Shop Vac Strap

A wet-dry vacuum is a great tool to have in the garage or workshop, but moving it around is often problematic. Invariably we pull the vacuum around by the hose and one of two things happens: the hose pulls out of the vacuum or the whole thing tips over. This solution cures both ills at once and is both inexpensive and easy.

Wrap a small piece of rope or string around the hose several times about 8″ to 10″ from the vacuum itself. Now drill a small hole (1/4″ or so) in each of the wheel housings on either side of the hose outlet. Attach each of the two rope ends to these holes. We did this by tying the ropes to locking spring clips and hooking the clips in the wheel housing holes.

The resulting effect is that pressure exerted on the vacuum hose is transferred to the base of the tool, making it less likely to tip and keeping the hose from pulling free. Watch this video to find out more.


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