How to Install Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are a popular choice with homeowners since they are durable and scratches can easily be sanded out. Another advantage of this type of material is that seams are glued together in such as way as to make them practically invisible.

Since these countertops were ordered with a thick edge, the top of the cabinets had to be built up with strips of plywood before the countertops could be installed.

The countertop material was delivered a bit wider and longer than needed, allowing it to be scribed and trimmed to a perfect fit on site.

Next, cutouts for the range and other appliances are made and sanded smooth.

Long sections of countertop are glued together with a special adhesive and clamped in place until dry.

Once the glue had set, the clamps were removed, and the seam sanded smooth.

When everything was ready, the countertops were glued to the cabinets with adhesive.


  1. What do you recommend for solid counter tops? I want something that does not stain, scratch and is heat resistant. There seems to be so many different kinds I’m really confused as what would be the best and most durable.

  2. Hey thanks for the information. Plan to use advice once finished with our own cabinets; which am almost there. Where can I obtain a reasonable distributor for solid surface material? Am trying to buy local to Lakeland, Florida 33813. Thanks for any leads. Thomas Putt, 4443 Iris Street South, Lakeland, Florida 33813.

  3. I’m ready to install a solid surface top. It has been cut to fit the area using a template. I’m being told to add a 1″ shim every 12″ on the cabinet top. Then glue the top onto the the shims.
    Is the correct / necessary.

  4. We had a solid surface countertop installed here in North Carolina by a company called Web Don. ( )

    We absolutely love it!
    Randy Smith

  5. I bought corian countertops (used) I am fitting them to my kitchen.what kind of adhesive do I use?
    thank you. Michelle

  6. we are putting in our cabinets now, and what a solid surface, love the sink and drain board that can be put in them, but after long debate on color, now the guy at Lowes said not good around stove to use at a back splash from stovetop to ceiling , can you tell me , is this safe for normal cooking, he said the back splash may belt. we are ready to order and I really have my heart set on it, but if not safe we will consider granite.


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