Why We Use Stone Wool Insulation

Roxul Stone Wool Insulation Now Rockwool
Danny Lipford with new Rockwool Insulation.

Winter is the perfect time of year to tackle indoor home remodeling projects and if those projects include opening up walls, take a close look at your insulation. In fact, did you know that 9 out or 10 homes are under-insulated?

Properly insulated homes not only keep your family comfortable, but also help with your home’s energy efficiency. Adding insulation, especially in your attic, can save up to $200 per year on your home’s annual energy bills! Update the insulation in your home with stone wool insulation.

Rockwool stone wool insulation is fire-resistant and non-combustible, giving your family more time to get to safety if your home catches fire. Stone wool is also moisture-resistant and won’t promote the growth of mold or mildew. That is key to having a healthy home. Stone wool also has excellent sound absorption qualities. So you won’t have to worry about hearing the washer and dryer in the living room or that loud music from your teenager upstairs.

Installing insulation can be intimidating even to the most experienced DIY-ers, but stone wool is so easy to install. Simply cut it with a bread knife to fit it in all of the nooks and crannies in your walls.

Roxul is the name you probably recognize when you think of stone wool insulation here in the U.S., but now Roxul is switching over to its global name Rockwool. It’s the same great product just under a new name. You can buy Rockwool insulation at most home centers. For more information visit Rockwool online. You can also check out this video!