Range Hood Template, Killing Invasive Vines & Fungus | Ep. 37

On this week’s podcast:

•  We help a homeowner who is running granite all the way up to her 8-foot ceiling. She needs some advice when it comes to installing her range hood on that granite.
• Vines can be beautiful but they sure are invasive. Danny and Joe help a homeowner with a non-toxic mixture that will limit vines from growing on his house.

• Do you have black spots on your siding? What you’re seeing is likely a fungus. How you can get rid of it and keep it off of your home.
• Carrying carpet out of a home is never easy.. unless you follow this Simple Solution. Joe gives us you much simpler option for removing the carpet.

Question of the Week:

Madeline from Indiana writes,

“We have a crawl space that has been waterproofed.  What can I do around the outside of my foundation to help it stay dry?”


  1. Re the “Home & Garden” vinegar and Epsom salts vine killer: I have tenacious vines with hundreds of tiny,sharp thorns on them. With all the rain and heat from this past Spring, they took over the azaleas they are growing in and looked like Sleeping Beauty’s castle, even covering some windows. I hired a landscape company to dig them up, but they did not get all of them. Would this vinegar mixture harm the azaleas? There is no way to single out the thorn vines., and they are springing up again after just one month.
    Thank you!

    • Hi, Patricia,
      If there’s no way to single out the vines from the azaleas, we don’t recommend trying this solution.
      It’s intended just for invasive vines and fungi.

      Instead, call your local Master Gardeners association for a personal consultation.
      They can provide the best solution for your situation and specific geographic area.
      Thanks for your question.


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