company building. Although it’s a good idea to keep your employees in a comfortable temperature range, shoddy building supplies will allow for the heat and cold to seep right through.

Fox Blocks are built to be thermally resistant, ensuring the building can stay insulated to some degree, keeping the air conditioner or heater out of work instead of keeping it running constantly. These blocks can lower a buildings’ heating and cooling by up to 50%, which can look great on any budget. 

Added Insulation For Windows

Walls aren’t where most of the air seepage comes from: its windows. A leaky or loose window can undo any air or heating savings you would get by taking other steps: so it’s a good idea to pay attention to them. Fox Blocks offers insulation for windows that rim the outside of them when installing the blocks. This stops more airflow from getting through while still allowing you to have windows as large or as small as you want. Although getting great quality windows to start with is a good choice: Fox Blocks ensures that the buck stops here and works to solve problems before they happen.

Fox Blocks Knows What’s Needed of Them: and Delivers It.

If you’re looking for a company that knows what people want of them, then Fox Blocks is the right choice. They work hard to ensure your buildings are there to last and that the interior is kept safe from the elements. Although they’re built strong, they can ship inexpensively and in larger multitudes, making them the best choice out there. 

Regardless of what type of building you’re constructing, if you want it to last and do the job right: there’s no other option but Fox Blocks.

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