How to Deodorize a Room with a Portable Fan

Taping a scented clothes dryer sheet to the back of a fan.
Taping a scented clothes dryer sheet to the back of a fan.

Running a portable fan is a good way to circulate air, but they can also be used to deodorize a musty room, such as a basement or workshop, to keep it smelling fresh.

Simply tape a scented clothes dryer sheet to the back of a portable fan. When the fan is turned on, scented air is drawn through the dryer sheet and circulated throughout the room.

Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: Portable fans are really great for circulating air in enclosed spaces where you may have stale really musty air—basement, garage, workshop, playroom, anything like that. And if the space is also used to store trash and recycling and work boots, not only do you want to circulate that air, but also deodorize it.

And one way to do that is with dryer sheets. You can get these at any supermarket, and they’re used for putting into a clothes dryer. And if you buy the scented kind, this is lavender, you can use them to deodorize the air, and here’s how.

Take a small strip of duct tape, and stick the dryer sheet to the back of the fan. And this is the rear of the fan where it’s drawing air in. You just have to tape it right near the top like that.

And now, when you turn on the fan, as it draws air through the dryer sheet, on this side you’ll get cool circulating air that smells great.


  1. Using dryer sheets on your fan will not “deodorize” a room. It will simply add the stink of whatever cheap perfume they use to whatever horrible smell you’re trying to get rid of.


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