Top 5 Home Improvement Projects of 2019
We had a blast with all of our homeowners in 2019, but five projects stood out as our best before-and-afters.

In 2019, our national TV show featured many homes that needed just a few improvements to reach their potential, but five projects had the best before-and-after shots.

A kitchen makeover 20 years in the making, updating a living room and bathroom that were straight out of the ’70s, adding curb appeal to an industrial-looking home, and transforming an unsightly — and a bit dangerous — deck were our favorite projects.

Explore the top before-and-afters here:

1. Kitchen Makeover
2. Updating a Dark, Dated Den
3. Industrial Home Gets Curb Appeal
4. Reviving a ‘Mellow Yellow’ Bathroom
5. Giving New Life to an Old Deck

And watch the video above to revisit these projects!

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