Expert Advice on Improving Your Home

The Perfect Tool for a Sticky Subfloor

Stephen in Alabama says, "I have a concrete slab, raised, with what looks like tar paper or tar-like substance holding down particleboard. I have removed the top two or 3 layers of flooring. But now I am stuck, aside from the old hammer & chisel approach."

Clean Air in Your Shop: Picking the Right Dust Collection System

Today's Homeowner Radio Listener Questions Dust Collection Options for Any Workshop Tom is creating a...

Picking the Perfect Paint Sprayer

Sheryl needs some advice to help her pick out the perfect paint sprayer for her next project.
Sharkbite toilet connector and Jodi Marks

The Easiest Way to Install a New Toilet Line

Doing some of your own light plumbing chores can save you lots of money, but it can also be frustrating. That's why Sharkbite developed their easy to use fittings, and the "SharkBite Click Seal Toilet Connector" takes them a step further.

Easily Resurface Wall Tile with SpreadStone

How to easily resurface any wall tile using SpreadStone from Daich Coatings.

Squeaky Hinge Fix

Here’s a quick way to silence a squeaky door hinge.

A Sign of High Humidity Is Moisture and Mold

Moisture and mold around windows are likely due to high humidity in a house.

Natural Gas Lanterns: Is Converting from Electric Worth It?

It can be expensive to transfer an electric light to natural gas.
Repairing a burst pipe after a flood

What You Should Do After a Basement Floods

Repairing a home after a flood can be a costly and extensive job.