Get Creative With Quikrete Concrete Products (Special Podcast)

Concrete projects — drawer pulls, pencil holder, resurfaced patio, concrete counter — made with Quikrete products
Think outside the box and use Quikrete concrete products for more than just sidewalks. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Concrete products have evolved over the years and now you can use them for more than just driveways and patios.

In this special-edition Today’s Homeowner Podcast, Danny speaks with Allison Hunt, social media director and marketing project manager for the Quikrete Companies, the event’s sponsor.

Once you learn about Quikrete’s innovative products, you’ll rethink how you can use concrete.

A before and after split view of a resurfaced concrete patio using Quikrete Re-Cap Concrete resurfacer product.
A resurfaced concrete patio looks just like a freshly-laid slab. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Concrete Resurfacer

Is your spalling, jagged concrete creating an eyesore outside? Or are your mismatched concrete slabs ruining your patio’s aesthetic?

You don’t need to pour a new slab — just use Quikrete Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer to give it a fresh face!

This product provides a new, durable and wear-resistant surface over worn or scaled concrete. Because it has such great bonding strength, it will hold together even if the concrete under it fails.

See for yourself in this stunning patio transformation.

An outdoor concrete counter
Concrete countertops can be used in more settings than outdoor kitchens. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Concrete Countertops

Want a one-of-a-kind countertop surface? Use concrete!

Quikrete Countertop Mix, specially made for casting concrete countertops, requires only a do-it-yourself attitude and the addition of water.

This concrete product, available in classic gray and a tint-based white for a monochromatic look, suits any style.

Concrete countertops aren’t just for the outdoors. Install one in your kitchen or use concrete in your office for desk space! It’s as simple as buying two file cabinets (to support the slab) and adding the slab on top.

Watch “Concrete Countertops: Advantages, How to Make and Pro Tips” for more information.

This iPhone charging station and planter was made by Trevor Yoshida as an entry for Quikrete’s One Bag Wonder Contest. (photo via Quikrete Facebook)

Unique Concrete Projects

The world of concrete spans much more than the surfaces.

Quikrete has seen hundreds of innovative projects, from a concrete guitar to Christmas trees!

Hunt says she’s most impressed by the breadth and depth of concrete products used to achieve them — from Quikrete’s Anchoring Cement to the Non-Shrink Precision Grout.

Here at Today’s Homeowner, we also get creative with concrete — making pendant lights, a fire bowl, and office accents!

For inspiration, check out Quikrete’s Facebook and Pinterest pages or visit their Project Profiles web page.

Get Help From Quikrete

Feeling inspired to create with concrete, but don’t know where to start? Quikrete has quantity calculators and how-to videos to help you with your concrete project, so you’ll be confident every step of the way. 

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