5 Ways to Save Money on Your Home Remodel

Dollars falling into piggy bank and architect's rendering of remodeled kitchen

The main motivation behind a home renovation is to make your house look more beautiful, functional and comfortable.

Home remodeling is a special project that needs tons of planning and sometimes a lot of money. And because you may not have the expertise to plan everything from scratch, you usually need the help of professionals.

But did you know that it’s possible to make your remodeling project a success without spending a fortune?

For example, proper planning and making the right decisions at the right time will reduce your budget significantly without jeopardizing the quality of your renovations.

Simply put, the key to making your remodeling more efficient is to have a clear-cut plan beforehand.

Here are five ways to renovate your house beautifully and efficiently.

Homeowner holds clipboard and calculates estimate for kitchen remodeling

1. Divide Your Renovation into Small Units

Efficient remodeling requires you to focus on both the smaller picture and the bigger picture. After all, the entire project’s success depends on how well you execute every step of the renovation.

So, divide the project into small units; then renovate every unit as if it were an independent project, except that you know that it is part of a bigger project.

This strategy makes it easier to brainstorm your requirements with your architect. You’ll be able to supervise the project without requiring the help of a professional.

Architect's rendering of a kitchen renovation

2. Plan Backward, from the End

Before pumping thousands of dollars into the remodeling project, consider its potential return on investment and be sure of what you want to achieve.

For example, it would be inefficient to renovate a house today and then, due to a miscalculation, end up selling it in a couple of years with little or no profit. Considering your result and its significance five or 10 years down the road is important.

With the result in mind, it is time to consider your financing options:

  • Will you finance the remodel from your pocket or will you do it on credit?
  • Have you saved up enough for the remodel?
  • If you will rely on bank credit, are the interest rates at your bank reasonable or do you need to check out another bank?
  • How friendly is the bank’s repayment plan?
  • Is it possible to pull out some equity from this remodel?

Getting these answers will save you the headaches that come with unclear and hasty financing choices.

For the actual remodel, decide whether you want a modern or postmodern home. With kitchen renovations, for example, you have to decide whether you want a kitchen that will look current even after a decade or a kitchen that will look okay today and outdated tomorrow.

Deciding on the renovated room’s look will help you choose the right appliances and renovation materials.


  1. I’d like to improve the look of the house without compromising ANY quality, and I NEED to stick with the budget that I am planning to set. With that considered, totally following your advice to divide the project into small units. That’s not just good for my budget, it’s also good for my mental health with four kids running around! Thanks again.

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed this content! Please share it with friends — that’s how we’re able to create similar content.


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