Carpet Cleaning Tips to Get Impressive, Professional Results

Spot cleaning a dirty carpet
There are several carpet-cleaning tips and tricks that lead to near-professional results.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, you have two options.

First, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning service, which basically guarantees the best possible results. However, professional cleaning services, particularly for carpets, can be quite expensive.

The second option is to clean the carpet yourself.

Here are several carpet-cleaning tips and tricks that lead to near-professional results.

Vacuum cleaning carpet

1. Slow It Down

Use a slow, steady pace and pull the vacuum cleaner forward and backward. This causes the appliance to vibrate and loosen any dirt from the carpet’s fibers.

Blotting a stain set in carpet

2. Blot Out Stains

Professional carpet cleaning services have access to specialized carpet cleaning machines, but you don’t need those to get the job done.

Not if you follow these pro tips:

• Remember: Rubbing a stain just spreads it around, embedding it farther into the fabric, and permanently damaging the carpet. Blot a cleaning solution — such as club soda — over the stained area from the outside and move slowly inward. If you start from the middle of the stain and work your way outside, you run the risk of spreading the stain.

• If that won’t do the trick, try a one-part vinegar, one-part water mixture and spray a liberal amount over the area and leave it for at least 15 minutes. Then, use a dry sponge to soak up both the stain and solution from the carpet.

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