This bathroom renovation will bring new life to a dark, dated bathroom — and peace to two daughters who use it.

The house is home to Ally, David and their three children, Mary Catherine, Anna and Joseph. Much of it has been updated, but the guest bathroom is straight out of the ‘80s.

A dark, unattractive bathroom with dated cabinets and features, before the renovation
David and Ally’s bathroom was functional, but not very inviting, and it felt like it was lost in time.

The Projects

  • Remove existing vanity and cabinet
  • Replumb for two sinks
  • Install new ceramic floor over existing floor
  • Install new base and crown molding
  • Install new vanity
  • Replace exhaust fan
  • Rewire for two lights
  • Paint walls, cabinet, doors, trim and ceiling
  • Install Fluidmaster repair kit in the toilet
  • Install new faucets and light fixtures
We’re going to remove this massive floor-to-ceiling cabinet (at left) so we can install a new vanity with two sinks.

Remove existing vanity and cabinet

First on this bathroom renovation to-do list, we’re removing a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. But it is so massive, getting it out of the house is a project in itself!

Next, we remove the old single vanity, so we can replace it with a double one.

Virtu USA’s Talisa 60-inch Double Sink Bathroom Vanity features solid wood construction, two doors with concealed soft-close hinges, four functional drawers on full extension soft-close glides, designer brass knobs, and a factory-assembled base cabinet for an easy installation. Learn more here.

Chelsea and Ally then move outside to prep and paint the old cabinet doors from the bathroom’s built-in storage.

We have to remove the toilet so we can install new flooring, and when it’s replaced, it will receive some upgrades.

Remove and improve the toilet

Since we’ll be installing new tile, we have to remove that noisy toilet. Once it’s out, Ally scrapes off the old wax ring.

It’s a messy chore, and that’s why we will add a new seal that gets the job done without the mess.

We used Fluidmaster’s “Better Than Wax” seals, which are stackable for recessed flange applications.

Next, David and I performed a kind of “toilet transplant,” installing Fluidmaster’s PerforMAX Complete Toilet Tank Repair Kit that fits all brands of toilets.

It’s easy to install; plus, the components are sturdy enough that they offer a seven-year warranty, so you won’t have to repeat this chore anytime soon.

David and Ally say this dated ceramic tile has to go.

Install new ceramic floor over existing floor

David sands the bathroom’s tile floor to rough it up before we apply primer, the next part of this renovation. We’re coating both the old tile and the bare concrete that was under the vanity.

Once the primer is dry, Chelsea and David mix up the floor-leveling compound. It only needs about four hours to dry, but we’re at the end of the day so we can let it sit overnight.

In the morning, the whole bathroom floor is one solid, level surface.

The mortar we’re using to secure the tile is called ProLite RS from Custom Building Products. It’s great because it’s both lightweight and fast-curing. In fact, we’ll be able to grout the floor just three hours after the tile sets.

The large-format tiles David and Ally selected fill up the space quickly, and because we don’t need to make many cuts, the floor is complete in almost no time.

So, David and Ally’s homework will be applying the grout.

The bathroom vent fan is extremely noisy, so we’re going to replace it with a simple kit from Broan.

Replace exhaust fan

David and Ally’s bathroom exhaust fan is extremely noisy — it’s time for a change.

We simply remove the old fan grill and motor to make way for the new ones. With a replacement kit from Broan, there’s no re-wiring required, and the new fan reduces sound levels by up to 35 percent while it increases air movement by up to 45 percent.

Other tasks

•Replumb for two sinks with help from our friends at Carpenter Plumbing Inc.
•Install new base and crown molding
•Install new vanity, faucets and light fixtures
•Rewire for two lights
•Paint walls, cabinet, doors, trim and ceiling

A sleek, stainless steel faucet added during the bathroom renovation
The bathroom features new faucets from Danze by Gerber.


David and Ally’s guest bathroom had plenty of square footage but it needed a renovation. It felt cramped and dated because of the massive, dark linen cabinet, the ‘80s fixtures and the beige tile.

By removing the linen cabinet and old vanity we opened up enough space for a bright new double vanity from Virtu USA Vanities. The new vanity adds charm and serves as a second sink for David and Ally’s daughters.

Plus, the new faucets, from Danze by Gerber, mirror and additional light fixture create the elegance David and Ally wanted for their guests. The large-format floor tiles with their white marble pattern make the space feel larger and add even more brightness to a room that lacks any natural light.

Finally, the addition of new moldings and a pale shade of blue on the walls removes any hint of the fact that this bathroom started its life in the 80’s.

And, all of the materials we used added up to less than $2,500.

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