How to Protect Your Home from Sun Damage

Exposure to the sun can damage your home over time, especially wood decks and vinyl materials like siding and gutters. To protect wood decks, make sure the stain you use contains UV inhibitors.

Vinyl siding, gutters, and trim can be protected and revitalized with a coat of Armor All. Simply spray it on and wipe off the excess with a clean cloth.

Watch this video to find out more.


  1. I have just put a primer on my deck abou 2 weeks ago.This pass week I bought my color paint.I was told to prime first and then choose my color for deck and porches.My color is hunter green.The paint did not adhere to the primer.It rained 2 days later and most of the paint came off.What should I do?Please help!!

  2. Our deck is 20 yrs old – after we use the deck cleaner – what stain would you recommend to bring the deck wood back as much as possible. We are having some of the rails replaced but the rest is in good shape.

  3. I have painted wood siding on my house. The sun comes up early and shines on the front of my home from morning until evening. My home has a 32 inch roof overhang which provides some shade for the top of the siding but he rest of the siding is showing some small cracking. The home sets on top of a garage/ basement with a deck across the front and on 1 side. I have used a good paint that provided protection against water and UV rays, but with so much sun exposure its not effective. The rest of my home does get direct sun but not for long periods and I haven’t noticed any cracking. Water is not a problem as the siding doesn’t get wet. Is there any clear product that I can purchase to apply over the paint to better protect it from the UV rays? I don’t want to have to completely cover the deck or apply a another type of siding to the house. Any suggestion you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you


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