Anderson Tuftex is a USA-made manufacturer renowned in the world of carpets, but the company doesn’t just focus on the carpet industry. The company also manufactures some of the most gorgeous-looking and durable engineered hardwood in the country. 

It’s a brand worth checking out if you’re interested in the look of wooden floors but do not want the downsides that often accompany it. 

Anderson Tuftex Overview 

Shaw Floors (parent company of Anderson Tuftex) and its skilled craftsmen began making engineered hardwood in South Carolina in 1946. Since its early years, the company has hand-scraped and hand-stained every board of hardwood that goes out of its factory. 

While the company added carpeting to its line of products in 1969, Shaw Floors has continued to manufacture some of the best-looking and affordable flooring lines around. 

On January 1, 2018, Shaw Floors merged two brands:

  • East Coast brand, Anderson
  • West Coast mill, Tuftex 

And the combined entity became Anderson Tuflex (A/T). 

While their name may have changed, A/T retains the craftsmanship and timeless beauty that Shaw Floors has manufactured for over 70 years. 

Anderson Tuftex is available in about 30 engineered hardwood lines. Some notable ones include: 

  • Classics Collection: A/T shows off its expertise in engineered hardwood flooring by producing this collection in seven different styles (each with 4 to 6 colors to choose from). Popular planks include the gorgeous wire-brushed hickory engineered Bentley Plank and the heavily-scraped Monte Carlo.
  • Noble Hall Collection: A/T went back to basics and took earthy tones to the next level with this line. Boards in this collection come in earthy grays, beachy whites, creams, browns and other colors you find in nature.

You can also go vintage with Virginia Vintage Solid Hickory, which mimics hand-crafted floors of the past, or take the contemporary route and pick Coastal Art Oak II’s weathered white oak boards. 

Further, Anderson Tuflex has a wide-range of engineered hardwood floors in oak, Kupay, walnut, hickory and maple. 

If you look closely at the engineered hardwood boards Anderson Tuflex offers, you’ll be able to appreciate the finishing techniques (like hand-scraping, wire-brushing and intense staining) that the company has perfected. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Exotic species of wood
  • A LOT of classic wood colors and modern styles to choose from
  • Good selection of 5 to 7-inch widths, as well as extra wide widths.
  • Textured and sculpted floors with unique saw-mark patterns and wire-brushing
  • Two finish options: Luster Lock (glossy) and Aluminum Oxide (less glossy but more durable)
  • Extensive warranty
  • Cradle-to-credit certified (eco-friendliness certification)
  • Greenguard-certified (ensures flooring is ideal for indoor air quality)


  • Can be damaged in the same way as real hardwood: Anderson Tuflex engineered hardwood flooring is also susceptible to the same types of damage that affect traditional hardwood floors. The engineered boards can be scratched by pets or heavy furniture, worn down by intense foot traffic, or damaged by grit on shoes. 
  • Dents and dings may also occur If something hard falls on an engineered hardwood floor.

Anderson Tuftex Price And Hidden costs

The price of Anderson Tuflex engineered hardwood floors range between $7 per square foot to $17 per square foot, depending on the collection, species, thickness and width. 

Many of the premium lines of A/T hardwood also have an option for an Aluminum Oxide finish, which wears better and offers a longer warranty but costs an extra $2 to $3 more per square foot. 

Check out the official Anderson Tuflex website for up-to-date pricing, since the company lists the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for each board. This is a good guide if you’re planning to shop somewhere else, since retailers often sell A/T hardwood for 10 to 20 % below SRP.

In general, engineered hardwood flooring is over 50% cheaper than traditional hardwood flooring. However, Anderson Tuflex engineered hardwood boards are two- to three-times more expensive than other brands. 

For a deeper look into engineered hardwood cost read our full guide.


Anderson Tuflex recommends professional installation. 

If you haven’t installed any kind of engineered hardwood flooring in the past, the process can be challenging. 

If you’ve done this kind of installation before, it would be easy to DIY again since A/T offers a comprehensive installation guide in English, French and Spanish. Anderson Tuflex engineered hardwood floors can be installed via glue-down, nail-down or floating methods. You’ll only need carpentry tools for the installation.

For experienced installers, a small room could be a one-day project, but a larger room could take several days. 

Care And Maintenance

You need to ensure dirt and debris don’t buildup, so regular sweeping or vacuuming is important. If you must deep-clean your floors, use a hardwood floor cleaner with a terry-cloth mop to get spills, stains or stubborn dirt off.  

To guarantee your engineered hardwood flooring lasts longer, you have to avoid getting it wet (it’s the reason why you can’t install them on bathroom floors). Moisture damages the boards, so never mop your floor with a wet or damp mop.

Anderson Tuflex engineered hardwood floors are as durable as any premium hardwood floors within their category. If you’d like to compare durability, you have to specify the styles and then compare hardness scales. 

You can’t go wrong with Anderson Tuflex because the company backs its engineered hardwood with a lifetime limited warranty on structural integrity (for residential use). A/T also guarantees the finish (topcoat your chosen boards use), but this drops a percentage at 1-, 5- and 10-year increments. 

Overall Opinion 

A/T line prices are on the higher side, so it might not be the correct option for people looking for the most affordable engineered hardwood flooring. 

However, if you’re looking for textured engineered hardwood flooring, Anderson Tuftex perfected this style and combined it with timeless wood colors and designs. You can actually feel how premium the hand-sculpted floors are.. 

Anderson Tuftex is a famous and commonly held brand, so you won’t have to worry about your local hardware store having the boards available. You can find A/T lines online and in most flooring dealers.

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