How to Set a Dining Room Table

If you’re hosting a formal dinner, here is a quick and easy guide for setting your table for guests.

1. Add a placemat for each guest.

2. Place a napkin on the left side of the placemat and lay the salad and dinner forks on top. (The salad fork is the smaller one and rests beside the dinner fork, which is closest to the plate.)

3. Rest the soup spoon horizontally above the space where the plate will go, then rest the knife to the right of the plate with the edge facing the plate.

4. Place the dessert spoon to the right of the knife.

5. Place the dinner plate, then the salad plate on top of that, and then a bowl on top of that.

8. Rest a bread plate just above the napkin with the salad and dinner forks. Then add a butter knife on the bread plate.

9. Finally, add a water glass and a wine glass just above the right side of the placemat.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. 💐Thank you, and, wishing you and your family , a blessed thanksgiving. 🦃
    Love each and every show. Have been recording them for years…
    T. Rossi
    Baker, Florida

  2. I have a ‘70 paneled room on all 4 walls (cabin look) and want to update. Will putting a border of Wayne’s coat about 4 ft. from bottom all around and painting the top 1/2 of the paneling look ok? I was thinking white or gray.


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