Sun Blocking Windows

We live in Dallas. Our large front windows face west. Is there any new window product that will make the rooms shady and keep out the heat in summer? We have sun screens but all the manufactures say if we reattached the screens to their replacement windows it voids the warranty. We are looking at about $13,000 to replace the front windows and want the best we can get to block the sun and heat. Winters are not a problem here. -Janette

Hi Janette,

Windows have come a long way in recent years and are now able to deflect much of the sunlight in the summer while at the same time retaining the heat inside your home during the winter. One of the biggest advancements has been in low-E coatings, which can be ordered on many windows these days. These almost invisible films of metallic oxide are applied to one or more surfaces of the glass during manufacture and can markedly reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that enters or leaves your home.

For even more protection, you can combine a low-E coating with tinted glass. Be sure to discuss your options with the window manufacturer in advance so they can make specific recommendations to fit your situation.


  1. Why does putting sun screens on a low-E window void the warrenty? Is it because many companies drill into the frame to mount the screens or is there some other reason? We recently moved into a new house with low-E windows and I would like to add sun screens to the west facing windows to reduce the afternoon heating. Will I be OK if I mount the screens to the house rather than the window frame?

  2. It may be because part of the idea of low-e is to let heat in during the winter and by putting the sun screens in it will cancel out that ability and therefore would no longer be classified as low-e

  3. I’m on the board of a condo owners association. Many of the condos have skylights and residents want to cut their utility bills. What would be the best solution? The product that is fitted outside over the skylight like a webbing or a film applied on the inside. If a film what would you recommend? Thank you.

  4. I live in Tucson Az and I have Windows that face to the Southeast and during the afternoon it lets so much heat in that the room becomes unbareable. I need to know what I can do. Should I put a film or something else?

  5. I live in Squamish BC in a very old glassed front makeshift apt, single pane store front windows looking to block sun in summer and the cold in winter. Plastic covering preferred so I can take it with me. Anyway you can help


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