Basement Stair Shelves

If you’re looking for ways to gain extra storage space, a basement staircase leading up to a first floor is an ideal spot. Very often these staircases have drywall on the inside of the stairwell while the outside is left with the framing exposed. This provides the perfect place to put in some 2×4 shelves.

Just cut the 2x4s to fit in between the studs and secure them in with 3″ screws. Installing an inexpensive roll up window shade, so that it rolls down over the storage area, will protect cans of food and cleaning or workshop supplies from collecting dust.

By using outside mount brackets, such as those typically used on a window, you can easily clip the window shade in place and pull it down to hide the area.


  1. “Building a Shed”-where can I purchase the pre cut material as seen on you show 9/28/08. what is the cost sompared to buying a ready made shed from Home Depot????

  2. We are looking at putting a wardrobe style storage in our basement they would be 22’long x 6’high x 2’deep amd would have doors that would open and have storage shelfs, how can you help us on this and how do we start Our zip code is 24179



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