Backyard Shade Solutions: Adding a Pergola, Cabana or Awning

Patio Shaded with a Pergola
Covering a patio with a pergola and adding shade with curtains can instantly give it a facelift and extend your living space. (DepositPhotos)

Your home doesn’t end with your back door — it also includes your backyard. If you think your backyard is just for gardening and the occasional get-together, then get ready to give your yard a total facelift!

Adding these modern outdoor structures for shade can give your house a touch of elegance. Not only that, it can encourage you to treat the backyard as another ‘room’ in your home and spend more time with loved ones outdoors.

A pergola provides airy shade for your patio. It allows light sun, but no harsh glares.

1. Pergola

Want to have an outdoor living space with filtered shading? Then a pergola is the way to go. Usually mounted on columns or posts, a pergola is a freestanding structure with an open roof.

So, for a backyard that demands an airy atmosphere and an abundance of sunlight, a pergola is the answer. It offers light sun without a harsh glare while allowing for a breeze and accommodating trained climbing or trailing plants.

Cabana beside pool
A tropical cabana stands beside a swimming pool and can have collapsible walls made from curtains. (DepositPhotos)

2. Cabana

Who wouldn’t love to relax around a pool on an easygoing weekend? Well, if that sounds like you, all that’s missing is a much-needed cabana. This structure has three walls — which can be lightweight such as fabric, curtains or shades, with an open wall that faces a pool.

The cabin or hut can provide privacy, shelter for a hot tub, and a relaxing space while taking a break from swimming.



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