Teak Table Trouble & The Long Distance Call

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What a view! A California family’s first dinner on their brand new teak table had a great backdrop but left behind undesirable stains. a few easy tips to get rid of any leftover spots on wood furniture.

Also, the wood siding one a homeowner’s shed has seen better days. The tips from Danny and Joe that will fix this and pretty much any home using wood siding.

Joe’s son Chris calls into the Today’s Homeowner Hotline from Moscow, Russia. Chris provides a unique perspective on how different life and home improvement is compared to American culture.

Plus, Joe has a simple solution that will add extra storage to your kitchen.

Listener Questions

danny lipford and joe truini

Concrete Patio Fix

Susi from Virginia says, “What is the best way to recover/repair a small aggregate concrete patio with leftover Thinset from (now removed) ceramic tile? Between manual removal, muriatic acid wash, etc. all that can be removed has been, leaving a residue that is thinner in some places than others. I’ve thought about concrete resurfacer or the composite tiles that connect together. It’s only about 70-square-feet, so I’m looking for something relatively easy/efficient. Thanks”

Replacing Damaged Siding

Mark from Pennsylvania says, “I have a wood siding panel shed. Its the type that is about 6 inches then a groove then 6 inches, looking like it comes in 4×8 sheets. The bottom near the ground is splitting and coming apart, seemingly having moisture come up. It is not against the ground but it still split. What is the best way to repair or replace just the one-foot section affected?”

Getting an Oil Stain out of Wood Furniture

Deb from California says, “We just spent our wedding money on a beautiful teak table for our blended family of five to use on our outdoor patio/deck which overlooks beautiful scenery in bell canyon, ca. The first night, We Christened the table with a quick family dinner and oil from The rice has left spots on different places throughout the table and there are stains that won’t come off. We’ve tried everything – simple green, vinegar, etc and nothing works.”

Securing Peak Boards

Daniel from Washington says, “I have 2×8 face boards on peaks of the roof that are nailed at the bottom to 2×6 horizontal boards with gutters.
Is it ok to put short vertical 2×4 on end of horizontal 2×6 to get extra holding power for 2×8 peak boards? Ends of peak boards are showing age.”

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Press-in-Place Paint Protection

Protect surfaces from paint splatters by covering them with adhesive-backed plastic food wrap, such as Glad’s Press/N Seal. This trick is great for protecting items that can’t easily be moved out of the way, such as toilets, light fixtures, sinks, and counters.

Adding Kitchen Storage

Here’s a clever way to store narrow boxes of wax paper, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and food storage bags.

A Call From Moscow

Culture & Home Improvement: Comparing Russia to the USA

A unique call from Joe’s son Chris who is studying and working in Moscow, Russia. We talked about the similarities and differences between American and Russian home improvement styles.

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