Toilet Trick & Solving a Septic Tank Mystery

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Home improvement expert, TV show host, and a magician? Danny isn’t pulling a rabbit out of a hat but he does have a neat trick up his sleeve for a homeowner wanting to remove a toilet.

Plus, a homeowners septic tank system has been running strong for over 20 years. Now, it’ starting to flood. Why a new code requirement may be causing the tank to clog.

Also, Joe has a simple solution to save you time and energy next time you paint your ceiling.

Listener Questions

My Crank out Windows Are Not Sealing
Eldon from Nebraska – “We have crank out windows. How can the glazing strip be fixed or will it need to be replaced?”

Septic Tank Mystery
Charles from Tennessee – “I’m having a problem I’ve never had at my home for 26 years. My septic tank is overflowing thru the cleanout ever time we get a hard rain. I’ve had it pumped out but it fills back up fast when it rains. I have MT field lines replaced with the Infiltrator type 5 years ago. Any suggestions?”

Toilet Removal Magic Trick
Joe from Alabama – “I have several renovation projects in my future, including removing a toilet. What is the best way to tackle this project?”

Tile Underlayment
Peter from Alabama – “Is the cement board still necessary when laying tile with wood subfloor if I am using the Schluter membrane?”

Simple Solutions

Veneer Tape Tip
The quickest, easiest way to conceal the exposed edges of plywood shelves and cabinets is with iron-on veneer tape.

Pendant Light Protector
When painting or scraping a ceiling, it’s not necessary to take down a pendant light or ceiling fan.

Best New Products

Husky 700 Lumens LED Utility Light
Whether you’re working outside late at night, camping or the power goes out in hour home. It’s smart to have a durable, and powerful flashlight. Don’t rely on that light on your phone. A better bet is the 700 Lumens LED Utility Light. This light was built with camping or emergency use in mind.

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    • Hi, Wesley,
      The yellow could indicate a lack of light or air, or it could be caused by mildew/fungus from being under wraps.
      Since you received it at no charge, we’d give it a shot and plant it!

  1. When we bought our house a few years ago, the toilets had ‘rings in the bowls’. The house had been neglected and empty for over a year. We are on a well system, so not sure what is in our water but we do use a water softener. How can I get rid of these rings. I can’t get the water level in the bowl to rise up above these rings so I can put something in the bowl water. I hesitate to put something in the tank water for fear I might cause another issue that I dont want to deal with.
    Thank you for your help. We enjoy your show that we see on TV, Sunday evenings @ 11:30 PM and your newsletters.

    • Hi, Darlene,
      Thanks for watching the show!
      We’ve seen great results with a pumice stone. Just purchase one and start scrubbing.
      No chemicals are involved, but you would need to use some elbow grease.
      Good luck!


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