Does Insulating Over a Garage Save Energy?

Insulating the area in the attic over a garage might keep the temperature a little more stable in the garage, but it does little to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool your house, so it’s not a good investment of your energy dollars.

A much better use of your energy saving dollars would be to make sure you have at least 12” to 14” of insulation in the attic over the heated and cooled areas of your house.

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Further Information

Danny Lipford: Sarah wants to know, “Will I save energy dollars by adding insulation over my garage?”

Yeah, you would think you would save a lot of money on your energy bill by insulating that space above your garage, but it really doesn’t save you money.

It might keep the temperatures in your garage a little more stable, but you can spend those insulation dollars in your existing attic—the area above your heated and cooled areas—and really drive that energy bill down.

And it only makes sense. If you have sufficient insulation, which in most parts of the country that means 12 to 14 inches, then you’re heating and cooling system is going to work a lot less. And that certainly translates into less money going out to keep the temperature in your home nice and comfortable.

So, even through if you’ve just run out of things completely to do around the house, and you want to insulate the attic above the garage. It might help a little, but it’s not worth the investment.