How to Safely Chop Kindling

There’s a safer way to chop small boards to use as kindling.

If you burn wood in a fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, you’re constantly looking for kindling.

Scrap wood cutoffs left over from the workshop, which are not large enough to be useful for anything else, are a great source. But how do you cut them without injuring yourself?

One way is to make a little safety stake — just a narrow strip of wood with a screw going right through the end to hold the board in place. You can use a nail as well.

Tap the safety stake gently into the board you want to chop, and then grab your axe and chop the board.

This works whether you need to chop a 1×10, 1×4 or firewood.

Just one word of caution: When burning scrap wood, never burn pressure-treated lumber.
Only burn untreated wood.

Watch the video above to see Joe’s Simple Solution.


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