How to Fix a Leak in the Basement with Quikrete

A leak in the basement is enough to stress out anyone. But the truth is, its appearance may be worse than the cause itself.

Once you’ve identified the leaking crack or hole in the concrete where water is entering a basement, you’ll want to use Quikrete Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement to plug the leak.

This mix is a rapid-setting, high-strength material designed to block water in concrete and masonry.

Preparation of the surface is key with this material because it expands as it sets to seal the void.

For this reason, you need to chip out the edges of the damaged area so they are not “V” shaped; that would force the material out of the repair as it expands.

Because this mix dries quickly, you should only mix as much as you can apply in a few minutes.

Once the mix reaches a putty consistency, force it into the hole, or crack, and hold it there for a few minutes.

As the repair stiffens, you can shave off the excess material with a trowel. Be sure to wait at least seven days before covering the repair with latex paint.

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