Jodi Marks and Dan Levin with Flex-Drain Pro Drain Pipe
Flex-Drain Pro HDPE Solid Drain Pipe has built-in elbows, making landscape drainage installation easier.

Nobody enjoys landscape drainage work. First, there’s the digging, but it’s also frustrating to figure out which fittings and adapters you need to get from one point to another. And large rolls of flex pipe are difficult to transport and handle.

So, the folks at Flex-Drain came up with this innovative 4-inch by 10-foot solid single-wall drain pipe with alternating sections of flexible and standard corrugated pipe.

The flex in the middle makes long lengths easy to transport, even in a small SUV. But it also gives you a built-in elbow every 4 feet, so there’s no need for another adapter or connection — which saves a lot of time.

This drain pipe allows for up to 180-degree turns, and because it isn’t coiled like rolls of drain pipe, you don’t have to fight its memory when you unfold it.

Plus, it’s lightweight, durable, low-cost and compatible with all standard 4-inch corrugated pipe and fittings.

Find Flex-Drain Pro HDPE Solid Drain Pipe at The Home Depot

Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

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