Master Bath Makeover, Part 2

Danny Lipford in completed master bathroom makeover project.
Danny Lipford in completed master bathroom makeover project.

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After gutting the existing master bathroom in his house and installing new drywall and subflooring, Danny and his crew finish up the project with the installation of tile flooring, new cabinets and countertops, a freestanding tub, closet storage, lighting, and more.

V-Groove Wood Ceiling

Vaulted bathroom ceiling with skylight and chandelier.
Vaulted bathroom ceiling.

To add style to the vaulted ceiling in the bathroom, V-groove wood boards were installed with a faux beam at the top to allow mounting of the hanging chandelier from Kichler (Barcelona, model 1632TZ). To provide additional lighting, sconces from Kichler (Hanna, model 45068HB) were mounted on the wall.

The ceiling also has a Velux skylight that can be opened by remote control to let fresh air into the room.

Tile Floor and Shower

Before the floor and shower tile were installed, cement backer board was screwed to the plywood subfloor and shower walls. The joints in the backer board were then covered with fiberglass tape, and the shower walls coated with a waterproof sealant.

To make sure the floor of the shower is watertight, a flexible vinyl pan was put down first that extends up the walls behind the backer board. The sloped pan bed was shaped with a trowel from an almost dry mix of Portland cement and sand.

Large 20” square tile were installed in a straight pattern on the bathroom floor and diagonally on the walls of the shower. Mosaic tile resembling river stones were laid on the shower floor, while mosaic glass tile were on the accent wall behind the tub.

To keep the tile shower looking like new, it was treated with Wet & Forget Shower spray to prevent the build-up of soap scum, mold, and mildew.

His and her vanities with Merillat cabinets and granite countertops.
His and her vanities with Merillat cabinets and granite countertops.

Cabinets and Countertops

Merillat cabinets with granite countertops (Sienna Bordeaux) and hanging mirrors from Uttermost (Almont, model 08099) were used for the his and her vanities that comprise one wall of the bathroom. A lower section in the center under the decorative glass window from Hy-Lite helped to break up the long expanse.

Undermount white sinks from Lenova (model PU-01-W) and faucets from Moen (Waterhill, model TS418NL) were installed to complete the matching vanities.

Wall Paint

The paint color used on the walls of Danny’s master bathroom renovation is matrix by Behr.

Tub and Toilet

Freestanding soaking tub.
Freestanding soaking tub.

The large, freestanding soaking tub from Victoria & Albert (Toulouse, model TOU-N-SW) really makes a bold statement in the bathroom, with the faucet mounted on the mosaic tile wall and the drain concealed by the base of the tub.

The high-tech toilet from Toto (model MS854114SL) has an extra smooth, ionized SanaGloss glaze to keep it clean longer, and a remote controlled heated seat that’s the epitome of luxury.

Closet Expansion

The his and her closet was enlarged and expanded to include room for shoe shelves as well as hanging racks for clothes and shelves and drawers for storage.

Master Bath Products

Products used in Danny’s master bathroom makeover include:

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Delta Corrente Toilet

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Venting Bath Fan in Attic

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  1. I loved this episode but was especially interested in what company sold the etched glass Window. At the end of the show Danny said it but it was so quick that I missed it. The picture of him above shows him standing right in front of it. Please share information about this window. Thank you so much.

  2. I missed part of the program where a sealant was applied on the tile wall and tub to prevent water from seeping behind the tiles and tub. I have tried several products on the market and they all mildew. What can I do to prevent the water leakage and mildew from occuring. Thank you so much for taking my question.

    • Hi Pat,
      If you click on the “Watch Full Episode” button at the top of the episode article above under Danny’s picture, you can watch the part of the episode you missed to find out more about applying waterproof sealant to the shower.

      Thank you for your interest!

  3. I am installing a faux beam much like what you did on your show, which was perfect to watch. I would like to have seen what (and how) you placed on the ceiling to support the 1×6 faux beam, and mount it to the vaulted ceiling. Any advice on what you built and how you built a support onto your ceiling that you nailed the beam into? Was that a 1×6 beam ripped 1 inch on the sides?


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