How to Drill Into Concrete

What tool do I need in order to bore drainage holes in a poured concrete retaining wall? -Mike

Hi Mike,

A heavy duty hammer drill or rotary hammer with a high quality masonry bit is the tool of choice for drilling into concrete.

The hammer action on the drill propels the bit through the concrete and breaks up any aggregate imbedded in it. This allows you to drill much faster without wearing out either the operator or the bit.

Good luck with your project,



  1. I have been trying to figure out which is the best all around router (table or in the hand). There are so many on the market now it’s hard to figure. Could you suggest the top two or three for me? Thanks

  2. Hi Dale,
    Without getting into specific brands, the type of router you buy will mainly depend on how you plan to use it. If you expect to do mostly freehand cuts that remove a lot of stock, buy a heavy duty plunge router that accepts both ¼” and ½” shank bits. If you plan to mount it in a router table, a heavy-duty fixed base router that accepts both size bits is your best bet. For simple roundovers and other small cuts, you can’t beat a lightweight ¼” trim router. If I had to choose only one, I’d spring for a heavy-duty fixed base model.


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