How to Stop a Closed Door from Rattling

To stop a door from rattling when it’s closed, remove the strike plate and bend the metal tab forward slightly using pliers so the latch fits securely in the strike plate.

Screw the strike plate back in place, check the door, and adjust if needed.

Watch the video above to see Joe’s Simple Solution.


  1. We have recently purchased a home and I installed new doorknobs with strike plates. The new strike plates do not have the tabs shown in your video. Help?

  2. I put a small amount of white sticky tack along the edge of the door frame and now the rattle has stopped. It just takes up the extra space so the door closes snug. My cats rattle the door at night so that’s why I had to stop it.

  3. My door did not have a strike plate, so I folded up a square of duct tape and taped it to the inside edge of the hole where the strike plate would have been. This took up the extra space and now the door no longer rattles.

  4. Thanku, doors were driving my son and me nuts. Had same plates in entrance doors but not inside doors so went to Bunnings, $2.50each and l replaced all of them. ?

  5. So glad I found this post! I thought for sure there was a ghost or something & found myself on google trying to figure out why my door keeps making these crazy noises! Whew!

  6. Thank you for this video. Although it wasn’t what solved my issue of the door rattling , it made me look in that area and realize that a little piece of the door lock was broken off into there and that is why my front door wasn’t shutting completely. Otherwise I wouldn’t have looked in there!

  7. Thanks for the help. The sound of my basement door rattling every time I walked in the living room or kitchen was driving me crazy.
    Mine didn’t have one of the metal prongs so I switched it with one from hard to close door to the attic and it fixed it right away no bending required.

  8. This was a great help, a simple solution, but will help so much. I went around my whole house and had to sort out 7 doors!

  9. This is amazing, I’ve been looking for ages to try and find a solution, from door stops to even get a new mechanism entirely. Just tried it now and it seems to have worked.

    No more restless sleep!!

  10. Thank you so much for this! My bathroom door was driving me nuts and I was thinking of applying sticky duct tape on the inside rim. However this was a simple, quick and easy solution that resolved it. 😊

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