Backyard patio area and landscape on a house that has a slope
A concrete patio is beautiful and durable, but a poorly planned one can lead to water pooling in certain areas. (DepositPhotos)

Whether you live in a slope house or have unlevel floors due to an improperly built home, problems can arise.

What do you do for a concrete patio with an improper slope from the foundation? Or if you notice condensation in a half-exposed basement due to the slope of the land?

And if you can place a 2-by-4 on your floor, and part of it is level but the rest rises inches off the ground, you’ve got a problem!

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Podcast for these and more home improvement tips!

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  • [skipto time=18:32][18:32][/skipto] “Our house was built seven years ago and our basement is half-exposed due to the slope of the land it was built on. We have been noticing condensation behind the plastic and possible mold on the 2-by-4s. Thoughts on next steps?”
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Simple Solutions

Pop-Up Trash Can — The next time you need an extra trash can, use a collapsible laundry hamper. You can buy one for as little as $10. This is the type that looks like a giant spring wrapped in fabric.

Line the hamper with a plastic garbage bag and, after that, just pull out the bag and collapse the hamper. It takes up almost no space and is ideal for backyard cookouts and parties. Or you can take it on the road while camping or picnicking at the park.

It’s also perfect for collecting used wrapping paper on Christmas morning and at birthday parties and baby showers. (A 15-inch-diameter by 26-inch-tall hamper takes a 30-gallon bag)

Affordable Eraser Cleaners — Magic Erasers help you efficiently clean all sorts of surfaces around the house. These include kitchen cabinets, bath fixtures, painted walls, furniture, and flooring.

However, brand name erasers are pretty expensive! But you can save a significant amount of money by buying generic melamine foam sponges.

A nine-pack of Mr. Clean Erasers costs about $8, which seems reasonable until you consider that you can buy 50 generic-brand erasers for $13. One such brand is On My Clean, or go to:

Question of the Week

Q: “I am replacing the carpeted floor on a cement floor with vinyl planks to an addition on a lower half of a split level. Since the house has a slope and the floor is uneven due to an addition, what is the best way to transition the floor to accommodate the new flooring I want to install?”

A: First, remove the carpet, which will leave quite a bit of glue residue. Then get an aggressive grinding wheel from the rental center. That will remove the glue. Then add self-leveling compound to fix the slope so luxury vinyl tile will be easily installed on it.  

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