7 Garden Fencing Ideas to Create a Backyard Paradise

4. Solid Concrete Industrial Style

concrete fence
Mix concrete with wrought iron for a modern, secure fencing solution.

Industrial designs used to be a turn-off for many buyers. But overhead beams and imperfect brick/concrete work in commercial design has sparked a trend for industrial styles.

In fact, stylish solid concrete pairs well with a contrast of tropical plants.

Mix wood and concrete for an upgraded look and secure fence solution. Or, create a black horizontal slat and white concrete combo.

Concrete walls can also look good in charcoal and grey. Add green plants and geometric lines for a smart yet tropical oasis finish.

5. Classic Picket Fence

For a classic touch, add a picket fence.

The white picket fence provides many homes with classic charm.

For a minimal look, choose simple clean lines to enhance your property. For something more detailed, opt for curves and garland for the top.

However, to minimize the upkeep of picket fencing, opt for powder-coated aluminum or smart wood pickets. This will eliminate any warping, rotting and repainting often required for traditional timber picket fencing.

6. Timber Textured Fencing

timber fencing timber fence
Timber fencing adds a warm, natural aesthetic to your backyard.

Incorporating texture in your garden’s fencing is a practical way to add dimension to the space.

Timber is one of the oldest fencing materials – and with good reason. It adds warm and natural aesthetics, making it ideal for classic or uniquely crafted fence designs.

If you want to include timber fencing to your home, consider smartwood for a longer-lasting charm. Smartwood mimics the look and feel of natural timber, without the hassle to keep it looking good. It also eliminates any termite or pest issues associated with regular timber.

7. Modular Walls

infill fence infill fencing
Going for a modern look? Try infill fencing.

For a modern alternative to traditional brick and mortar walls, try modular or infill fencing.

Modular can be more cost-effective than rendering existing brick walls, while still creating an elegant look in your backyard.

The biggest benefit of this fencing style is that it’s built for maximum privacy and security. It also reduces noise, won’t rot, and offers versatile, superior aesthetics.

Finding the perfect fencing solution for your style, needs and home’s architecture doesn’t have to be challenging.

There are so many options to help transform your backyard into an oasis. Which idea will you choose?

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This article is written by Jayde Ferguson. You can catch her on LinkedIn.



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