There are a variety of applications for countertops in a commercial space — office kitchens, reception areas, dining rooms, and more. Let’s take a look at some popular materials used for countertops in commercial spaces and discuss the durability, cost, and visual appeal of each surface.

Popular countertop materials for commercial spaces include quartz, granite, butcher block, and solid surface.

Quartz Commercial Countertop

Quartz is a great option for commercial spaces because it has the look and feel of natural stone like granite or marble, but is engineered for durability. Made from about 95% natural stone, quartz is quartzite and other natural minerals bound together with resin to create beautiful, durable countertops.

Quartz is also more affordable and uniform than natural stone countertops. Natural stone like granite and limestone are often pricey and do not always have the same pattern or color tones throughout — there are often imperfections. Quartz is more affordable in some cases and will always maintain its beautiful color and pattern.

Granite Commercial Countertop

Granite is also a popular option for commercial spaces because it is a luxurious, natural stone. Unfortunately, granite tends to be pricey and requires routine sealing for protection. In addition, granite often contains imperfections, and no two slabs are exactly alike. So if you are outfitting a large space, it is difficult to find multiple pieces with the same color variations. 

Butcher Block Commercial Countertop

Butcher block has become popular recently because of the rustic look it brings to a space. It is created from slabs of wood glued together to create a flat surface for preparing food or to serve as a general countertop. While the aesthetics of butcher block can work well in a commercial space, the material itself often does not hold up against the heavy traffic. Butcher block can be sealed or unsealed, and if left unsealed, it is easily stained and damaged and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Solid Surface Commercial Countertop

Solid surface is another good option for commercial spaces that is cost-effective compared to natural stone surfaces. Solid surface is a man-made material created from natural stone and polymer and can be thermoformed into many different fabrications such as sinks, tubs, shelves, and desks. This material has less natural stone than quartz, but it can still be created to mimic the look of natural stone such as granite or marble. It is a durable surface, but accidents happen. If your solid surface countertop or fabrication chips, it can be easily repaired by a certified solid surface repair technician.

So, of the four commercial countertops listed, which one do you think is best for your space? 

Quartz and solid surface countertops have clear advantages over granite and butcher block. Quartz is extremely durable and will stand up well to the wear-and-tear of a commercial space, and solid surface is a valuable option that can also be used to create unique designs for your space. 

Commercial Countertop Design Ideas

Here are some ways you can incorporate quartz and solid surface countertops into your commercial space:

1. Dramatic Display

Use quartz to create a dramatic centerpiece for your reception area. With quartz, you are not limited to countertops. You can create “waterfall” counters and other fabrications that add personality to your commercial space.

2. Vintage Flair

Quartz countertops aren’t limited to residential kitchens. Use them as a bar for your trendy restaurant space! Your guests will love the clean lines provided by quartz’s many natural stone-inspired patterns, which can add a luxurious touch inspired by vintage design elements.

3. Beige Bliss

Restrooms are one of the most heavily trafficked areas in commercial spaces. Choose a simple quartz pattern to give your restrooms a touch of class and durability. As one of the world’s hardest substances, quartz is the perfect material to use in your company’s restrooms.

4. Welcoming Reception

Often, the reception desk is the first thing customers see when they enter your commercial space. Make a statement with a custom fabricated solid surface reception desk. Not only does it look great, but it is also durable enough to withstand guests leaning, writing, and bumping the surface.

5. Creative Curves

With solid surface, you are not limited to square slabs of material. You can create a custom fabrication such as this rounded reception desk to add personality to any space. The soft edges will open this space and contrast with the sharp angles of the wood-framed offices. You’re only limited by your imagination with solid surface!

6. Bold and Beautiful

Perhaps one of the most versatile materials for your commercial space, solid surface comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be crafted into virtually any fabrication you want. Pair a thick solid surface countertop with dark wood for a bold touch in your commercial bathrooms.

7. Enticing and Elegant

Some materials just cannot be crafted into what you envision for your space. With solid surface, you can create the perfect surface for your displays, complete with the details you want. Check out the intricate edges on these beauty counter displays. 

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