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About Jordan

Jordan Tyler Quinn Farkas is a globetrotting content writer hailing from the USA. With a passion for pest control, he brings a unique perspective to his writing from his early years working for one of the largest pest control companies in America. Throughout his early 20s, Jordan gained valuable experience and knowledge in the field, tackling pest infestations head-on and ensuring the well-being of countless homes.

Having lived in 11 different states across the USA, Jordan has encountered a wide range of pest challenges and has become well-versed in DIY pest control methods. His firsthand experience and practical approach have made him an expert in dealing with various pest issues that homeowners face.

Currently, Jordan calls Croatia his home for most of the year, where he owns a property and actively practices pest control.

With roughly a decade of professional writing experience, Jordan has authored over 100 articles on pest control, providing valuable insights, tips, and solutions to homeowners seeking effective pest management strategies.

Whether it’s preventing infestations, dealing with rodents, or understanding the best methods for pest eradication, Jordan’s expertise and passion for pest control shine through in his writing, making him a trusted resource for homeowners worldwide.

Content by Jordan Tyler Quinn Farkas