How to Get Rid of Pantry Moths and Larvae in Your Kitchen

Insect pantry moth on a stone countertop
Pantry moths may look small, but they can cause big problems in your kitchen. (underworld111/Getty Images)

My pantry has been invaded by little worms and moths that appear to have come from a bag of birdseed. What are they, and what should I do?

It sounds like your pantry has been infested with Indian meal moths, also known as pantry moths. The tiny, nearly-invisible eggs come into your house in food packages, and they can hatch into larvae which later turn into moths that wreak havoc on your foodstuffs. Indian meal moth eggs are often present in:

  • Birdseed
  • Cereals and grains
  • Flours and meals
  • Dried fruit
  • Pasta
  • Candy
  • Pet food
  • Dried herbs
  • Nuts
  • Powdered milk

Indian meal moth larvae
Pantry Indian meal moth larvae infest food and resemble small worms. (vchal/Getty Images)

How To Identify Pantry Moths

If you see any of the following, you could have Indian meal moths:

  • Larvae in Food: Nothing’s creepier than pouring out some cereal and it starts to move! When the eggs hatch, the larvae will spin webs in the infested food. You’ll see the clumps of webbing and the little whitish worms. They start out really tiny but can grow to 2/3” long with black or brown heads. You may also see tiny cast-off skins after the worms have moved away.
  • Larvae in Home: Look for the larvae moving about or hanging from the walls, often near the ceiling. They’re looking for a nice dark crevice to pupate and turn into moths.
  • Cocoons: You may also see the webby cocoons on top of cabinets and in corners.
  • Flying Moths: You may find the small, half-inch long, brownish moths flying around your kitchen and pantry, usually around lights at night.

Safer Pantry Pest trap for trapping moths
Sticky trap for grain moths, flour moths, meal moths, and seed moths for any kitchen.

How to Control Pantry Moths

If you’ve spotted Indian meal moths in your pantry, you need to take the following action right away, since they can reproduce several times in a year and will invade the rest of your pantry:

  • Eliminate Source: Find out which package brought in the infestation, wrap it tightly in a plastic bag and throw it away immediately.
  • Thorough Cleaning: I can’t emphasize enough how thoroughly you need to clean your pantry! You will need to:
    • Throw away all grains.
    • Throw away any food packages that can’t get wet (like, boxes and bags) – the moths will lay eggs in any crevice, including the folds of packages. If the infestation is severe, or if you’re having trouble getting rid of them, just go ahead and throw away everything.
    • Remove and throw away shelf liners.
    • Wash all unopened jars and cans in hot, soapy water. Use a toothpick to check for eggs or larvae in the cracks around the lids of jars.
    • Wash the inside of the pantry or cabinet with soap and water, then with a weak bleach solution.
    • Rinse with a mixture of water, vinegar, and peppermint oil to kill eggs and repel moths.
    • If you have adjustable shelves or pegboard, grab a toothpick and clean out the little peg holes! Those are notorious for collecting moth eggs and webs.
    • If you used a vacuum cleaner, immediately change the vacuum bag and clean your vacuum.
    • Finally, take out the trash and recyclables, and clean your trash can and recycle bins.
  • Pheromone Traps: Sticky traps, such as Safer Pantry Pest Traps, emit a scent that attracts male moths. While they won’t eliminate all of them, traps can help, and give you a way to monitor the infestation.
  • Treat Suspect Food: I’m inclined to trash anything that looks suspicious, but you can also treat foods by baking them in the oven for one hour at 140° F or higher, or popping food in the microwave on high for 5 minutes, or bagging food and putting it in the freezer for a week.
  • Avoid Sprays: Pesticides should not be used near food products.
  • Give It Time: If the infestation is severe, it can take up to six months to get rid of all the moths and hatching larvae around your house. Hold off on restocking your pantry (beyond what you need short-term) until you’re sure they are gone.

Storage Pantry Grains
Tight-sealed, hard containers make perfect storage for any grains you might have.

How to Prevent Future Infestation of Pantry Moths

  • Organize Pantry: Get rid of packaged food products that are past the expiration date.
  • Store Smart: Buy only small quantities of grain products, and store them in airtight, rigid, bug-proof containers (not plastic bags). This makes the occasional infestation a snap to clean up and prevents pantry disaster. Also, store large sacks of pet food and bird seed in airtight containers in the shed or garage rather than the kitchen.
  • Shop Smart: Buy only the quantities of grain products that you think you can use within a few weeks.
  • Freezer Treatment: When I buy flours, rice, and other grains that might sit in the pantry for a while, I come straight home from the store and pop them in the freezer. A week or so is long enough to kill off any eggs, and since doing this, I have not had any problem with pantry moths.
  • Clean Jars and Cans: My husband always washes unopened jars and cans, after reading a study about the amount of bacteria (and worse) that gets on them in warehouses. This practice can also help wash away pantry moth eggs.
  • Refrigerate Food: If you have space, keep all seldom-used grain products in the fridge or freezer until needed.
  • Bay Leaves: Bay leaves are said to be a natural moth repellent. A few leaves scattered around your pantry or cabinets might just help keep the critters at bay (ha!).

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  1. Thank you so much for this little article. I woke up one morning to find close to a hundred of those worms on my kitchen ceiling. There’s only one product that was different from my normal shopping and that was those bags of cereal you can get with the grocery store brand..I’m guessing it caused the problem. THanks so much!

  2. Hi I have these tiny little dark moths that are the size of a grain of rice. They seem to be mostly in the bedrooms and are all over the windows. I haven’t seen any worms and there aren’t any in my food. They look different from the pantry moth so I am wondering if I buy some pheromone traps would that maybe get rid of them. They are just really annoying.
    Thanks Janet

      • I have them in my bedroom, n honestly it’s sickening!!! There aren’t any of these larvae (I call them maggots, even though ik they’re considered “caterpillars”) in any other room in my house. I have NO food in my room, n I’ve looked everywhere n couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. Well today, I was looking thru an old case that I had all of my cds n some dvds in, n sure enough, I found dozens of them INSIDE the cd case. Must’ve been eating all the fabric on it n they actually destroyed some of my cds. I’m wondering, have u solved ur problem yet? N if so, how? I noticed ur comment was the most recent one, so I’m hoping ull c this. I’m about ready to set the whole house ablaze!

  3. I was fed up with my moth problem; I can’t use chemicals (nor would I want to) because of my pets, and simply cleaning wasn’t doing the trick at all, so I hunted and hunted for a solution.. What I found is a parasitic wasp called Trichogramma that is almost impossible to detect in your home (full-grown, they are about the size of a small grain of sand) which implants it’s larvae in the eggs of pantry moths (along with appx 200 other species of insect). They are quite inexpensive (I paid $12.50 USD for 15 thousand larval wasps) and have been used in agricultural applications for many years with great success. Adding these wasps to your other cleaning habits (I would suggest releasing them every other week for 2-3, even 6 months, just to be sure you haven’t missed a breeding cycle) works wonders, and when the food supply runs out (new moth eggs) they die. They do not infest if moths are not present. Please give them a try before introducing chemicals into your home. You won’t be sorry.

    • Hi where can I get those wasps? Please I recently had a problem with the pantry? Only one cupboard so far! Please Help thanks! Wow and I just read that you can get stomach problems? My daughter loves pasta and she has had a stomach cramp lately? Lord I can’t believe I just found out about these things. Thanks everyone for the info..

  4. Hello Julie, I have Pantry moths that are not responding to the product “Safer” you suggested. I purchased 8 traps from Home Depot and put them in the pantry for over 10 days, only caught 2 moths…there must be 30 or more in the pantry. What other product can you suggest please? Every hardware and garden store in my area sells the Safer product.

    Thanks so much,

    • Veronica,
      We had problems with pantry moths, too, that came in a bag of bird seed, and the sticky traps worked pretty at getting rid of the adult moths. I would give them a try, as well killing any adult moths you see before they can reproduce, removing or sealing any source of food, and following the other suggestions in the article above. Good luck!

  5. Hi. My name is Orlando and i recently saw these white little worms. There has been moths for months. We recently cleared out the pantry but they are still there. Do you know anybody who can get rid of these creatures for good? If so can you see if it requires a lot of money? Thank you.

  6. I have been dealing with these bugs for several months! We keep our bird seed in the freezer, but it’s too late, they have taken over our kitchen. I bought an electric bug zapper that looks like a tennis racket and it becomes a sport killing them! It amazes me where I am finding them. I cleaned out the cabinets, but they continue to thrive. I found larva in a kleenex box, on a splenda packet and in a sealed unopened box of pasta salad. Not sure what to do next, it is getting ridiculous!

  7. Make sure you check everything, not just foodstuff. The worms were in dry packets of herb mixes, toothpicks, packets of matches!!!! They were inside sealed jar lids, things that were never opened. My boyfriend was ready to strangle me for throwing out all his lazy suzan stuff when I showed him his toothpick box. LOL!!!!! I think our infestation had to do with remodeling the house next door…they stripped the walls there, so the little critters came to us! Gotta be vigilant on this one!!!

  8. indian meal moths are no laughing matter. what people don’t consider is the fact that the larvae poop as they eat. this ‘poop’ will cause severe stomach cramping which can last for days if ingested. i believe that they are very dangerous and are a real cause of disease but no one has put 2 and 2 together. in flour if you see spiderweb like strings with flour sticking to them, stuck to the inside of the bag, THROW IT AWAY.

  9. i had a weevil problem a while ago. I cleaned everything out and they went away for a while but they came back in a few weeks. I searched the web for solutions on how to get rid of them and came across a product called Weevil Away. They have these little adhesive sticky pads that have a natural/organic solution on them. They repel the weevils which sounded like a great idea to me. I’d rather repel them in the first place rather than wait for them to show up and then try to get rid of them. I stuck one in every one of my cupboards and hoped for the best. The smell is fantastic and it’s been almost a year and still no weevils. Love this stuff! It also claims to repel pantry moths and roaches. If it works as well with those as it does with the weevils then your problems will be solved.

  10. Just found these moths in my cupbords !!! tons of them I probably killed 30 or more I gor a plastic Garbage bag and throw everything away !!! Where the heck did they come from !!! they are everywhere. I have only lived in my apartment for about 6 month,. Is my landlord responsible for getting rid of these things ?

  11. I was going crazy with these. I put up fly ribbens. I filled 2 so far. Think I got them under controll. Dont see as many now. Just hag them where no one will get stuck on them. I’m thing of opening one up and put it in an old bowl i dont need any more.

  12. What I did to get rid of them was use bleach in all the cabinets throw away any cereal and toss out grainy food and it kept the little critters out of the kitchen

  13. What I did to get rid of them was use bleach in all the cabinets throw away any cereal and toss out grainy food and it kept the little critters out of the kitchen.

  14. I need some serious help. For six months now I have battled the flying moths, using 6 traps because they were overflowing with moth things, finally I thought they had gone until today when I found little maggots everywhere. On the walls, the ceiling the cupboard everywhere. I cleaned the hell out of the my kitchen but they keep re appearing. What do I do? There is no food in the cupboards, I’ve bleached ive used traps and still they won’t go away. I’m considering moving house I’m that fed up with them!

    Is there an exterminator you can call?

  15. We have birds and I’ve just given up on completely getting rid of them. I use the sticky traps with pheromones, but they fill up fast. The thing that helps with my frustration is my bug zapper that is shaped like a tennis racket. I just zap them flying around and check my ceiling often to zap the sleeping ones! It has become a sport in our house.

  16. Hi all, just did the big clean out of the pantry at friends house. Grubs and moths everywhere friend could not understand where they could be coming from. I took out and checked every thing and ended up with a large garbage bag full of expired stuff, spices, gluten free stuff, cereal, jars previously used for storing found the cocoon lying in the rim of the jar. Wiped down all shelves and drawers with some cleaning agent after reading the comments today maybe I should have used the bleach. Anyway will watch and hope the problem is solved. I like this site very much .

  17. I have been battling moths and the larvae worms with their cocoons. Today I took everything out of the cupboard. (only one seems to be were they are.) I throughout mostly everything. Some seem to be okay but I washed the outside of the package with soapy bleach water. One thing I notice that the holes use to put a peg for the shelf was use as a cocoon. There are many holes front and back of the cupboard. I use a toothpick to clean it out and sprayed it with Clorox cleaner that has bleach. Now I’ll wait to see if they come back.

  18. I just saw this white little worm hanging from a near-invisivle sring in my pantry. I also saw these little moths in my pantry (about 7 of them) the other day, thinking it was no big problem. I have just found out about them by your article, and I was looking for a safe way to rid them. I have pets and am not eager on chemicals. HELP PLEASE?

  19. Wow Thanks everyone. We just started seeing these moths all over in our food cabinet. Took everything out threw a lot away some closed boxes had worms on bags in the sealed box. Should I just throw everything away? Have terminix coming out on monday but that is 4 days away an starting to worry that even if I opened boxes an looked than taped close the ones that I did not find anything may not be sure nothing is in there. Should I just throw it all away even canned items?? Please let me know what you think. Thank s

  20. So i noticed this small brown moth flying around my livingroom(which is also my kitchen about 4 days ago. I thought it got in from outside. I killed it, no big deal. Then today i noticed a work crawling on the cealing above my sink. I killed it and didnt think anything of it. I didnt see any more. Avout a half hour later i went to make my daighter dinner and i found anothrone floating in the water on the pot on the stove. I dumped it out, cleaned the pot and started the water again. I looked up and fo und two more on the cealing that were not there before. I went back to the stove a half hour later and there was another one in the water. So i looked up and there were two more. I came online and found this site. Wow. The worms were near my cerial cupboard. So i opened it up and 3 more moths flew out. Ugh. I took out all ten boxes of cerial wether they were open or not, sealed them up and put them out in the dumpster. I went back and sprayed the cupboard with flying bug spray, and i am going to let it sit over night then clean it with cleach. That was in a cupboard next to the cealing. My question is, should i throw out the pasta that is on the other side of the kitchen in an under the counter cupboard as well? Even though there are not moths there?

    • I was too timid about throwing out the food. I think you have to throw out all the food…. Everything. You can keep canned goods but you have to remove the labels and scrub the cans. I scrubbed the cupboards and soaked them in undiluted bleach. An exterminator came three times. I believe the source was the cupboard above the microwave where I stored cereal. Eventually I removed the microwave and disposed of it. I removed the braces that supported the brackets that held the microwave. Finally I discovered what I assume was larvae…. Also behind my stove. Bleach.. bleach bleach.!! I think the final trick was using the self-cleaning feature on the oven… many times. I also left all the lights on in the kitchen for six months and keep the rest of the house as dark as possible and keep the doors to all the rooms closed to encourage them to stay in the kitchen (successfully). I used the pheromone traps continuously and changed them often. I would generally catch one or two a day but occasionally 4 or 5. … there never was an actual “infestation “… I kept it under control. I did see one flying occasionally and I would use a hand held vaccum to suck it up. I kept the vacuum outside on the deck so there was no chance they could escape back into the house. I think I have now been successful but plan to completely gut my kitchen, disinfect it thoroughly , leave it empty for several months before re-modeling it. Pretty drastic I know, but I really hate bugs and I have read on-line accounts that claim that you cannot eradicate pantry moths, you just have to keep them under control and learn to live with them, I that’s not good enough for me. So…step one… throw out all food. Keep new food in refrigerator, freezer. Step two…pheromone traps… and change them out frequently. Step three… exterminated step 4…. Scrub thought …soak in undiluted bleach. 4. Run your self-cleaning feature on your oven every few days. (Ok… I think they might be gone now. Most importantly… you gotta catch them when there’s only a couple … if you let them get established nothing will work, they will be everywhere forever.) oh ….also.. all those stories about bay leaves or peppermint or lavender are total BS.

      • It’s always great to hear from fans who’ve been there and done that, Judy.
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the Today’s Homeowner community!

  21. Uhh i just found them too! i think oats left by a tenant is the problem. THROWING ENTIRE CONTENTS OF PANTRY OUT.Had a lot of cramping issues, who knew they were even here!! would it help to leave the pantry empty for a few weeks?? I guess i should put the dog food in the garage. Please,please HELP! I’m grossed out.

    • Hi did you ever get rid of the moths? Just found them in my pantry. My daughter has been having cramping. The other day I did too! Yucky disgusting. I hate to throw out food but this is ridiculous. Thanks everyone for the info! Laura

  22. YOU ARE THE BEST! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! I can’t say it enough I’ve never seen this before we just moved into this home one year ago and they have been driving me crazy for a year this will be my week end project thank you Jennifer

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Glad to hear our article on pantry moths was of help. It was prompted by an outbreak in my house, and the sticky traps seems to do the trick.
      Good luck!

  23. I just came on line to find out what in the world these little creepy crawly things were, I thought they were maggots and I THREW A FIT!!!! I knew that there had been these little moths flying around and I knew that they had come from the bird seed that I had bought at walmart, because I noticed them flying around down that isle, but I had the seed in a airtight container. Well, I just threw the whole dam thing out the back door until I can get to it in the morning. I had never seen the worms, just the moths. They were every where! and I dont understand why I have not seen them before?? just the moths! PURE GROSS!!!!

    • Hi Robin,
      Thanks for the feedback. Our pantry moth problem came from a bag of birdseed purchased at Walmart, too, and I’ve since seen the moths in the birdseed aisle at our Walmart store.

  24. Oh my goodness! I started seeing tiny moths everywhere in my kitchen and every day there would be more. I noticed them for about 10 days but didn’t think too much of it because I figured they’d only be around for a week or two as we usually get an influx of this bug or that bug when the seasons change. I just thought they were getting in whenever the front door (located directly near the kitchen) was open for people to come and go. But after the first week I decided to research on line and I came across this page/article. OMG I immediately went into recon mode! I threw away ALL unrefrigerated food including unopened jars, and bleach scrubbed the entire kitchen. During my clean out, I came across a bag of foreign gourmet rice that someone gave me….it was FULL of moths and stringy streams of webbing, yuck! I also found the web like strings inside a bag of chia seeds. All in all it was exactly how y’all described…. cocoons, worms and moths hovering from walls, shelves and ceiling….SO weird! After I did an extreme cleaning with bleach water, I also did one coat of white Killz paint just for extra measures. I haven’t seen one moth since and that was 3 weeks ago. THANK YOU for such an awesome and informative page….the details you provide teach us everything we need to know about identifying the problem and eliminating it.

  25. I have not seen any moths or anything else until today. I found 1 larvea in my dogs treat container. I looked for more but so far that is the only thing I have found. Should I be worried about infestation.?

  26. AAAAaaah, I just had the same mystery trip! I AM SO GLAD to Google this and find it! Fall is here in New England, saw a moth on wall – thought nothing of it – things come in sometimes when it gets cold. Then saw 2 little worms on cupboard, still … whatever, more stuff from outside. THEN I FREAKED OUT realizing there was an infestation! I had a bunch of mixed cereal in a large jar with a cover on the shelf .. but it has been there for a while or a bit (wouldn’t these things have shown themselves earlier?) – but had to be it. I was relieved to see that everyone else here has had the same experiences. Seeing a few fly type things, pieces start coming together, but if you’ve never had it before – you don’t know. THANKS for this article, everyone’s comments, very helpful!

  27. I want to cry. Last year, I bought a rehab house. While packing up my old house, I got boxes from the grocery stores. Most of my boxes were packed in the garage and cellar while renovating. I stayed at my Mother’s for several months while the major renovations were going on. I brought a couple of boxes to her house. She had the moths, blamed it on me, I thought she was crazy. Now, a year later, my house is finally at the point where I could really start unpacking the boxes that were stored in garage and basement. I did a lot of unpacking 2 weeks ago, went on vacation for a week. Came back Saturday (had heat turned down). Sunday, found one worm hanging from my ceiling. Monday, found about 8. Today found another 8 or so crawling on ceiling. I have read many articles and want to cry because this doesn’t seem to be an easy task to get rid of these worms forever. Many wrote once you get them, it is something you will always have to worry about. I’m about to go to cabinets throw everything out, wash down cabinets, etc. I will buy some of the moth traps and put down basil leaves. My gut is they were in the boxes and when threw out any of the old boxes of food, the trash is still in my house UGGG!!!! If anyone has a better solution, please let me know. Anyone have success stories from hiring exterminators?

    • Hi Wendy,
      We through out everything that had worms in it (mainly a bag of birdseed in our case) and used the sticky traps mentioned in the article. It took a few weeks, but we were month free after that, so it might not be as bad as you think.
      Good luck!

  28. I am shaking. Twice we bought trail mix from Sprouts. The 1st time I saw a white larva in it and threw it out. I had thought it came from our house. We battled an unusually severe infestation of varied carpet beetles in our former home and recently found 4 of them in our new apt. I thought this was one of those, though it looked different. Today I had new trail mix which we’d taken straight from the store bag and put into a glass canister with a screw-on lid. I was eating it without my glasses on when I noticed a squirming larva in front of my face! This time I photographed it and it was definitely not a carpet beetle larva, but one of these. My search for info brought me here. Now I’m fearful and discouraged. We have the carpet beetles and now these. We are busy throwing away everything in our cupboards, which isn’t much. We already had a bit of borax in them to deter the beetle larvae but we are going to clean them out with bleach, then we’ll keep everything in the fridge and freezer. When the pest control man comes for the carpet beetles I’ll get his take on these too. I can’t go through this again. My husband is so allergic to the carpet beetle larval hairs that he was on steroids for months and we threw away most of our things. I thought we were starting over here. We are traumatized from that. I can’t go through it again. It sounds like these are not so easy to get rid of.

  29. I noticed one of these things the day before Thanksgiving. I hate moths, so even seeing one throws me into a DEFCON 5 sort of panic. Then I saw three more. I believe I found the source of the infestation which was a Tupperware containing two bags of rice (I always keep my rice in a Tupperware after discovering worms in a bag of rice once….fortunately threw it out in time). Somehow the moths got out and I saw about 4 of them in the cabinet where the rice was.

    Anyway, I see no evidence that anything else got infested but I immediately bought Tupperware and zip lock bags for all edible items in other cabinets. I sprayed “Ground Zero” with a Clorox bleach spray and have seen no other cocoons anywhere else. I check everything every day for evidence of cocoons etc.

    I bought this Panty Moth Spray which I am beginning to think is a rip since all the testimonials now appear to have been written by the person who makes the stuff. So far a trap has only caught one lousy moth but every day or two I manage to kill one. I am seeing them mostly outside the kitchen which is strange since I thought they needed food. If I keep them from eating will these EFFIN things die already.

    My life is now 100% devoted to killing these things. At first I thought it would be doable but now I am beginning to wonder if I will be battling this plague for the rest of my life.

    • I realize this is an old comment, but I just wanted to say that I am now dealing with these, but they’re ONLY in my bedroom. Nowhere else in the house has these n I had no clue as to y that was. I found out that they don’t need actual food to survive. The larvae will eat dead skin cells, human hair, they can even eat thru cardboard n plastic, as well. I think I finally found where most of them r coming from today, though. My fiance n I were cleaning our bedroom n were about to tear the trim off of our walls (since I’ve seen the larvae crawling behind the trim from small gaps in it), but before we could do that, we found an old cd case that had tons of cds n dvds in it n sure enough, that’s when we found TONS of them! They had been living off of the fabric of the case n they actually ATE through the silver layer of some of my cds! I couldn’t believe it (n still can’t!!!) Did u ever find an effective method of getting rid of these things???

  30. Thank you for this post !! After reading through, I found the culprit in the birdfeed that was inside, by my patio door (which I recently moved and must have left a tad open). I am SO GLAD this was this simple… only saw a few moths in the last week, but was sooooooo scared because have had infestation at a previous house and had to empty all my cupboards and throw out everything… not a fun thing to do. Thanks again.

  31. I had an infestation in my cerial cupboard this summer.i didnt see any pnce i cleaned out the cupboard but in the last two seeks i killed 5 more. I have no clue where there coming from!!! Ive cleaned out everything!! Got rid of all my food and bought more and disinfected everything. I think thry were here before i moved in. There are microscopic holes in the corners of the walls. And i think they are in there. I wanna tear the walls out!!

  32. We’ve had a moth problem for the last few years. We go months without seeing them sometimes, then BAM another outbreak in the pantry. I’ve tried everything including the traps. I’m pulling my hair out. There must be something out there to keep these critters at bay!

  33. I am in the process of trying to get rid of these pest. What about bags of onions and potatoes? How do you store those to keep the pest out? All our other foods we keep in sealable Zip Lock bags. I haven’t gotten to my spices yet. That is my job for today. Spent all day yesterday late into the night on my pantry. Should I also clean cabinets that contain dishes and glasses?
    Thank you.

  34. The worst part of it is is that despite all of my precausions and steps i have taken to prevent this from keep this from happening i cant even find where they are coming from. Not where they are coming from where any of the caccoons are or anythinf!!

  35. Make sure to check the peg holes! I had the same problem as Anita. I cleaned everything only to find more larvae 3 weeks later. I noticed that some of the holes for pegs (so you can place the shelves at different heights – typical for IKEA stuff) looked like they had been punched properly. But what it was was the larvae who find the peg holes perfectly suited for their cocoon state. They hole up in the holes and seal it off. If you’re not looking for it, you won’t find it and they’ll be back.

  36. Yes, everyone you must be VERY vigilant in finding ALL of their hideouts in order to eliminate them, they are sneaky and crafty little pests. Check every square inch of your infected area and check it at least 3 times, but I’d say check it more. Check it with natural light and check it with a flashlight etc. I had some cocoons that were spun flat under items, under matting, under dish drainer, under microwave, behind microwave, in the notched crevice of a lid on an unopened jar etc. Check under any shelf and drawer liner or matting, even if it looks like they can’t get under it- check anyway- they were under my adhesive shelf lining too. See my comment above from October 15th, 2013. GOOD LUCK!!!

  37. The problem is i cant find ANY caccoons, larva or infested food anywhere in my apt. During the firstbeakout i did see larva and had fpund a cupboard of cerial that was infested, but gound larva crawling out of a small hole in my cealing near the cerial cupboard. The cealing above my cupboards is about 4 foot lower than the rest in my kitchen and i think they are coming from there. After i sprayed bug spray in there last time i saw no more larva but i still dont know what to do other than tearing my lighting down

  38. Hi April, I completely understand your frustration….they are a NIGHTMARE! Have you considered paying a small fee to have an exterminator come in, not necessarily to treat the home but to help you FIND or trace the pests? Or maybe a home inspector would have some prior experience or knowledge on where they could possibly be. I wouldn’t rule out the lighting fixture in the ceiling because where I found mine was in the most humid warmest area of my kitchen, including inside the back of the microwave. I don’t know if my info is useful to you but I’m trying to help because I know it’s impossible to eliminate them if you cant find all their hiding spots.

  39. Im on a very fixed income and its a very tight one. Im actually thinking of talking to my landlord because the problem started about 3 months after i moved in, and Im thinking that they may have been here before i moved i cant spray too much chemicals because I have a 3year old and i have bad lungs. Its to the point that i but food once a week and once its open, everything, including spices are being kept in the fridge. The moths are never near my cabinets. My kitchen is a great room, and i find them in the living room side of it only pretty much. Also in myy daughters toy room and the bedroom. Atleast 1 every two days. Sometimes az many as 2 a day. But NEVER ANY LARVA since the first time i noticed them.

  40. Hey guys!

    I just wanted to share my success so far. I heard about a product called “No more weevils” from a friend. She lives in New Zealand and have been using this all natural product for a few years and have been bug free ever since. So I bought a tin (it’s pretty cheap) and put it in my pantry that morning it arrived in the mail. By lunch time I didn’t see one moth. (It’s quite normal to see a few fluttering around) That was 4 months ago and haven’t seen one since. There’s no larvae, webbing or moths. I’ll check in again in a few months and let you know if it’s still working!!
    I think I finally beat these buggers! 🙂

  41. We dont have many stores around here but we have walmart and lowes. I just find it weird that there are NO web, caccoons or larva anywhere. So I dont know where else to treat. There are only moths!!!! Im ready to tear my hair out. My daughter is afraid of bugs and freaks out massivly when she sees one. Almost hypervenalates.

  42. My husband bought some birds seeds at a pet shop. I saw a moth in it which at that time didn’t know what it was. Next day saw about 4 flying around my bird cage. told him that came from the bird seeds but he continue buying the seeds. One morning I looked up at the ceiling and saw a worm ugh how discussed and afraid I am of those. There was a few inside my cereal box. ugh how I screamed my head off lol……I threw everything away in that cabinet,well not me but my son I wouldn’t even get close to them. Now im afraid to go inside my kitchen, I been starving. what should I do. im afraid I will find more.

  43. So I was doing dishes at my work when I saw what I believed to be fruit flies hanging over the sink. Upon closer inspection I realized that they were in fact really tiny worms hanging from strings from our dry rack that we have over the sink. There were at least fifty of these little worms just dangling. Then I discovered I had them all up my arm! Anyways, I had to remove everything from the area and re-scrub all the dishes as well as the entire area.

    My question is, are these little worms the larvae to the moths? Has anyone else encountered them hanging from strings?

  44. Had these once many years ago. I won a food basket at a Chinese auction and they were in one of the items. Anyway I threw everything out and cleaned all the cabinets real good. I kept all new dry goods in Ziplocs but nothing seemed to work. Then the simplest thing seemed to do the trick. I filled a bowl with oatmeal and left it on the counter for a while until all the wormy things were gone from the ceiling. Maybe a week or two. Then wrapped that up and threw it out. Poof, no more crawly things on the ceiling or in the food.

  45. I have had this problem before and googled – found lavender oil helped to repel the moths – what i didn’t know was that the gazillion of little crawly things had been repelled by the oil and had done a mass escape out of the kitchen and up the hallway – it was totally freaky – a few days ago something caught my eye and the cereal container in the cupboard which is sealed was full of them – the only place I have experienced them is in the cereal – ratz – loved that brand of cereal – could never eat it again…

  46. I just experiences a Pantry Moth infestation. I didn’t even know of their existence before this. I found they love rice, i usually buy big 5kg bags and had to throw them out. I suspect they came from a bag of spelt flour i had in there rather than the freezer as normal.

    I used Pantry Moth traps and caught heaps, had one in the pantry and one in the adjoining room.

    I seem to have got rid of them (touch wood). I did a full clean of the pantry, binned anything that was infested or suspect. I thoroughly cleaned the shelves and walls with warm soapy water, then wiped a white vinegar solution over everything. I have also taped bay leaves to the walls and shelves.

    Since then, i have seen one moth and one larvae which i found after opening another bag of infected rice. Since then though, i have even seen any flying around.

    Some things I did think “oh i can save this” but in the end I decided that if it was suspect, it got thrown. It already cost lots of money throwing spoilt food, how much more will it cost if I keep some and they return. It was better to be safe.

  47. 9 months and my moth problem lives on. most of the stories on this page are exactly what I’ve gone through. I recently had an exterminator out, which seems to have helped slightly, but it hasn’t solved the problem. since the initial outbreak I haven’t seen any larva, but I do see the moths “doing it” (sometimes they have threesomes!). I have no idea where they are laying their eggs. I have no food for them, I only buy food that can be refrigerated or frozen, yet they still manage to find something. anyone know if they can lay eggs in spices?

  48. Matt,
    Yes, they will show up in spices! We had a collection of various chili powders, and they were found in ALL of them. Some of these were so potent, that it hurt to breath near them, didn’t bother the moths in the least.

  49. I, too, am battling these horrible creatures. I didn’t read every review, but the ones I did read do not talk about this. I have adjustable shelves, so there’s holes for the pegs. There are a lot of holes for the pegs! I use forceps with a very narrow end to pull out the larvae in these holes. It’s a very painstaking job but nearly every hole has larva. If you don’t have forceps or tweezers, a toothpick helps immensely when it comes to battling these moths. Hope this helps someone.

  50. I have had moths for two years. Never a sign of the larvae. Been using the sticky trap. Finally nailed it this morning. They are putting their eggs in the peg holes for the shelves (IKEA ). Spent two hours with a fine pair of tweezers cleaning them out. About 20% of the holes had signs of bugs.

  51. Is there a stage in their growth where they are a blackish/reddish/brown, like caccoons? Or even empty shells maybe? They are hard and there is quite alot of white fuz around them. They were quite large, and some of them were in a row, others in piles, and they are about the size oflong skinny oval shaped lemon seed? Ive searched around my entire house, thrown everything out, bleached everything, gotten traps, sprays, bayleaves. Everything. I couldnt find caccoons, infested food, nothing. Well nothing but moths. But i was seeing atleast 2 moths every day. Then I was rearanging my daughters room because something smelled rotten and no matter of cleaning was taking care of it. I moved her dresser and underneith it was a dirty diaper. It was filled with about 1000 of the things i described. Any ideas if its related to the moths? Or should i be prepaired for something else?

  52. I found them in the pegs too. After a month of cleaning and throwing every out of the cabinets,I thought I was going to lose my mind b/c I kept finding the damn things on the ceiling.I had changed the linings in the cabinets; washed every imaginable thing in my kitchen 2 and 3X, I didn’t know what to do next. Then my cleaning girl had an idea and vacuumed all the peg holes. ALL GONE. about once a month I find one fly out when I open the cabinets. I kill it and that seems to be that. no more infestations. But when you kill these things you must put them in a paper towel or tissue and immediately take it out to the garbage THEY ARE HARD TO KILL. ALSO, everything goes into glass or plastic containers with screw on lids now. AND I don’t over buy any more.

  53. One month on and no sign of re-infestation. Doing what i did (previously posted June 17th 2014) worked.

    My pantry is cleaner that it’s ever been. I am now being cautious not to buy too much, i am sure the clutter of an overstuffed pantry didnt help.

    Everything now goes into a plastic or glass container. Though during my infestation, they still got into glass jars. I prefer containers without screw lids, i think they can navigate the screw coil and get in.

  54. Omg! We’ve been having moth problems soo bad!! I decided to search up ways to get rid of them and this popped up. At first we noticed mothes EVERYWHERE THEN I CLEANED MY BIRD CAGE AND NOTICED THE PILE OF BIRD SEED WAS STICKING TO THE CARD BORD. SO I GET MY LITTLE MINNIE BROOM AND CAREFULLY SWEEP THE TOP LAYER OFF. ALL OF A SUDDEN IT STARTSD TO MOVE. I QUICKLY TOOK IT OUT SIDE TO THE TRASH.NOW THAT I’VE FOUND THE NEST.. ITS TIME TO ELIMINATE THE STRAGGLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’. So far we’ve used traps,common sticks, lavender buds(dried), ceded chips. And leave a bowl of soap and water near a lamp and they left!!!!!!!!yayayayayayayga

  55. When we moved in to a new house, my family had an infestation that went on for a month or two. We did the major clean and toss and everything new went into Tupperware but we still saw the moths from time to time. Eventually, we pulled off the moulding at the join between the kitchen ceiling and wall and found eggs there. After another thorough cleaning and a new paint job, we replaced the moulding and haven’t had a problem with the moths since. We still keep most of our dry goods in Tupperware just to be safe.

  56. TOTAL INFESTATION! I keep throwing away food if someone was watching me through a window, would think I’m a lunatic- chasing these bugs around! Just when I kill some in one cabinet,…all lurking on the roof of the cupboard, I’ll circle back and find more! I have been diligent with checking food, but did not think to check all paper products. So GROSS. THANKS FOR ALL THE INSIGHT HERE!
    -wish me luck!

  57. Help!!!! i have these little moths in my kitchen and i think they’re those pantry moths, but they have been inn the house for years i have a lot of old cake mixes and stuff and one day i was going to bake a cake only to find these maggot worm looking things and moth balls DONT help!!!!!

  58. We just moved into our house in may and just today noticed worms crawling all over our ceiling. So glad I found this site! I cleaned out the cabinets with food in them, but didn’t find any webbing or larva. So going to try the peg holes! I think it must have been here from before because I have never seen anything like this! It is so gross! I have also had terrible stomach problems for the past few weeks so I’m assuming it has been from this too. Which makes me feel even sicker! Yuck!!

  59. I am still seeing the occasional moth flying around and procreating (not at the same time :P). Not sure where they are still coming from.

    I do know it isn’t the pantry. Months on and no re-infestation of the pantry so that’s a good thing. The bay leaves must really work.

    The sticky traps are still catching a few moths.

  60. We too had an infestation of pantry moths, caused by a forgotten bag of birds seeds in a corner of the garage. The article above was most useful and we are getting the bugs under control. I must correct one of the entries above, though. Because our hardware store had only two SAFER pantry pest traps, we purchased also some TERRO ones. After minimal assembly, the TERRO trap looks identical to the SAFER trap, down to the size and color of the lure.

    I noticed that they performed very differently, the TERRO immediately caught numerous moths, but the SAFER basically none. I ran a careful side-by-side test. Over a period of 3 days, the SAFER trap only caught 2 moths, and the TERRO trap (basically identical shape, sitting next to it) caught so many (dozens) that it had to be replaced with a fresh one every morning. I verified these results with completely fresh traps, and even watched the moths come to the pair or traps and entering the TERRO, while ignoring the SAFER. Do not waste your money on SAFER traps, they work very poorly, almost not at all. You will only catch those moths that enter it by mistake. (In addition, the TERRO packaging is much more compact and easier to store)

  61. Well,looks like I will be recleaning with bleach this weekend. and buying bug strips?? One question though… Will they ever completely go away? Or is this going to be an ongoing battle? Should I start buying stock i bug strips??!!! This is disgustung. But thank God for thir website and blog.

    I appreciate any comments!

    • Hi Debbie,
      Our pantry moth problem, which came from birdseed, went away after using the traps for a few weeks. Good luck!

  62. Just discovered this site and am grateful..I have been finding little moths flying around and killing them as I see them not realizing what they were. Now that I have the information I will look for places they could be. I have a big tin of birdseed in my room and have kept adding to it so just got rid of that..I will go through my cabinets as suggested and scrub and throw things out! Thank you for the advice..I will let you know how it goes!

  63. I have had a pantry moth problem for well over 18 months. Have used sticky traps, which are successful and have had no fresh larvae for over a year. But… my neighbour has lots of tiny moths flying around inside his house, so I’m thinking that the fresh moths keep coming from next door. Is this possible? I have been using fresh traps at least every 3 months and keep getting more moths.

  64. Thank you so much for all the great info!! I have always been told to throw away all boxed food and clean, clean, clean… I had never heard of the pheromone traps for Indian Meal Moths before, although I have heard of the parasitic wasps, but only being used to control flies, so that is great to know! What I found most fascinating was how many people were saying they only bought ONE NEW THING LATELY… A bag of birdseed from Walmart. I have been going crazy trying to figure out WHY these dang moths are in my master bathrooms and close, until I read this!!! Thank you!! I have Button Quail that are housed in my husband’s bathroom, but I have probably 20 moths around my night light in my bathroom every night!! I never thought about them coming into my bathroom through the connecting hall. I never thought about the birdseed!!!
    Thank you all!! Kara

  65. Check the toaster, toaster oven.
    I found webs, cocoon webs in the inside toaster grill part.
    Threw that toaster out….
    completely grossed out.

  66. How do these pests get in sealed packages of food? I bought a box of oat bran (from a reputable, well-known manufacturer) and I put it my cupboard. I did not use it right away, but a couple of months later, I opened the sealed box. To my surprise, there were those little worms crawling around. Nothing else in my cupboard was affected or infected, so the source has to be from that box. It was completely sealed so it must mean that larvae was in the box at the time of manufacturing. But, don’t the food companies have better control? Does this mean that their supplies are easily infected? Thank you.

  67. So i just found a little white worm on top of my cabint and i thought its was nasty as hell then i see lil bugs flying so i kill them and i thought that was all only to find a lot in my pasta cabint i threw everything away it was a lot of worms and lil bugs everywhere i took my steamer and steamed my cabints i dont see any more and im worried because you all say they will be back i found the neast tho should i still worry i hate bugs

  68. I am sick of these, I threw out almost half of my pantry and wiped even the rails on my pantry with bleach..right when I thought i was done BOOM, 2 days later there were 10 in my pantry…I know how to get rid of these…IM going to put EVERYTHING in my pantry in the back yard whewre its -25 tonight. See if those buggers survive..And I will wash the walls with mr clean bleach and whatever I can get my hands to0…Ill probably throw all my lentils and rice out even though i have them closed glass jars and had not seen anything in them…My Gosh, this is grosser than mice..You get a trap for mice and Boom there done…These buggers keep on coming and it is gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Our home is immaculately kept. Saw these moths flying around and thought, what cute little buggers! Went downstairs to my workshop and saw more down there. That’s odd. Read this article and thought, BAM! There’s birdseed down there! An open bag none the less. Yup, full of maggots. Out it goes! Even found dead maggots in rags and INSIDE MY LEATHER WORK GLOVES. The moth level has gone down but is not completely gone. Here’s hoping!

  70. Just ate a bag of rice cakes and found worms at the bottom. Sure enough, saw this article. And yes, I’ve seen these moths in our house not even thinking anything of it. And the worms look just like the ones I found. I don’t know if I ate any or webbing or what. I am so disgusted. I hyperventilated and puked. I thought it was maggots at first and now realize that just throwing out the rice cakes probably hasn’t solved the problem… I am scared to go home and realize I’m in more of a nightmare than I thought. Threw out boxes of anything that was already open. But after reading the comments of them being in unopened boxes.. I’m terrified.

  71. I had been seeing these moths for about a month and kept asking my kids if they had this moth. It seemed new to me. My kids just commented that they had lots of moths come in from outside. We live in Southern Nv. where it is warm and have had a ton of moths (not this kind) on windows at night. November 6th I found some webby stuff and worms in some old Bran Flakes. I googled ‘moths in food’ and found ‘pantry moths’ which I had never heard of in my 67 years. I read all I could find on it. Next morning my husband and I went to work on the 2×3 ft floor to ceiling pantry. It took all day. We searched everything. I threw out the infested cereal the night before. We threw out a lot of older stuff and put the rest in plastic bags in the freezer. (They are still in freezer a month later) One article said to freeze for 8 days. We found the pupae in the little webs in many places. It was inside my Kerr canning lid box, nothing edible there, in the little holes to adjust shelves, in anything that they could get into to pupate. The worms crawl into anything, not just food, to pupate. I took lids off everything. I found a worm along edge of a tupperware container, but it couldn’t get in. You must look under lids and open every box and look in bottom, also peak in outside on the bottom of boxes where glue closes the box. The worm crawls in everywhere. These eggs can live without growing into worms from 8 to 300 days, so you must be diligent for almost a year and kill every moth that hatches. We washed every can with vinegar water, took all shelves out and washed them on all edges and sides. One month later: At first (after cleaning the panty cupboard) I found a moth everyday, now I am only finding a moth about every 5 days. Every morning first thing when I get up and every night and in between I am looking for moths. They are generally on the ceiling, by a window, or on the curtain or blind. I don’t like that I will have to be diligent for almost a year, but it will be worth it. I ordered Catchmaster traps, but haven’t caught any moths yet. If you kill the moth as soon as found, it cannot mate and the female moth can’t lay eggs. Female moth only lives about 8 days, so kill it as it comes to view. Good luck, and I hope good luck to me also.

  72. I had pantry moths and nothing here worked so I bought one of those fly strips and hung it in my pantry the next morning they were all stuck to the sticky strip, threw it in the outside garbage and hung another one, haven’t seen any new ones.

  73. Battling these guys myself-thanks for the tips. After spending the majority of my day cleaning out a large pantry cabinet that I keep seeing moths and larvae in, i read this article and comments. After reading about coccoons in peg holes-i checked my shelves and sure enough stuck a toothpick in a hole and found a slimy larva!! Today-i cleaned out and then bleached every single peg hole-may have been the grossest thing i have ever done in my life. Started cleaning another pantry and found a closed container of steel oats i only bought a few months ago literally burst with the amount of larvae inside of it. All boxed and open foods are going in the trash. Hopefully this is the last i will see of these disgusting little creatures!! Also ordered some moth traps on amazon even though its been a while since ive seen a live moth.

  74. I have found some moth in my pantry. I understand I have to throw away all products like pasta, grains, spicies, crackers, flours bags, rice, cake mixes, cookies etc. What about can products do they need to be thrown away also? Do you throw away all those items too.

  75. I had a bad infestation and cleaned out every cabinet in the kitchen. Filled 3 garbage bags with food stuff whether I saw the larvae or cocoons. It first started with the little flying moths and then I googled and learned what to look for, etc. I used the Safe tents and traps several moths, but they are back again. We have wall to wall books in my husband’s study. Can they be in his books?? If so, how do I get rid of them? I plan to try the Terro traps that someone suggested. I bought marigold plants to put in front of the front door as I saw some moths and had read that that would deter them. The plants died for lack of watering, but I have had moths since Christmas again. Help!

  76. Yes, these critters are crafty.
    I started with taking all grainy food out of the pantries. Find moths flying out from between the bags. I throw the food straight into the garbage and outside of the house.
    In the drawers with fabrics (oven mitts, drying cloths, etc.) I find webbed larvae attached to the threads. Threw those straight into the wash.
    I salvaged canned foods along with unopened ziploc bags, foil, and Saran wrap. Later in the day I prepare a dish which uses tomato paste. I screw open the can and only need to use about half of the tomato paste. No problems here, no larvae to be found. To save the rest of the tomato paste I go to the salvaged foil. Lo and behold, I unwrap the foil to find several woven larvae BETWEEN THE FOIL!! This was unopened foil, still in it’s original boxed packaging.
    Hide your grains, hide your books, hide your foil! They’re crawling into everything out here!

  77. I fought and won a battle with these critters several years ago, when I realized dry cat food from Wal-Mart was infested. The pet department was full of the flying moths and the sticky traps full of dead bugs. Now, all of a sudden, THEY’RE BACK. Since I no longer buy pet food at Wal-Mart, I’m not sure where they came from. I have not seen worms, larvae or eggs. Unless gray specks in a bag of flour are eggs. I will spend the evening bagging all grain products, vacuum the selves and wash everything down with bleach. I read somewhere, that baby food jars filled with apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap is another way to kill them. I will place these traps in the grain free rooms in mu home. They are in my bathroom, bedroom and home office. HELP!!!!!!!! What else can I do?

  78. They kinda taste like Cheerio’s. Just kidding, I saw one in a bowl of Cheerio’s that I was about to eat a few weeks ago. I thought it may have dropped from the ceiling, trying to share my breakfast. We have have birds, so we suspect now, that may be the source of the moth’s. Thanks for the info.

  79. So thankful for these comments!! I started seeing small moths in our pantry last summer and dint think much of it. One day I peeled off the seal from an unopened bbq sauce and found one of their disgusting larvae! I cleared out our pantry and killed every moth and larvae I could find (they were in cacoons in the corners of the pantry) and still they were appearing in our food and flying around (barf) Anyways, yesterday I read these comments and a light bulb went off! I have an opened bag of birdseed under our sink! I just went to look and it was FULL of larvae and webs. So after sealing it and disposing of it, I am hopeful that we won’t be seeing much of them anymore. Thanks again!

  80. last summer, maybe around April or may, I noticed a few small moths in my master bathroom on the ceiling. I sprayed them with flying insect spray and called it a night. over the next week I was constantly spraying, swatting, and squishing these things like a mad woman. we use “swamp” cooling, or evap coolers here and we have to leave a few windows cracked all the time so I assumed they got in through the bathroom window. I closed it off but the that didn’t help. The worst of the infestation was mid summer. After being away for 4 days I came back to the bathroom ceiling covered! Literally, at least one hundred, maybe more tiny evil moths. we then went to ortho home defense as a last hope. I would come in to find dead moths all over the floor and in the tub. They would die after landing anywhere on the walls or ceiling. VICTORY! not exactly. I didn’t see any moths for a week and I was so happy. but that’s when I noticed the worms. I hadn’t seen them before because they blended right in with the off white ceiling. I would squish them as I saw them. constantly. nothing would kill them though. I finally caught a group of them squeezing out from behind the shower wall and heading up to the ceiling. there was a tiny gap between the trim around the edge of the acrylic tub liner and the wall. I started spraying in there and they started fleeing. So, I got all Rambo one night and pulled the shower walls away a few inches and see the damage. There were the cocoons and nest. We couldn’t afford to replace the entire bath and shower enclosure so we continued to spray. by October They were gone. I now hear they come back.. Im in panic mode now as last night I squished a moth on my bedroom. I am now 4 months pregnant and do not want to use chemicals if I can avoid it, but what can I do? and why the heck would they be in a bathroom anyway? I found a few dead moths in the dog food in the kennel but not near the bathroom. Help!

  81. I believe I have won the battle. Have not seen anything for about 10 days. I was on a mission. Culprit was an old box of cereal. Cleared everything out of my cupboards then I took a spray bottle and filled it with bleach. Hit every nook and cranny. I will wait another 2-3 weeks before stocking pantry again. Was a nightmare. I wasn’t heavily infested but it still took about 2 months. Have to keep on top of it if you want them gone. The larvae are in the smallest of places, so be on the lookout. I was using toothpicks to kill them in the very tiny small holes they were in. So horrible, but I have won the battle. I hope. Bleach the buggers. That’s what did it for me. I hope I do not need to come back here to post that “They’re Back!”

  82. I’ve had these moths for 8 months! You have to clean your pantry put all food in tight containers no boxes or bags! clean every nook and cranny take out shelves they make coccoons everywhere especially love holes and tight places. Found our source over summer was keeping a bag of birdseed in cabinet under bookshelves by deck door off of kitchen. Well tore apart bookshelves this weekend and found them all over! Inside picture frames that I thought they couldnt get into actually removed glass and found them there. Also took apart radio and a speaker for an ipod they were inside in their coccoons! amazing! Also take out shelves they were on the edges and in the wholes that shelves go into. Also inside cd cases and books found them on the pages in the binders! you have to look everywhere! hope this helps! exterminators will not work you have to vaccuum and clean every where!

  83. To all of you who think you’ve solved your problem because you haven’t seen them for a few days, or a few weeks, or a few months: You are kidding yourselves. I have been battling for years! They come back. They always come back. They survived all the stuff you’ve all done. When I’m trying to kill them, I feel like others start flying right at my face…attacking me. The moths are driving me crazy.

  84. We have found them especially in bags of dried chilies, the kind used in Mexican cooking, Thanks for all the good hints.

  85. Last winter, saw these pantry moths. Kept killing them as we saw them. Went to the cottage for the summer. Came home to the critters flying everywhere. I figured out they were coming from the guinea pig food I had purchased at Walmart. I cleaned everything. Still saw a moth every six weeks. Killed it. Thought they’d eventually wane. HAAAAAAAAA Verile little critters. It’s now March. Killed 6 or 7 moths in a weeks period, so i know they’re back!!!!!!!! Yesterday tore everything apart again. Washed everything down again and sprayed all cracks. We’ll see what happens now. I need to get rid of them before summer again. I don’t want to come home to another infestation.

  86. So, like everyone that has come to this site, I googled a problem and this has been great reading though the posts. I thought at first it was weird seeing all of these small grey moths in my pantry, didn’t think to much about it, hit them with a fly spray bug, they died and I thought end of story. About a week later (we had been away on hols) I found the pantry taken over by what I thought was maggots, so thinking it was something rotten in my food stuffs such as a potatoe I checked out all the food, and used a super strength Outdoor Barrier spray, which here in Australia keeps cockroaches, spiders of all types, ants, fleas etc at bay. In fact once I use a good qualify barrier spray I have never ever had any more problems with any type of pest. These things not only kept coming but also crawled through all over the numerous areas I had sprayed as though there was no poison there – now I ask if this stuff can stop cockroaches that are 5cm + long, spiders the size of my hand etc coming inside, how the hell has it not stopped these worms? I still believed at this stage they were maggots. So I pulled everything out of my pantry, and I mean everything out, washed all cans, un-opened packets, spices, containers etc including biscuits in cardboard boxes – the worms were inside the sealed box so ditched the box and washed the packets -make sure you get into the crevices of the packet as they will be in there as well as under the seal on your tins etc – in boiling hot water, left them on the bench to air dry – now, as I said, I had to unfold every crevice of the packet as they were everywhere. I threw anything out in un-opened jars, as they were under the seal, and everything that was in airtight containers including biscuit tins etc etc, as you name it I had to throw it away as they had somehow had no problems in working their way under sealed areas on anything no matter what it is – lollies, cake sprinkles, spices, floor, sugar, flour, cereal, pasta, rice, air tight tuperware containers etc etc. I then changed cupboards and placed all food in there. I used a common disinfectant and made sure no food was placed into that pantry including a bin. A couple of weeks later I notice a couple of moths in the main party, so now I think maybe not maggots but moth larvae and goggle moth larvae in pantries and find your website. After reading all comments I am now convinced it is moth larvae that I have. I vacuum and disinfect again but so far, whilst there are a couple of months, there are no worms and there is absolutely no sign of moths or worms in my new allocated pantry cupboard. Is using cupboards that are not really a pantry annoying, yes, but a hell of a lot better then moth larvae everywhere. It cost a fortune throwing out a significant amount of food items ( I like to store – just in case) so not happy but with throwing out those items. Washing in hot water, changing cupboards so far it seems to have done the trick – I just hope it continues to…..

  87. I also came across these hideous pests in the same way that a lot of you did. so again like a lot of you did I googled my problem and found this site I also saw a post from Glenn up above and he is right. I too have a pantry we bought IKEA so we have the small peg holes and found some cacoons in there… like a lot of you, I haven’t found a solution to our problem either they’re very hard to get rid of I just wanted to add for cleaning purposes look inside those small pink hole where the shelving goes

  88. Thank you all for your experiences and ideas. It’s depressing that it may take so long to get rid of them. But they are getting a little better. I threw away everything in any place that I store food, vacuumed the area and bleached. (before coming home from surgery.) Goodwill, Dollar Store, and Walmart made a lot of money off of me while purchasing tight storage container. I pulled my stove and refrigerator out, and cleaned the rest of the cupboards without food. But this problem goes on and on. I have washed behind most of the pictures with bleach. We have vacuumed where the ceiling and wall meets, finding the larva as we went. A few hanging from the ceiling. I try to keep one of the bedrooms closed as we have only caught 2 in the trap. My worst trap for the moths seem to be in a part of the kitchen that I have already cleaned. I’m going to clean behind the microwave again as it is near this area. We will try the idea for the bug zapper for when we see them flying. Will look to see if we have that kind of shelves. Don’t know what else to do! I can’t do much since my surgery. Fortunately, my husband has been helping me. They are adding to my stress from my surgery big time!

  89. Thanks for all the ideas. I noticed a couple of little moths. I thought food and cleaned out my kitchen. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Then I had company for a week and didn’t get anything else done. After they left I googled and found out they were Indian Meal Moths and it said ‘Birdseed” and I said “OMG”. I know better but had a bag of birdseed in there that I had forgotten about. It was infested. There were about 12 on the ceiling of the closet. So far I have cleaned everything out of the closet and ripped out the shelves and bleached all surfaces. As I was going thru the things in the closet I found little white fuzzies on many things. For example I have spot bot carpet cleaner and there was a fuzzy spot far up in one of the tubes.

    If I hadn’t read all of these horrible experiences I don’t think I would have been as radical. I’m throwing out so much. Everything I hope to save I’ve washed in soap and water or wiped with bleach. They are in bags and I’m checking them every day. Any sign of infestation and the bag is being pitched.

    They really seem to like cardboard so tonight I’m putting one shelf back in that closet and putting a small cardboard box on it as bait. I have the traps in there and a fly strip. I’m thinking it will be months before I dare put anything back in there. Anything I’m missing???

  90. This is equal parts helpful and discouraging. But, I am really grateful to all who have posted. If I have anything new to add when I’m done, I’ll return and share. I’m early stages–went from 1-2 moths or larvae every few days a couple weeks ago to 10 moths a day the last few days. I have to get a jump on this. I can’t find where they are. They came in with some infested Greenies dog treats, but I got rid of those without realizing the few moths that flew out were going to infest my whole house. ick.

  91. Thanks for the idea of the zapper. We are getting about 6-8 a day and evening live with the zapper. My husband is getting pleasure out of zapping them. We also have about ten in each trap; we have 4 going. They seemed to be getting a little better but I guess the larvae must be hatching now. A friend said that once the food is gone, which it is, they will go when they have nothing to eat. But I am doubting this. Why are they in rooms that there is no food? We also heard that the eggs and larva get into house plants and dirt. Any one heard about that? WE just got a new range hood as I thought that they might be getting in the open part. We have found a few drowning in grease that has been spilt. I guess we are going to have to hire a friend to help us since I am still recuperating from my heart surgery. I have bird food in the garage and am going out tomorrow to look at it. Maybe it is coming through the cracks in the wall!!!

  92. I too have been dealing with these demons and it doesn’t help that I have had depression really bad, which has left the house a mess. However, I am finally making some progress. The actual larvae seem indestructable to me, other than to squash them or get them out of the house or flush them down the toilet. Reading all these posts at least lets me know I am not alone in this battle. I appreciate all the good ideas, some of which I have already been doing. I have had pretty good luck with the little tent sticky traps and what I do is line up the plain sticky trap for house flies and windows right at the boarders of the tent trap and it catches a lot of these males as they flutter in and near the tent, catching as many as the tent because they are so busy trying to do some mating dance from the phermones in the tent. I am determined to wipe these things out, but realize all books, papers and furniture also have to be checked over so carefully and vacuumed really well. Trying to find the eggs is difficult unless it is right in a cluster. I don’t know if the eggs can be seen with the naked eye, but it seems unlikely. At this point, I have even opened the windows and turned the heat off to slow them down so I can hopefully keep them from changing into their adult form a little while longer; we are still having pretty cold nights. I have seen these larvae survive things that one would not think they could. Some were still alive despite soaking in pure vinegar and a little windex. I too am interested in the tiny wasps and wonder if anyone else has tried them with any success? Good luck to everyone and just keep at it the best you can. But you do have to check everywhere. I have boxes and boxes of papers which are going out to the dumpster quite soon. Unfortunately, I do have some stacks I am going to have to go thru to see if they can be salvaged, but it has me thinking that if the papers are important enough to keep, they should now be scanned into the copy machine as a pdf and then disposed of to keep the paper products to a minimum and not have to go thru so much stuff if this problem has the potential to continue for another summer. The adult female can lay so many eggs on her first day of being if she hooks up with a male. The males really are drawn to the traps, but I can’t believe I will catch everyone of them before they might mate. Best wishes again to everyone struggling with these dang pests.

  93. We just did a remodel in our kitchen and I had been seeing these moths before we tore out old kitchen. When the cabinets against the ceiling were taken down to could see thousands of dead ones that had nested between the ceiling and the molding all the way around. We now have a new kitchen and new drywall put on ceiling and all new cabinets and still see these flying around. I haven’t found and in my products so I don’t know where they are coming from our what to do next. Ideas???

  94. We had them from bird food. I Threw it out and washed the cage with vinegar and water and vacuum it out real good.. Looked all over the ceiling and squish the moths and cocoons. They are all gone now.

  95. I have found little white worms and there skins in some unopened food boxes like mac and cheese, oat meal pancake mix, stuffing, instant mash potatoes, pudding. But I have not seen any moths flying around could this be the same thing? I have found white worms in the boxes and they have eating hole in the inside bags.

  96. These things are hell! I’ve had them in my house on and off for about 4 months now. Each time I’ve spotted them I’ve taken out everything from my house and thoroughly cleaned everything!!! I’m still getting them. They’re creepy I have a phobia of them to the point where I have been staying at a friends house for a week now. And I’ve gotten a guy to come spray the house. Nothing is working!!!! And I am clean always, trash is out I haven’t even bought more good for the cupboards cause I keep having to throw it out a month later. Even going back after a week I found more and cleaned again. My house is up for lease in 2 months and that’s it I’m out. I have no choice.

  97. I did much of what the rest of you have done. However, I also cover all cover able drains, and frequently dump borax into them…just to be safe. The drains that are not cover able I sprayed with Raid flying insect spray.

    I also was vigilant, it seemed one or two moths came out every night sometimes as late as 2 or 3 in the morning. I also caught them mating late at night.

    I used an eye dropper and doused each hole for the shelves support in the cabinets with chlorox bleach cleaner in the bright green bottle.

    Borax is supposed to have insecticidal qualities.

    Take caution for pets and children with the raid.

    Still hoping and praying for resolution. It’s only been 4 days since the last sighting.

    Hope all are successful.

  98. I had a well stocked vegetarian pantry & threw it all away. I didn’t want to risk eating dead critters. So freezing my food was not a plan. I tried it all. Bay leaves, spearmint gum, washing everything down with bleach and replacing shelf paper. And I vacuumed. I never did discover what I brought them home in. I even had those moths in my bathroom. Where I know I do not store grain! I now store everything in glass containers. Pet food in air tight storage bins. I even put out the little traps. Have I missed anything? It was an expensive lesson.

    • Ouida,
      Sounds like you’re doing everything right. You might try the pheromone traps to catch any that are left, they worked for me. Mine came in through a bag of bird seed I bought at WalMart. I still see the moths flying around the bird seed sometimes when I go in a store.

  99. I have been wondering why ive had a lot of Brown moths in my house the past week I happened to spot one crawling into my electric meter cupboard so when I opened it there was loads I quickly sprayed it shut it and have now sealed gaps with duck tape this is obviously temporary as I dont want them carrying on breading but I dont no the safest way to exterminate them and the lava that may be living under the cupboard as there is a gap in the floorboards was gonna try a moth bomb dont no if thats safe next to the wires and meter or even if it will tackle what could be thousands underneath can anyone help please

  100. Mine came from an old bag of cornmeal. I opened it up and there were hundreds. I threw it out and all the other dry goods and thought that was it, but they kept coming, and I was killing 5-6 a day. So I scrubbed all the food cupboards. But they kept coming. So I laid the traps and in a few weeks, the traps were all full, even the one in my bedroom. But they kept coming, though a little less now. I finally had Terminex come out and spray and we laid more traps. I did not see any for a few days, but now I maybe kill about 3-4 few a week. Today, after reading this blog, I went back into the food cupboards with a toothpick and a flashlight and dug out every nook and cranny. There they were, in those peg holes! Even in the cupboards that Terminex just sprayed, I pulled out about 6-8 that were ready to hatch. So, I scrubbed every nook and cranny, bleached, sprayed again, and bought more traps. All dry goods are in the fridge now.


  101. about 6 months ago I did an entire kitchen clean up after finding some moths in cereal……yuck! hadn’t seen any and now, bam….I knew that you had to be vigilant for up to 300 days …so now I start over for another 300+…so frustrated!!! use the traps….they do help but seriously how do you get rid of them FOR GOOD? do I have to keep all food in the fridge for the next 300+ days? baggies do nothing to keep them out…only glass or super thick plastic containers help….but who can afford all this??? I will be broke and still have these &^%$#(*##@ things!

  102. i have larvae crawling on my kitchen floor. Only happens in the summer. I call Orkin last summer and got a contract with them but now the larvae are back. I don’t see any in my cabinets, only on the floor in the eating area. I clean very thoroughly and mop my floors. I don’t see where they are coming from. Can you give me some suggestions. I am however cleaning cabinets also, but have never seen them in there. Thanks

  103. Ever since my deep clean I have not seen any in the kitchen for about a month now. But I just came back from a weeklong trip and there were four in my trap in the upstairs bedroom. I don’t know why they’re up there. The trap in the kitchen is completely empty. Tomorrow I’m going to go through the entire upstairs with a flashlight, a toothpick, and some spray, and see if I can’t find out where they’re hiding upstairs.

  104. For about 4 days I’ve noticed these small, white rice grain sized worms or lava (I’m not sure what to call them) appearing on my kitchen floor and in a bathroom as well (on the floor). What could they be, where do they come from and how do I get rid of them? I keep my home impeccably clean and to see these worms appearing is most disscusting. Please HELP!

  105. I’m a RN assistant …,I was helping a client get something from a cabinet and I jumped back and was like there’s maggots in ur cupboard….. We start pulling stuff out and these little silver moths come flying out at me …yuck yuck iv cleaned with bleach and threw everything in her cupboard out ….where do u get the sticky traps . haven’t seen any more bit would rather be on safe side

  106. I’ve been battling these pantry moths for years, because we have birds. In the pantry, I use a combination of vigilant cleaning/inspecting and cedar blocks. Purchase the cedar blocks, put them in a plastic container with no top, and periodically spray them with red cedar oil (the kind from Texas works best for me). Order it on the internet. Moths are repelled by cedar. Keep ALL rice and grain products in large canning jars. These are the only airtight containers that have really worked for me. These moths can even get past the seals on OXO and Tupperware, don’t ask me how. Bird seed is stored in the freezer. Have a knit mitten ready to grab them midair when you see one (eliminates the yuck factor). Use the BioCare moth traps, as those are the only ones that seem to work. I buy them cheaper at Amazon. Raid foggers work in the garage, but I can’t use them in the house because of pets. Vigilance works.

  107. Two of the posters on this site reported stomach trouble after being infested with pantry moths. How did they cure this problem, and did they see a doctor?

  108. I’ve had these moths for about 5 years! First found them in our family room in a box of chocolates from Germany! They had been sitting there for almost a year, I never opened them! When the moths started flying around I finally opened the box to find truffles eaten and all the rest! At that time we found them above the box, in the pegs of a bookshelf and in most of our CD movie collection! It was unreal! We still have outbreaks a few times a year. I use the pheromone trap, but still have repeated breakouts! Our fireplace is next to the shelves, I’ve often wondered if they are in there! I have tryed making fires, when we start seeing them again and I’ve fumigated the flue with a bug bomb! Why do the keep coming, we have found none in the kitchen or pantry, can’t find a food source anymore,what can they be feeding on! Help!

  109. Hi, I’ve learned quite a bit here. But most of the solutions here can’t be used in our apt. We too got ours from bird seed. And years later here we are, still infested, but not surprised. We can’t use most of the solutions here, we have pets. I can’t clean, I’m disabled, and hubby would NEVER clean nearly enough. Like a few people here. I have them on the floor or on furniture, and I’ve never seen any on the ceiling or walls. Does this mean I don’t have pantry moths, but some other kind? Just recently we’ve had the moths, the cats love chasing them. Will they harm the cats? And lavender oil seems to help. Thanks. Maybe someone can help with my other questions?

  110. We too have had multiple episodes with these mothe and have done everything listed in posts. But I do know we have very good success with the little tent like traps we get from Home Depot. We put them out and soon they are FULL of moths. Of course we’ve thrown out a lot of dry goods. One thing we found was unopened container off oats that these pests had bored aa tiny hole in side and when husband opened it to check, it was just full of larvae but more moths that started to fly out. Of course he quickly closed and bagged up tightly before throwing out. Couldn’t imagine how they knew to bore into the container. Gross. We started putting dry goods in freezer. Eventually they were back and right now I have one that visits me at night when I am on Tablet and it comes and Flys around the light from tablet. Have tried to kill but he is faster than me and gets away. Another thing I have found is they occasionally fly around clothes in closet. I read they would eat into clothes. I can’t afford to throw out and replace clothes either. I was told to put bars of IVORY soap around, even in pantry and that would rid them. Nope!! So like everyone else I am left with mega frustration. I will continue with the traps though since that seems to work best. Good luck to everyone.

  111. Have you found them to eat into clothes and what else do you suggest for this? My clothes are always hung up clean and I do use a lavender smell softener in rinse cycle as well as dryer sheets. So they always smell fresh.

    One other thing is potatoes and apples in pantry. Potatoes aren’t suppose to be kept in fridge since they tun to nothing but starch. I find moths going after them big time. Where do we keep them?

  112. Hi,
    we have recently moved into our new home here in Dallas. We moved in May and this Aug and i am seeing these moths in pantry… i still dont know where they came from. As i said we recently moved to a newly constructed home. I dont understand why i am seeing these over here in the new home. I dont have pets and kids. should i throw all the dry items?

  113. wasps are for outside larvae, they are for leaf eating larvae..not pantry moths. they don’t work either don’t waste your money.

  114. .Read every comment…now tell us like it is. What works..The torro and the tent tapes, got that. What storage containers. Some say glass jar, then say no, for they have screw on lids. Are canning jars any different? Snap on tupper ware seems is a NO,No. Please name brands., if you are allowed to endorse the products that we all need. I too, am sick at heart, bit into a chocolate,…need I say more. Enough to make me swear off them. HELP,…really Help. We need solutions !!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the education, hate knowing I am not alone, but misery does like company, and realizing that as clean as I like things, this problem seems to invent itself. Been here over 30 years, and now have joined you other nice folks. They are flying into my bedroom and my art studio, will moth balls do any good. I have pets also. We all need your help.

  115. I have an infestation I’m trying to get rid of now. I had to throw away everything in my cupboard except a few canned items. They were even in unopened alcohol bottles. I would recommend throwing everything away if you can. They were really in everything. Sealed, unopened, airtight packaging means nothing. They still get in. So gross. I cleaned & vacuumed the entire cupboard & everything in the cupboard. Yet, I still find more moths every time I open it. Every. Single. Time.

    I have a toddler & 3 dogs so I don’t want to leave chemicals down (like bug spray/traps), but I’m at a loss. Personally, I’m putting everything in the refrigerator until the moths are gone. I can’t find anything else that works.

    I’m going to buy one of the tennis racket bug zappers mentioned by others. I’m hoping persistence pays off & I don’t need to pay an exterminator. More than 10 houses in my neighborhood have been tented for either these or black/brown widows.

  116. My grandma and I got a chuckle reading all these posts as we too are living some kind of sick medeival fight with these nasty evasive pests. Our battle runs its course daily and nightly. I’ve ripped apart cupboards (food as well as dish cupboards) tossing boxes, bags, Ziploc baggies, saran wrap, tin foil, sauces, spices, cereals you name it, anything that have signs of coccoons, moths, larvae or eggs. I’ve washed all shelves and jars and containers and even vacuumed cracks all to wake up to more flying nightmares days later. We thankfully don’t have peg shelves. My grandma’s convinced theyre coming in from outside yet I’ve never seen even one flying outside. They taunt me by flying in my face and then somehow vanish into some other area of the room as the light reflects off their wings as i swat mid air. Occasionally I do catch one and feel excited and proud like the karate kid when he caught the fly with chopsticks.LOL. I have taken pleasure in zapping them with my tennis racket bug zapper. It satisfies me to a great degree knowing the ones I do get suffer a painful death. They get into EVERYTHING!!! They especially love cereal, bakers chocolate, whole grain pastas, and believe it or not cayenne pepper and paprika. Cayenne was by far the worst infested in our household. They chew through anything that’s not glass, metal or hard thick plastic so kiss any thoughts of food being safe in ziplocks. They love crawling under lids along the threads so you gotta undo ALL lids and clean. They were nesting in toothpick boxes, and YES!!! ALL GLUED FLAPS OF BOXES AND FOLDS OF BAGS. Took me all night to do out one cupboard. Our ceiling looks like a polkadotted grey paint job since these things have silky grey powdered kinda wings and our ceilings are stucco. I’ve spent hours squashing them running around with paper towel climbing chairs only to be disappointed following morning when I look up and its like it was all a dream. Twice as many staring me in the face. We’ve put most food in fridge or in pails with those strong sealed lids but somehow they seem to still come outta the woodwork. Two daddy longlegged spiders have taken up residence above the top shelf of cupboard we originally found them in and we’ve left them to assist with our efforts but so far it’s still a loosing battle. We have almost given up hopes of ever being rid of these. Our hopes keep getting dashed. Aside from tossing all food and just eating out I’m outta solutions. We have pets so sprays are not an option. Sticky tapes and traps only catch the ones we see but somewhere else in the house more are being born and sooner or later show their face but so far nothing more found in the food. Thank god. They apparently love fererro rochet as well lol. I wish u all good luck. We throw in the white towel. MERCY!!!!!

  117. My kitchen has still been free of moths for months now since my deep clean and keeping all dry goods in the fridge. However, I’m still getting them upstairs. I finally did a test. I sealed off all the outlets, vents, and doors and placed a moth trap in every room upstairs. I then went away for the weekend. The bedroom traps were all clean, but the guest bedroom was swarming with moths and the trap caught about ten of them. I have no idea how they got in there. It’s a small room, just a few square feet. I could not find a source, or even a single pupae or cocoon. Suffice it to say, I think this means they are in the walls or vents. I was told you’re always going to have stragglers for the next few months once you remove the food source because the remaining larvae will still go through their life cycle. I’m hoping that is what I’m dealing with. All dry goods will remain in the fridge for the time being. Fingers crossed.

  118. Here is what was recommended to me several years ago, and I haven’t have a problem since.

    Clean everything out of your pantry and cabinets. Throw away everything that looks like it needs to be gone. Scrub done completely with straight bleach. Please wear gloves for this. And use the bleach generously.

    Now, when you go shopping to replace your food; rice, flour, pasta, place in freezer for at least 3 days. That is supposed to kill the eggs. Take out of freeze and leave out of pantry and cabinets until the food reaches room temp, Now you can place your items in the cabinets.

    I’ve never had any more problems.

  119. Here is something else that might help with getting rid of these bugs…they do NOT like cold, and they tend to get into our houses during the summer. After you clean everything out of your cabinets and wipe them down, turn your air way up (as in, make it cooler in your house) for a couple days. I turned the air to 65, which makes your house a less comfortable place for these little guys. I don’t know if I should have, but I also used some flying big spray in my cabinets. It killed the moths and I’m hoping that it won’t hurt anything…

  120. Do moths sleep during the day?? I usually see them only at night. Also We used to get them from our birdseed. But we got rid of it. I know that wouldn’t get rid of moths by itself. But I didn’t have all info I do now. But now we have downstairs neighbors that have a lot of birdseed. So we have of larva on our floors now. Again we have cats any help?

  121. Diatamaceous earth might work. But get the food grade kind. It will also kill fleas, ticks, carpet beetles. It kills naturally by cutting into their exoskeleton as they craw across it. But it will not hurt you or your kids or pets. You can even sprinkle it on your dog. I heard it kills ants also. Google it to get all the usages.

  122. well— question answered….. time to start throwing out old food an check out the year old top ramen in the lower corner of dog food pantry….gonna check the dog food also…. but most moths have been in the spice pantry…. thats my 2nd stop– 3rd stop terrex traps an bay leaves…. then clean– clean– clean with some bleach prduct– even in the shelf holes…ps- im a single guy — so cleaning out cupboards is the first for me (unless im moving)— lol— so what comes first ? the moth or the larvae? (7 today)

    thanks for all the great tips– will keep you posted :/

  123. ok– update from above— it was 1 of 3 items in the dog pantry, an old box of cereal, a old case of top ramen, or the old milk bones.
    i went through the dry food cabinet, the spice cabinet and the dog pantry throwing old items in the kitchen trash can. i then had to go down the hill to get my house trash can. by the time i got back inside..(like 5 mins max) i had larvae crawling around in the kitchen trash can. have not seen any larvae today :). Found the source.
    next clean the shelf holes and do a good mr clean and it’s a perfect weather weekend for some surfing too :/

  124. My husband just eats the infested food either uncooked (cereal) or cooked (oatmeal). He has an iron stomach and doesn’t seemed to bothered by them, but I am completely grossed out. Can they do any harm to you if you eat them, larvae and all? He doesn’t want me to throw away all the infested food.

  125. I tried everything. They came in Oatmeal from Bruno’s. I have cleaned out the pantry several times, and thrown away more food than you can imagine, and bought plastic containers (some they got in) and put everything I could in them. The ONLY SOLUTION has been- I grease down the top of the cabinet with Oil-any kind will do-old bacon grease, Olive oil. Each morning I wake to 10 to 15 of them plus the worms- a few. I clean these up with paper towels, and every few days re-do the counters. I had no idea that many were around. I have been working to eradicate them three years now. Tried all the spray etc.

  126. I have a question about those bug/tennis rackets. When you turn them off do they stay off? My hubby has a concern that I just may lay it down on the bed, and even though it’s off that the bed might catch fire.

  127. One thing to remember about these moths is that they can lay eggs ANYWHERE. In the rim of cans and under the caps of bottles. In the folds of cardboard cereal boxes and pasta boxes. Under the rims of supposedly air tight containers, in the edge of where your shelf hits the wall. Even inside cardboard boxes when you haven’t broken the seal. You have to do every inch to find them all. Open every container. They got inside a tightly closed jar of peanut butter. In the folded parts of juice boxes. Don’t assume that if it’s a can or a hard glass jar, they are clean of these pests. That’s how my mild infestation turned alarming.

  128. I noticed a moth appearing, maybe once a week a couple of months ago, and thought yeah, they’re in my birdseed in the garage. Started gradually noticing more moths in the house — I often leave the door open between the house and the garage. Today it wasn’t just one or two, it was maybe 10, 15, 20 that I killed with the flyswatter, then started Googling to see what a good natural remedy would be and found this page.

    Skimmed through the comments and read many of them. Hmm…let’s go take a closer look in the garage.

    Yeah, I could count about 20 on the walls and ceiling of the garage, just walking out there and looking around. I’d already stored the birdseed container *inside* the metal trash can with the lid secure — how could they be getting out?

    Further exploration showed that they were around the dog food container with the screw-on lid, next to the metal trash can. They were also in the crease around the top of the metal trash can lid.

    Let’s check out the step stool stored next to the trash can in the garage…no sign of little worms or webs there.

    How about the propane camping “firepit” that I’ve never used, still zipped inside its plastic-canvas cloth container? I opened that up and YIKES…they were all over the inside, comfortably nestled in the seams, inside and out. I went and made a spray bottle of straight bleach and took that outside and sprayed it good.

    Okay…that’s done…what else? The cordless drill in its little black carrying case stood next to that…and sure enough, there were little worms and webs all around the inside of that too. Just for fun I took the battery out of the drill and there was even one inside there! Just about ready to hatch. Oh My.

    I checked my bike, not completely thoroughly, but didn’t see much; checked my old-fashioned no-engine mower, and didn’t see anything inside there, but then I’m not going to tear it apart to have a closer look.

    I have Clorox hands. And my next stop will be the hardware store for some of those Terro moth things.

    Thanks to everyone for writing. Very helpful. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to go on a larva hunt today until reading this page. I already knew about bay leaves; didn’t know about the Clorox or the Terro strips.

    What I noticed today was the larva infestation didn’t travel very far away from the original outbreak. Most of them were located within 2-3 feet of where I’d left the birdseed sit with its lid ajar for the past nine months. (Silly me. I know better.)

  129. I have a weird problem. I’ve found 3 of these moths and 4 larvae in my office in the last 3 days. The moths fly towards my computer screen, and the larvae are always in the same exact spot on the ceiling. I’ve cleaned and checked the entire room… there’s not really any furniture or decor in here, so there’s nowhere for them to hide. I can’t quite figure out what it is about the spot on the ceiling… I’ve checked the surrounding area, including the lamp nearby, scrubbed it down with soapy water, and I don’t see anything. The larvae are quite large, too, like the length of two rice grains. I’ve obviously checked my kitchen thoroughly as well, and did not find a single specimen. My ceiling in the office has wallpaper. Is it possible hat they’re nesting underneath? Also, I’m nocturnal and the light in my office is the only one on for quite some distance. I tend to get random buggers in patterns throughout the years, who crawl through cracks in my AC unit that I’ve tried so hard to seal. Although I don’t want to chalk it down to this, since I’ve found larvae. I KNOW the infestation will get worse but where is the source?!

  130. Well I also started seeing the little moths flying around..maybe one or 2 in my granddaughter an I even named them..well then they started multiplying..first one or 6 or 10 per room..we have 3 my Mom old school says get moth balls for the I got boxes..opened them up..set them in all the bedrooms..still they were I went an got my hand cdust buster..I went from room to room..sucking up those little buggers like crazy..It took about a week..but the upstairs bedrooms an bathroom are moth free..I also sprayed bug spray on the window that was all down on the main floor..I got the dust buster sucked every one I could find..again about a weeks time..most of them gone except one area..where we had a box that we stored our winter boots..I pulled the box this is in found inside of the fur of the boots..larve..eggs..stuck to the lining..hundreds of them..turned boots more eggs were stuck along the treads of the boots..I started pulling out more an more boots..even the rubber rain boots..those eggs were down right disgusting..I had to throw most of them away..the boots were a breeding who looks at boots in August..well me now..I did manage to keep my had eggs under the bottom treads..the other one was good. So now Along with the cereal..rice…pancake mix..grains in plastic bags now our winter my dustbuster is a lifesaver..moths..little worms..bugs..etc..I suck them up..empty the bag outside..wrap that in a plastic put my little mini hand vac back on the charger..well thats how we handle the little buggers..bottom line is..not only in food..check every thing..flip things invest in a dustbuster….

    • I think the “tennis racket” electrical zappers are more efficient, more humane, and less worries they will leave anything behind (i.e. eggs in the interior of your dust buster/vacuum cleaner for example, or actually surviving the vacuuming).

      I used to vacuum them up too, but I think the electricity knocks them out immediately and I don’t find myself worrying that anything will survive. The electricity dries EVERYTHING on their beings.

      On the topic of humaneness, btw, even though I am obviously aware of the fact that moths aren’t on the same advanced level as sheep, you should take a moment of your time to look into videos of how sheep are treated for the wooI industry. It is beyond heinous. 🙁

      I encourage you to not buy anymore “Ugg boots,” or any products with wool in them. I didn’t learn about this industry until recently myself, so please don’t think I am judging you for not knowing any different!

      I would leave a link here to an example video which shows their typical treatment in the UK, for example, which should have a good standard for animal welfare (but doesn’t — we are all intentionally left in the dark about just how bad these welfare standards really are in the West for the livestock industry, unfortunately), but I doubt this website allows us to post links.

      Just do your homework — the info is easy to find if you know how to do proper research.

      These moths aren’t like sheep of course — they are literally PESTS when they take over our place. But I will feel like if there is a more efficient way to take care of pests that just happens to be more humane, why not use that technique?? Hopefully that makes sense! 🙂

      • Oops! Major typo, and they don’t let us edit our comments here…

        I wrote: “The electricity dries EVERYTHING on their beings.”

        I meant to write “FRIES everything in their beings.”

      • Thanks for sharing your experience with the Today’s Homeowner community!
        TH community members helping other TH community members — we love it. 🙂

  131. Hi have just found these little critters in my kitchen. I was beside myself I cleaned the kitchen to within and inch of its life with bleach etc. I found the cocoons and then the maggots on my ceiling. We get quite a few cockroaches in the area where we are and I sprayed the cupboards with the cockroach spray (probably not very healthy, but I thought if it can kill something that can survive a atomic bomb then it will kill these critters). Left it for a day, cleaned all cupboards with boiling water and bleach again twice and have not seen any since. It only took a couple of days to get rid of these most undesirable creatures, now everything is in sealable containers, I had never heard of them before but my neighbor said that they get into your kitchen pantry in packets of seeds, oats etc. all I can say is never leave anything open in a packet as you never know what’s lurking inside.

  132. I have had this problem for the past three summers…they get into everything… so much food wasted..even putting stuff in plastic containers doesn’t seem to always help..never in my life have I had this problem. Shouldn’t the food warehouse be more up to date on colder storage to prevent the transportation of these insects?

  133. Thank you – this sorted a few things for me. Every one of the shelf positioning holes in our cupboards was FULL of web, larvae and dust (which I presumed were eggs). Not only in the pantry cupboard but in all cupboards in that row. A massive job to clean out holes, disinfect with bleach and then I have to admit to spraying bug killer into each one. A final wipe down and – whew – done!

    The product called No-More-Weevils is a product that others have tried, once clean-up is over, with some success, so I tried to source it here in Australia. No luck, it is made in Hastings, New Zealand, and they do not do international delivery. So I will need to find someone in NZ to buy it for me and send it on to Australia for me. I will get some and I will try it – and I will let you all know if it works.
    Thanks again for your help.

  134. I scrubbed my pantry, threw out EVERYTHING! Painted and caulked! Woke up to more maggots!! WHAT CAN I DO?? PLEASE ADVISE! I’m going to move if I can’t get rid of them!!!

  135. I have just recently learned of diatameous earth(sp) food grade. I hear very good things about it. We are just moving into another place. And we don’t want to bring them here. Due to being ignorant, we might have already introduced them. Will the earth work?





  140. Like a lot of you I have gotten these critters too ! I threw away.everything n my pantry too about $400-500 worth of food stuff!! Cherrioes and pasta!! Oh yes even dried peppers for hot tamales!! Go figure! I had a plastic pantry cabinet, I took it outside & washed it with bleach & sprayed with raid n the blue can. It’s still outside! The cabinet was next to my entertainment center which has some shelving & yes you guessed it, the famous peg holes!! Lol!! Gotta keep your humor, right!! Anyway I cleaned out the holes sprayed with raid let it dry, then I sprayed the whole cabinet with Clorox, wiped it down with white vingar & peppermint oil n a spray bottle. Use full strength, let it dry & washed my China & before I put it back n cabinet (entertainment center ). I put bay leaves n each corner, front & back and each shelf, plus a moth ball n back of shelf, yes each one! Oh I forgot to mention, before I put every thing back in, I got a can of kilt stay & sprayed it n the holes! Then I washed & cleaned everything from picture frames, CDs, washed the ceiling & walls with warm Clorox water. I have the kitchen & den done. I also put out the tents, some were safer & black flag. They are doing well. I have to do the rest of the house. When I did the walls & ceilings, I did find maybe ten or so cocoons & the web! Some were hard to see, but I put moths balls behind refrig, entertainment center, etc. So far I may see one or two but I spray & they fall to the floor & I kill them & throw them in the garbage. But by doing all of this, I believe we will get rid of them! But you have to do a radical cleaning! I did put important papers in zip locks with a moth ball & bay leaf in it!!! Lol! Yes it sounds like I’m over doing, but I will also set off some de-foggers a half day. I hope this helps some of you.

  141. As a person fighting an infestation for over a year, I can tell you what will not work! Just about everything I’ve read on here in the comments. We have tried every kind of container that is supposed to be sealed when closed…they get in those, too! Once you get an infestation and have it for a while, you will find the larvae EVERYWHERE. I’ve found the larvae on plastic grocery bags, in clean rags that I haven’t used in a while. They put the eggs everywhere. On other sites that I have visited, they said that they can even eat through plastic zip lock bags and I have found that to be true also. I’m desperate. Will try the wasps. Someone said they did not know when to release the wasps. In my case, when the moths disappear, it’s probably because they have laid their eggs and they die, but the next generation are in the eggs. So when the moths disappear is when those of you trying the wasps should release them, that’s what I am going to try. The eggs are laid and waiting for them. (Note: On occasion I leave wine glasses on the counter to wash the next morning. Every time I do that when the moths are active, I find three or four floating in the wine. So those little fellows are winos, another good way to get rid of a few!)

  142. Well this is a follow up from the 9th ! What I said above. Seems to be working. I do vaccum & mop every day! This helps from spreading the dead webs & cocoons! Yes, I found dead ones n my truck! They were dead! Only larve & cocoons! No dead moths! The bay leaves do work & moth balls! Plus the vinegar peppermint mixture in the spray bottle also helps! But YOU MUST DO A VERY RADICAL CLEANING!! I have not found anything in the den or kitchen!

    I found a site that guy had lived in an old Victorian home in the north, & he said the bay leaves & moth balls work! He has had clothing moths along with pantry moths! So far it’s worked for us!

    I hope this helps! Yes, it’s a pain to clean ,& clean, but I was my walls with a mop with clorox! I do this every other day! They were also in my drapes & curtain rods & tassels! I checked everything including picture frames, everything!!! Leave NOTHING unturned!!

  143. These things are horrible! I keep finding those little larvae on my walls and ceiling in my kitchen. Just cleaned out cupboard and threw everything in there away. I didn’t want to chance any eggs remaining on items. Not good when on a very limited budget to have to throw sealed boxes of stuff away. I even threw away my salt and pepper shakers. Washed cupboard really good then sprayed it all with white vinegar. This seems to be a never ending project, if I need to do every cupboard in my kitchen including the walls, ceiling and floor. What a nightmare! I want to scream every time I see one of those worms, some of them are so tiny that you can barely even see them! I’ve only come across 2 moths and have set traps but not catching any moths, the larvae seem to be the problem and I guess eggs which is where they come from. I don’t know what the eggs look like because they are probably microscopic and undetectable. I’m hoping I caught it early enough to be rid of them.

  144. After first realizing what these little flutterers were, I cleaned out the pantry and found a suspect item or two. An old package of cornmeal and something else. Webbing inside the packages made me suspicious, but the main problem we’re having is in our upstairs master bedroom. The kitchen is mostly fine, other than an occasional ‘flyer.’ No worms really. Every day, a couple of times, I vacuum up larvae crawling on the ceiling or walls. There’s an occasional flyer as well, but the ‘worms’ are the main problem. They just seem to appear out of nowhere! I can’t figure if they are coming from eggs laid on the floor, or somewhere up above. Driving me nuts! It’s cooled off a bit so I’ve been leaving our bedroom window open, hoping to slow their life cycle.

  145. Not only are these little crappy critters in the foods, they are in the cardboard boxes! I found the food wasn’t compromised (but threw it anyway) but in between the folds of the cardboard box. yep, you wonder where these boxes have been stored along the way… Thanks for all the info to get rid of these pests!

  146. Well this is a follow up from my other two posts . We were gone 2 weekends ago & set off the de-foggers, turned off the ac & over head fans. Came home & at first I thought nothing had happened, But I vaccumed & found dead cocoons & larvae, so I was encouraged. Then checked the tents, & wow there were a lot in them, as many as 15 or more & that really excited me. Well I will say this I still see one or 2 flying around!! I do not know where they are coming from, but I am still using the bays leaves & moth balls, plus the white vinegar & mint mixture. I will say this, I have another cabinet that has those famous “peg holes” I sprayed the holes with kilts, used the vinegar mixture, put bay leaves in shelves & drawers & so far they have stayed away! But in the entertainment center I am caulking the holes with silicone. The tents are working, but I have taken everything out of boxes (fabric, winter clothes, blankets, etc.) and put in clear plastic containers. I washed them out with soap & water, dried them then sprayed & dried them with the white vinegar mixture, then put bay leaves & a moth ball in each one. I still have my sewing room, my laundry room, front bedroom to do! I still vaccumed twice a day & mop with the vinegar water mixture. I hope this helps! Yes, I am about to go crazy ? lol! But humor is very important! I hope all of u get rid of these suckers!!

  147. We had a lot of improvement by tossing, sealing, washing ALMOST all the shelves, and setting up pheromone traps, but have still seen a couple of moths and one larval form (bought or born here?) Please note that the instructions for my pheromone traps say to preferably use just one at a time and leave them be, because if you use more or move them a lot the male moths may get confused and not know which way to fly.

  148. We, too, unwittingly invited an infestation into our pantry in a bag of birdseed. We are now going scorched earth on our pantry like crazy people, throwing everything away. It’s disgusting to see everything dusted with tiny white eggs. We did find one bag of rice hosting a lot of the larvae, so hopefully this will do the trick. Everything’s getting a wipe down.

  149. Just discovered moths & larvae in my pantry for the first time. I threw everything away- didn’t even look to see if it was infested. Cleaned shelves & left empty. It’s been a couple days & have not seen anymore, but don’t want to put anything in there till I know how to prevent them from getting in the packages. Would zip lock bags work?

  150. This is funny to read people’s attack mode! I have like 20 wprmy like maggots on my ceiling it is so GROSS! I take a butter knife and chop em’ like I’m a ninja. Fyi, I don’t even buy food very oftenfor my home and have them and have for almost two years.

  151. I don’t know how to say this exactly AND I don’t want to jinx myself AT all! But my Mom, passed away, that’s just part of the story, and I have been in her house since before hand. And I really really hope and pray that that they don’t follow us here. My husband is bringing things down here slowly. But he got rid of all the birdseed that they came from. And got several moth traps and replaced the until they’re not showing any more. So we’re hoping for the best.

  152. I noticed a lot of little moths on my walls and flying around the house. I accidentally left a Tupperware bowl with Fabuloso half water on the counter after mopping and woke up to the bowl full of moths. I started leaving them in all the rooms overnight and would find several in the bowls. I also had to clean out my food cabinet because I found expired cake mix that moved when I opened it. It’s working for me?:)

  153. I thought that I had rid myself when I threw everything out in the cupboard that had heath cooking candy bits. Sugar right? Well it also has nuts. That is why a bunch of webs were in it. So later I had one moth flying around about every other day. I knew something was wrong. I kept looking everyday and found finally a worm on my cabinet ledge. Went into panic mode, but discovered they were in a bag of popcorn (webs). I freeze everything when I buy it for three or more days so I knew that it not that out of control. Threw away popcorn and threw everything. Anything I am not throwing away will go into freezer for a week. This should kill any living anything. There are a few cocoons in the cupboard so wash well and vacuum, some corners may be hard to get with a rag. But I want some kind of pesticide to put in the corners like maybe raid with a Q-tip. Just rub on. This is enough to make me loose weight.(Stop eating carbs) Good Luck everyone!

  154. I came home from the cottage after the summer away and there were hundreds of these moths flying around. I Asked my roommate if he didn’t notice??? Of course not!! Men sometimes have their head elsewhere
    It took me a complete year to get rid of these little buggers.
    I bombed my kitchen and spare room where I had cabinets and washed everything down. These little devils still appeared. I Repeated the latter process 4 weeks later because they were still appearing.
    After the second bombing and thorough cleaning I still had one or two these danged critters appearing every two to three days. I Decided to just kill them as they appeared and to just make sure the numbers didn’t increase. This went on for about 6 months and as of today we haven’t seen any for at least 8 months. Just make sure you kill them before they have a chance to breed and lay more eggs.
    What a pain in the butt these little guys were. At least if there is a next time, I’ll know what to do right away.

  155. Yuck, these came in with a bag of birdseed from walmart. i dumped the whole bag in the yard and thought all is well. nope, moths are everywhere in the kitchen. saw webs in the pantry. threw out all cereal and flour and cookies. i’ve seen worms fall from the ceiling, so i’m making a bleach solution in my spray bottle to zap those cracks in the ceiling and walls. going now to buy some fly strips. wish me luck!

  156. Hello,
    I have found bugs that infested my vacuum cleaner…they look like little mággets/larvae’s. I do not know how to get rid of them. I have cleaned the vacuum cleaner by replacing the bag inside. But when I shake the vacuum, the larvae’s come out. Sometimes I see them on my floors, but only one or two and only occasionally. I keep my please very clean. I’ve got mostly hardwood floors and tiles, but my bedroom has a carpet. I am getting paranoid of not getting them into my carpet (I found a couple of them on the carpet) Please help me to get them out of my place. If you can suggest some natural way to get rid of them for good that would be wonderful. if not, then I am willing to use chemicals. thank you.

  157. Well, I see that are not alone. We also bought a bag of trail mix from a nut store in Vancouver. The little devils hatched out in our pantry as well. we cleaned everything out of the cupboard. Inspected all packages. Washed everything down and 2 weeks later we are bug free. Touch wood. ?


  158. I had moths in my old kitchen and was hoping the problem would be gone after the remodel. They were gone for a while but they’re back, along with some wimpy-looking spiders. They seem to have some sort of circle-of-life thing going on in my pantry. I threw out a lot of baking supplies and cleaned with white vinegar. I also cleaned all the peg holes with vinegar on a Q-tip and then covered the holes with painters tape. I clearly need better storage containers, too.

  159. I just finished emptying out my pantry that was infested by these moths. I mixed bleach and water in a spray bottle and sprayed the whole closet down. I saw some larvae, but not as many as I thought I would. I had read that I should not ignore the little holes that are on the sides of adjustable shelving, so I made sure I sprayed those as well. After a few hours of drying time, I took a wooden kabob skewer and began to poke around inside those holes. OMG That’s where they were! and even after spraying them with BLEACH, they were still wiggling!!! So this process took me all day, but I was not about to stop until I had done everything I could do. I killed 3 moths this morning inside pantry and of course I’m freaking out. SO, Now I just wait and see if those are left overs or if I need to call the professionals. I will tell you that my problem started with a bag of those very cheap ramen noodles. When I lifted it off the shelf, the “unopened” bag was completely depleted of it’s contents! I will never buy those again, ALL processed food will get a second thought!

  160. I am cautiously claiming success. You have to be patient. I did the whole deep clean, finding them in peg holes, etc. I threw out anything that looked infested. Everything else was stored in the fridge or freezer. Period. No exceptions. Don’t get discouraged because once you remove the food source, you still have to outlive the nest, which could take up to 6 months. If you leave a food source around during that time, there is going to be another infestation and you’re back to square one. I made sure there was not a single food source anywhere in the house that was not stored in the fridge or freezer. It’s easier being single and not having to store food to cook for an entire family. I had stragglers for about six months, but I can safely say I have not seen a single moth (not even in the traps) since November. I even started leaving food out again. I think it might be over.

  161. I’m currently having this problem with these little disgusting things. Been in the same place for over 10 years and have had finches almost all that time and never had the problem until several months back. I remember seeing a moth or two and I never even bothered to kill them because I never thought much of it. But then started seeing more of them -although not exactly an invasion- and that’s when I started killing them. I could not understand where the hell they were coming from all of a sudden. Then one day I see these little worms climbing up my wall and I freaked out -not knowing what they were- and then looked up near where the ceiling meets the wall and I see a bunch of what looked like cocoons and then it clicked in my head that these must be moth larvae. Now I know for sure the source was a bag of bird seeds that I’d bought. These little disgusting things will infest the seed cups and lay their eggs in them (seeds are clumped up together because of the web-like material these things make). Freezing the seed bag was the first thing I did and I’m sure any eggs in the bags must have been destroyed but I know there were eggs elsewhere because I still kill a few of the moths every day. I don’t think I have any in the pantry. I keep a spray bottle full of dish soap and water mix and I spray any moth I see and it’s dead within seconds.
    If I continue to see them I might have to get that pheromone bait. And from now on, I’ll freeze any bird seeds I buy before I open the bag. This is disgusting and annoying.

  162. The Unit below mine and my bathroom has had a sudden infestation of little ‘maggots’ – I think they are the larvae of the brown moth fly – and look very similar to pantry moth larvae – we have had very weird weather and they seem to be comming up in the drain.My downstairs neigbour got a pest control person in to kill them and she calls them maggots – but are they truly maggots or some subspecies? She is consumed with the concept something is dead in the roof space but that is not possible in our building and they are coming from the drain in the bathroom – Like pantry moth larvae they respond the same if I spray lavender or eucalyptus – it seems to bring them more active and visible. I have read the comments about certain flies laying eggs in drains -and to flush the drain with Borax but only problem seems to be access only via the mains of the cold water that feeds each unit on one side. I have tried sprays and that only seems to flush them out – and into my bathroom – so – what can I use to spray to repel given I cannot actually access the very old plumbing of the building? HELP PLEASE!!

  163. Battling this for the last three months. I have wiped the pantry down with bleach many times and thrown everything out except canned food. I clean the cans with soap and water. Also threw out all my spices. I do not have any pegs, but there are some cracks in the wood shelves. After spraying it down again, I am going to paint the pantry shelves with trim paint and an eggshell finish on the walls. I think this might help and it needs to be done anyways. Good luck to all.

  164. The moth is not your problem. It’s the larva/eggs. Nearly EVERYTHING that wasn’t in a can or air tight jar in my pantry was infested. They are in the cardboard boxes of even non-food items. They are underneath the bottoms of shelves. They are hiding in the rim of the lids on glass jars. They were in a box of plastic drinking straws (in the straws!). The LAST STRAW for me tonight is that they were in what appeared to be an uninfested box of cookies (no larva found in box) and a totally sealed bag of cookies. I broke open the first cookie (abundance of caution after cleaning all day) and there was a live, wiggling larva in it. I might never buy cereal or pasta again.

    I heard with weevils you can put your grains in the freezer for two days to kill any eggs. Wonder if that works for these things, too.

  165. They hitchhike home in bags of dog food too! I’ve seen them flying around bags of dog food at the stores. I kept the food in the garage but they would sneak in. When I’d bring a bowl of food through the house 🙁 so the chase would be on to hunt them down. I switched to grain free dog food 3 or 4 years ago and haven’t seen once since (fingers crossed)!!

  166. After recently getting rid of a light infestation ( because I got on it right away ) caused by bird seed but not finding any other infested food or larvae, I am worried that there is a nest somewhere I haven’t found. So after doing all everyone else has, freezing grains for a week before using, putting grains in airtight glass jars, etc dog and cat food in airtight bins, all I can say is if I get infested when the weather warms as I hear can happen, there is no other answer but the parasitic wasp called Trichogramma. Freaks me out to allow them in my home but I understand they’re so tiny I won’t even know they’re here. I see no other answer to permanent relief.

  167. I had these guys in a jar of seedless pumpkin seeds brought home from store. We cleaned and got rid of a lot of food, spices etc. My question is that 4 months later and we are still seeing 1-3 moths caught in sticky traps every couple of weeks. Is this normal or should I be recleaning? Never see larvae just dead moths in traps annd only a few. Please advise!

  168. I had this issue for a very long time & nothing was getting rid of them. After looking up info online I read to put bay leaves on each shelf in cabinet. Took a few weeks but I have been bug free ever since.

  169. I had no idea what these creatures could get into , and how they do it . Thanks for your info on this problem . I have gotten rid of so much food that all of a sudden came alive with these disgusting worms . Food was sealed from the store and all of a sudden its alive with these things . Thank you again for your info .

  170. We are a flat of 6 professional working women who can’t keep throwing out all our food or stuffing it into our freezers/fridges for the next 6 months. Although it is expensive, we are thinking we will try the product someone else mentioned and hope that Winter ends the misery. Use the link below or Google “no more weevils” and you’ll see it also applies to pantry moths. If you have tried it with success, or dare I say it, failure, please let us know. Cheers, and keep the faith folks, comparatively speaking we are still in the 10% with pantries of food!

  171. I thought I was done with the moths at the end of last summer. I threw out all my food and am keeping it all in the freezer now. As soon as the weather warmed up they are back. I am assuming they are hatching from other places in the house. I kill every one I see and I have sprayed insecticide in cracks where the molding meets the cupboards. They aren’t in my food so I am hoping they won’t get to lay eggs again, I go on a moth patrol every morning and usually find at least one. I am very frustrated.

  172. I clean out our pantry in December 2015, with vinegar and water with a little essential oils, vacuum all the above, I even purchase the moth traps with the sticky stuff from Home Depo. Those critters are back, It’s getting warm now and I see them back in the pantry. I am so frustrated with these little things flying around the house. I will be paying close attention to the packing of grains I purchase. So far I put flour, rice,meal in my freezer. I only purchase small bags, but those critters are back in my pantry. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and I will continue to fight these critters before summer kicks in full gear.

  173. I can honestly say I think I can claim success. I threw everything out that was infested. All other items they could possibly feed on were placed in the fridge or freezer. And then I just waited them out. It honestly took about six months. Those darn things laid eggs just about everywhere, and near the end, they were mostly in the upstairs bathrooms where the moisture was. But I have not seen a month since October. I honestly think everyone’s biggest mistake is bringing a new food source into the house before the colony dies out. An egg can take up to 4 months to hatch and if you have two, maggots they can regenerate a new colony in weeks. YOU REALLY HAVE TO BE VIGILANTE ABOUT NO DRY GOODS IN THE HOUSE FOR SIX MONTHS. Either buy dry goods to be consumed that day, or keep them in the freezer. Eventually, the colony will die out. There is hope.

  174. Some of the comments on this article have been really helpful. The larvae can be in the folds of coffee packets, edges of cans, they can be anywhere! The most helpful was noting that they can be in the holes for shelving. They were larvae incubating in every hole of our pantry! Take a toothpick or skewer and pick them out and the sprayed everything with pure vinegar. We also sprinkled baking soda on all edges and hinges of the cupboard and poured vinegar. The main sources were a box of granola and a bag of bulk oatmeal as well as larvae in a plastic container of masala (Indian spice). There were two moths in our plates cupboard and we found three larvae in the shelf holes!! It only takes two to replenish a colony. I hope we got them all. I will get keeping grains in the fridge and freezer for the next four months to be sure!!

  175. Cleaned out my cupboards twice and scrubbed with bleach solution… NO HELP.

    Finally realized it was an old bag of unshelled peanuts on the counter under some paperwork that I had forgotten about…!! ARRRGH !

  176. Somethings I learned the hard way (i.e. an infestation) about pantry moths that I never see mentioned:
    1. There’s more than one kind of panty moths – the ones in my kitchen were attracted primarily to seeds (including spices like poppy seed or spices ground from seed) and brown rice. I think they got into quinoa and wheat germ too – but not in the wheat flour. Or corn.
    2. My pantry moths were very small.
    3. Just like all moths, they follow the light. Every night I left a small light on with a trap next to it. When the infestation was really bad, I had one in the kitchen and one in the family room.
    4. They mature moths seem to show up in the room around 9 – 9:30 p.m. EST, though that could vary slightly, depending on where in a particular time zone you live
    5. They seem to fly upwards , which makes me suppose they hide out in lower spots during the day, then head for the light. But the upwards flying seems more pronounced with the pantry moths.
    6. It took me several years to completely get rid of them, and I still keep out fresh traps so I’ll catch infestations early.
    7. I don’t buy from stores that have open bins for some items, like Whole Foods, where you can scoop from a bin to a bag, but I would warn against that.
    8. I learned, if I found infested food, to put it in the freezer for 24-48 hours before I tossed it out.
    9. I did most of the things everyone else wrote about – cleaning, looking for the webs, etc., etc.

  177. My mother, grandmother and my husband’s grandmother always put bay leaf in flour and such when they brought it home. It doesn’t hurt to scatter a few in the cupboard either. This will keep you from getting them…..

  178. We think our moths came in a bag of cat food. They proliferate like crazy. My husband can’t stand them, and wanted to call an exterminator. I said NO POISON IN THIS HOUSE. I showed him the vacuum and the attachments, and he started to vacuum every moth and all the larvae he could find. Success. I know this won’t be the end of it, but now he understands why I keep cereal, grains, flour, etc. in the freezer. He used to yell at me for doing that. Now he will have to find another excuse for yelling. I don’t mind the moths. They don’t bother me at all. I wave them off, pick them out of my drink, and continue on as before. Who cares??? All these picky, wimpy little men and women who are freaked out by moths: GET OVER IT!!! It’s only a minor nuisance, and if you use common sense, as my husband DID NOT, you won’t ever have moths.

  179. I can’t tell you how great it is to see so many other people who are so concerned about this. It’s really good not to be alone in this. It made me feel so dirty even though I do try to keep everything under glass after living in TX.
    My big question is this, since I don’t have a freezer large enough to hold all the paper plates, napkins, paper cups etc for picnics and have bottles of things we only rarely use in boxes on the floor under the shelves in the pantry, can I take all this paper stuff outside in the 90-111 degree summer heat? Will that kill them if they are in a black plastic trash bag?

  180. Wow! Thanks everyone for sharing your plight, tips & tricks; even the littlest details have been illuminating (now will consider my outdoor bird area, dry pet food storage & garage, shoe bottoms and poor Ugg boots (that seems the clothes-eating moth though…thankfully do not have)).

    I noticed these pesky little moths a couple days ago…just a couple. As a middle-aged neat-freak who’s lived up/down coast… didn’t think much of them but weather. Then went to use bag of potaoes stored down lower caninet…peeew the smell- bag only about a week old! One black/wet. Then go above fridge to get huge wharehouse-sized unused oatmeal bag in box… EWW!! The webbed innards in unopened 2.5 lb bag with small white worms under box, under honey container beside it… all tossed. I of course went all over kitchen… and yep… string webbing in everything, tightly screwed heavy plastc jars or unopened factory. IMHO, the tiny two holes in thick heavy ziploc proved to me – yes, they do eat plastic!! Moved to never-used pantry. Yep. Goodbye unopened, factory sealed wharehouse organic pastas… gluten-free pancake/waffle mixes, everything. Those had little flour beatles, and gosh knows what else inside…*unopened*! I almost went out and bought those contractor bags at Home Depot! Didn’t want to waste time. By this time, feeling gross… Go to master shower suite…little friend moth high on shower wall. Then I hear all your horror stories in my thoughts as I look for a brillo pad (LOL)…”look up on ceiling, corners… hours of bleaching & vinegar… Eyedropper of xyz in every shelf peg-hole, every room… vaccuum & then steam pressure-clean the vaccuum afterwards (or you get full, lab-quality recreated population in spendy vaccuum). Cover house surfaces in food-grade DE. Repeat for 11 months. Pray.” I am very sad over the wasted food. I buy in bulk for growing teenager. I have now decided to join you all in smartly storing all dry goods in fridge – *after* they stop in freezer for a week as a welcome to my home. It will just be a new habit.

    Strange, never experienced anything like this… even in 2 years in Hawaii or a year in (ew) Vegas (not military, but job has moved us a lot).

    Good luck everyone! I also found this one of best university sites, if interested –

  181. I think i havelarvae bugs tiny little things that
    Almost look like worms
    They are coming in. Droves as i kill them more appear
    In my kitchen on my ceiling
    Where are they coming frim how do i stop them it just started over night. HELP a senior citizen. Thanks

  182. So how do you kill the moths? We’re on our second cyle after the larvae turned into new moths. We completely emptied the pantry, wiped with soap and water, sprinkled DE on all the edges, corners and cracks, left two traps, then sprayed the entire pantry with Aunt Norma’s spray two days ago. So far there are only 3 dead ones in the trap and more live ones out and about. Today I found two more happily flying around in there. Even when I sprayed it directly with moth spray, it continued to fly. What kills them on contact other than squishing? My husband saus we can’t use any kind of pesticide in the other pantry, but isn’t it safe if we spray it now and wait couple weeks to clean and re-fill the pantry?

  183. Last fall, I bought indian corn wreaths . They were so pretty! After Thanksgiving, I put them in a Tupperware container to store them for the season. This year, I opened the container and hundreds of grain moths poured out! They were feeding on the corn. I took the corn outside, but now I’m afraid that the moths are building nests in my house. What can I do?

  184. I am wondering about spraying or washing with bleach or vinegar, as many have suggested. What is the theory behind using these products? I am noticing that most people who have used these report a reinfestation. Right now I am trying to mix some sesame seeds with DE to see if moths/larvae will eat and die after ingesting. Also awaiting a delivery of boric acid and some shelf paper treated with pesticide. Has anyone had professional pest control come in to take care of the problem? I tried that and it didn’t help.

  185. For all of you warriors trying to rid yourselves of these pesky moths. I spent months, but finally won the battle after throwing out all manner of food stuffs and using Black Flag traps. No moths for a couple of months now. Today, while in the process of refinishing cupboard door, I removed a hinge and lo and behold there was a live worm. No wonder they are so difficult to get rid of…they can get into the tiniest, most hidden places

  186. I have had them. The original source was a small bag of parakeet food. They took over my garage, and I did a bug bomb in there. It is completely clear now, but despite using traps, they were continuing to infest my home. They were not in my pantry, I eventually found another source, a basket, with a bag of outdoor bird seed in it. It was by a bank of windows, with curtains and fabric blinds. The larva and nests were in the folds of the curtains and blinds. It took a full day of vacuuming, and cleaning to remove them. A week later, we are still checking for them, and find the ocassional larva. We removed their food source, and are hoping they are almost gone.

  187. We have them in the living room we freeze our parrots food when we get it and take out small amounts and put it in a fine mesh bag before I give it to her but we still have 3 or 4 moths flying around. I got me a BUG A SALT gun and shot them when they land it works great.

  188. Wow – I commend those of you who are fighting the good fight against persistent pantry moths! I have dealt with them twice in my life, and both times took a month or two but were ultimately successful. However, in some cases, fighting off moth infestations can practically become a career!

    I appreciate all the tips and tricks for getting rid of tough infestations. I have updated the article to more strongly emphasize the importance of cleaning, particularly the often-overlooked cracks and crevices (and peg holes!). Thanks for reading and commenting!

  189. Hi All, thank you so much for all of your brilliant insight. I have a plague in my pantry and it is disgusting. So following on from tips from these posts, I have pitched stuff left right and centre I even found a ugly black spider in my shaker box – BLAH YUK. So off to Woolworths I went and got some lavender oil – and “Hovex” pantry moth traps. Now that my pantry is empty, I am going to clean the shelves with hot water and velvet soap until the shelves sparkle, then I have my lavender oil and I am going to put this into a spray bottle with hot water and spray all of the unplugged holes in the pantry with this mix. Then I am going to put the pantry moth traps in strategic places. Following this, I will wash all of the food stuffs in jars in hot water – My dishwasher is broken so hand done it will be! then once everything is dry I will be putting a clove of garlic on each shelf and then spraying my lavender and eucalyptus oil on top of the pantry and around the cornices. Finger crossed that this will keep the horrible things away. Thanks so much for everyone and their input. Cheers

  190. If it were possible I would take a flamethrower to these infernal pests as well as wasps, unfortunately the former tend to be around food which makes this a pipe dream…

  191. I’ve been battling these little buggers for three years. I’m pretty sure they arrived via bags of wild bird seed which I naively stored in my kitchen. What a painful life lesson. I started remedial by removing the bird seed from the house. Still had flying moths. Removed all herbs and flower products from the pantry, stored flour, cereal and crackers in the freezer, herbs in the refrigerator a long with bread products. Still had flying moths. At this point I have yet to actually see an egg, larvae or cocoon. I then went on a search of non-food storing cabinets and found a single ziplock storage bag full for safflower seed where it shouldn’t have been. I discarded the seed and filled the ziplock bag with water. Leaked like a sieve. Confirmed their ability to chew through plastic bags. Two months later still have flying moths.

    I’ve used Safer moth traps all through this period which do catch moths. I also have a racquet size bug zapper which is also effective(not to mention satisfying). I’ve been keeping weekly records of the kills in each trap to monitor their movements and hopefully one day see their numbers decline. Today I went to check two (of 19) of the traps and actually found fewer moths in each trap. We’re talking like 10 fewer in the trap. What the heck is that? I don’t think they’re escaping and flying off but who knows? I’m wondering if they’re getting possibly poached by a spider?

  192. THIS WORKS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Place open containers 8″ or so diameter and fill with about 1/2″ of water. As the little creeps fly around they hit the water and drown. Just checked my back room container and it has 11 moths in it.

  193. I’ve had a problem with pantry moths as well and I appreciate everyone’s helpful advice! When I first started noticing them I went looking for infested grain items after actually seeing them flying around the baking aisle (Yikes!) in the grocery store. A bag of brown rice was the culprit in my case. In the process of cleaning the pantry, I also have the assistance of my two felines, who actually scan the shelves when the door is open and bring the little guys down as soon as they see one flying!

  194. I am laughing at all of you. Not in a bad way-because I fight the good fight every day. I am laughing because I have parrots. And the oldest one is 23. And I have been fighting moths for 23 years. Never in all that time have I been moth free!!! I use all the above methods. Best i can hope for is damage control. A moth drops in my drink, I just scoop it out. Worse thing was when I was watching something on my tablet as I started eating a graham cracker. After a couple bites I looked down and the cracker was full of worms wiggling all over!!! Don’t think I will ever eat a graham cracker again!! What amazes me is people get them that have no birds. I know they are always in my seed. Take heart knowing, considering all the replies, that you are in good company!!!

  195. I didnt read all the comments but did read a good many & didnt see or it’s possible I missed it if someone has already suggested this but Trichogramma Wasps are a cheap & effective to combat these awful things. They are parasitic wasps that target 200 types of moths/butterflies The wasp seeks out & inserts its eggs inside the eggs of these pests, killing them before they enter the larval stage. The adult wasps emerge in approx 1 week & only lives for about 2 weeks the short life span & fact majority are female allows them to multiply quickly in relation to the targeted pest. They typically arrive as 4,000-5,000 pupae in host eggs ready to hatch into adult wasps glued onto lil 1×1″ cards. Once they’ve destroyed all the eggs they then die as they no longer have a food source. 3 packs 1×1″ start at 12.95 I dont know if it’s ok to list the site but if you google Trichogramma Wasps or moth egg parasite for sale you’ll see results. They usually only ship mon-wed to ensure delivery as the window for hatching is small. These can combat inside & outside infestations without chemicals… thorough cleaning as mentioned above is important & these dont kill the adult moths basically targets & eliminates the beginning of the cycle. Worked for me after 2 years being unable to control/eliminate pantry moths I highly suggest researching looking into this option for yourself, wished I had found it myself a year ago

  196. OMG, I found these in the dog food (which I kept in the pantry)! I was putting bay leaves in every bracket that holds the wire shelves. I wear glasses, but not usually in the house because I only need them for distance. When I stood on a step stool to reach the upper shelves, I saw the worms all over along the edges between the ceiling and the walls all around the entire walk in pantry! So GROSS!!! So be sure to look up high because they seem to like it up there. EWWW, now I have to pick them off the ceiling and dispose of them. Wishing hubby was home to do this task, but I can’t wait for him as I want them gone like yesterday! UGHH!!

    I noticed about 30-40 little white ‘worms’ by my back door where I had discarded a fruit box after shopping at Costco the day before . Due to the location of the majority of the worms and the path of those that were headed away, I believe they came into my house in the box.
    Beware of leaving boxes in the house after shopping, especially food/fruit products.

  198. Never even knew these disgusting things existed,as far as I knew moths ate sweaters and things packed away for seasonable wear. I remener my grandmother putting moth balls in her boxes etc.probably 6 months ago we opened a sealed pack of food and noticed alot of webbing in it,and then maggots,larvae not sure but looked like maggots to me.I didn’t know what to make of it,so I did nothing.a few days later same thing,and it became nearly everything in the cabinet that we got out.I threw everything out and sprayed the cabinets with lysol and wiped them out.less then a week letter a sealed package had webs and no bugs..I had noticed a few moths flying around prior to all this but didn’t put the 2 togther,until I noticed moths actually coming from inside the cabinets when we disturbed husbAnd thought I was crazy, when I toldhim I thought the moths were laying eggs in everything,he had neverheard of it either.we didn’t know moths had maggots???it didn’t occur to me to research it I just thought they were moths,I threw everything out again wiped the cabinets with lysol again,but this time I randomly scattered moth balls(lol yep) in the we had dozens of misplaced moths flying around the kitchen.I swatted the majority of them.I thought finally I solved the problem.nope.same routine,but I got bombs,ant roach everything.I haven’t bombed yet.I decided they had to be some particular kind of moth so I got online and here I am.this has been going on about 6 months now.I am disgusted,furious,and a little amazed.I have been keeping nearly everything in fridge or freezer.but I had 2 tubs of oats on the microwave,I went to fix the one half used and it was fine.go to the unopened one with plastic seal on top AMD pull the lid and hundreds of the little suckers squirming in there.we have found them in completely sealed in plastic scalloped potatoes,stuffing mix…everything.I can’t understand how they get into sealed so so glad I found this.I have 4 kids 2 of them teenagers and its hard enough to keep food in cabinets without this nonsense.FYI,don’t try mothballs.even if you put them in shelves above or below where u have food it makes it taste funny,And u can smell the mothballs when u walk in your house,takes your breath away and im pretty sure they are poison.I just wanted to share this story because the few people I have told that moths are laying larvae in our food and we are infested act,like im crazy and obviously have a bad fly probley,not just glad this is a thing.and a thing people have dealt with now maybe I can be done with it too.ill update you as to what I get to work

  199. Want to get rid of grain moths? It’s not too hard. The hard part is to limit their access to your goods. Put all containers into ZipLoc bags or double-bag those goods that are not stored in containers. They lay their eggs under or near the lids. The eggs hatch, and the larvae squeeze into the containers. They also bite holes into plastic bags and lay their eggs in the holes. The second bag foils the larvae. The easy part is to introduce fruit flies into the equation. Put out some fruit and allow it to spoil. Soon, you will have an abundance of fruit flies, and the grain moths will diminish greatly. Do it again in several weeks. Repeat until all moths are gone. The fruit flies will go away once you remove the fruit. Grain moths and fruit flies compete for some of the same foods, like breads, pastries, etc. I don’t know exactly what the relationship is between fruit flies and grain moths, but after 20 years of grain moth misery, I noticed they almost disappeared whenever we had a fruit fly invasion. I cannot find any scientific information about this, but I know from experience that it works…and I proved it works.

  200. *THIS WORKS!*
    I was battling these pests for over a month, was going crazy! Finally threw out over $300 worth of food, much of it was unopened or double bagged in ziplocs. I then put peppermint oil in my oil diffuser and placed that into my pantry. I let it run continuously for a few days with the door closed (like a gas chamber). Then I cleaned it out. Did not find any moths or worms alive, but lots of dead ones, they were dried out! Since then I have not had issue with moths. I run the diffuser with peppermint oil in the kitchen occasionally and have not restocked pantry but have been keeping what dry goods I’ve bought in the fridge as a preventative measure.

  201. Wow. Great articles here I think the best one will be the peppermint because it drive’s the nervous system crazy I’m insects.
    ours came in with a bag of dog food from PetSmart that was full of sucky looking insect webs and worms inside the bag. We used soap/water bleach and vinegar as well as diffused pantry with wintergreen knowing bed bugs are destroyed and got the countdown to two or three a day of the moths.
    next I will start the diffuser using peppermint for the next two days and that should do the trick.

    We threw out all the bag Foods in plastic and cereal as well in ordered plastic food containers from Amazon where everything is now kept.

    I’ll keep fighting the battle and the corners and cracks as well.

    Good luck Jesus loves you and I’m saved by his grace and his blood how about you?

  202. Well, I’ve just found this site and read all your comments and can’t remember the last time I giggled so much! It’s not really funny, but you have to laugh! For the last 5 months I have wondered why clothes moths are happy to live in my food cupboard! Today it dawned on me that they are probably not clothes moths and decided to search for tiny moths in my kitchen! I’m not sure I’m a good enough shot to try a gun, so I have thrown out all flours and washed everything in hot soapy water. I have sprayed moth killer in the cupboard and have shut the door on it! Both my husband and I are now sneezing uncontrollably. Tomorrow we will wash it all down again, spray with lavender oil and place bay leaves on each shelf. Amazon are delivering plastic boxes and we will use those to try to fend the little devils off. Good luck…perhaps we should move if this doesn’t work??!!

  203. I think you really have to go after the source. I’ve seen them in my pantry and in other rooms. I found them in one room that had much clothing. Now they seem to be throughout the house. I think the panties are now clean. I bought a bunch of craps and closed all the doors and all of the rooms. I’ve even close the doors to the closets. I’m hoping the traps will tell me which rooms there may be a source. I think keeping the doors closed may help keep them from setting up shop in another room. The human dealing with it for over a month I think you need to throw away all of your food. You need to clean where the food was at Big Time. I wouldn’t bring you more food in there until the moth traps have been negative for about a week or two.

  204. I’ve been fighting these things for over a year now. I cleaned my pantry and put all grains in airtight containers and Ziploc bags and the problem subsided for a short while. After seeing the moths resurface I examined my recently purchased and bagged items and found the worms were still active. My theory is that they came from the market with the larvae in the product.
    Thank you for this article because now I will try freezing newly purchased grain products and cleaning all unopened jars and lids.
    I also found that Trader Joes “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” multipurpose cleaner kills them instantly. It’s made with Cedarwood oil.

  205. I brought them in in a bag of corn for chicken feed I kept in my pantry. Took it outside and dumped it months ago. I have fought flying moths for months and 2 weeks ago started seeing worms crawling on my walls. Put out moth balls and set off foggers and it’s almost like they are thriving on it so now since I have read all this I will be gutting my pantry this weekend and wiping walls and everything in there. It is a perfect breeding ground since there are 2 freezers and a small refrigerator.

  206. I hung old fashion fly paper (glue strips)in my dining room and kitchen. That is really helping. I put glue traps for mice on my counter and that caught more moths

    I left my dish pan filled with water. I caught one there. Last year I was I tested with larvae warms. Knock wood. This year I have not seen any.
    I am going to try moth balls and bay leaves also.

  207. my husband, daughter and I spent all day yesterday getting rid of those pesky things….we kept trying to get rid of them at night by killing them …..but now we have put the kabosh on them by reading this article……stay tuned.

  208. I brought these little demons in with a bag of dog food and have been fighting them for months. I’ve cleaned cabinets and dumped infested foods but still they persist.


  209. Oh my thank you so much for the info. We brought them home in rabbit food. they are aweful. havent seen them in our food yet but will keep my eyes open.
    Thank you.

  210. Can someone post a picture of what they look like. I think I ate so e of these on my bagel… I will be okay right? Lol! Freaking out right now. I noticed little clear looking one with the big black head moving around on my table…

  211. We’ve been seeing the moths for months but I thought they were regular moths and didn’t give it a second thought. Last week I was in my kitchen and just happened to look up and thought I was in a scene from a horror movie. All these little worms were on my ceiling! I told my husband that he had to see this! He didn’t know what was going on either. We had never seen these in the 17 years we lived here. I now know what they are and just cleaned out my cabinet and bought containers to put everything in. Also bought the moth traps (hope they work) and will now try the bay leaf idea. We are still seeing the worms (just not as many) every day and kill them as we go along. Will we ever stop seeing these worms because they are really grossing me out! I don’t know where they’re going, but I’m trying to make sure they don’t get there!

  212. DON’T THROW YOUR FOOD AWAY!! Get the container and isolate all your food. If you really want to then compost the food outdoors .

  213. We just moved house. Upon unpacking my pantry items I noticed a thin white caterpillar inching along the shelf. I couldn’t work out where it came from, so I killed it and moved on. Soon after another one appeared, so I banged a few unopened boxes just in case they’d been hiding in the folded cardboard. No luck, only to find another a few minutes later. I found this article when I did a google search and it has helped me greatly! I popped a few bags into the freezer, but managed to locate the source quickly – an opened bag of aborio rice done up poorly with an elastic band! Around the opening and sides were several smaller caterpillars, so I quickly sealed the packet in a snap lock bag and binned it immediately! Come to think of it, I’d noticed small moths in my pantry previously but never knew they most likely had been breeding and feeding in there. Gross!!!

  214. I found these moths (adults only) in a bin of flour a few months ago. Saw my first worms today. I immediately connected the two, but am so broke it isnt even funny, and the thought of having to throw away food is a painful one, but here we go. I share my house with other people and keeping anything any sort of clean is impossible. I’m not looking forward to this. Good to know I’m not alone, and wish me luck!

  215. After 4 years of fighting those moths and their babies, I gave up and eat around them now. Even my chewing gum taste like thier larva. Like my father used to say, its extra protein. Cant beatem, eat em.

  216. We got the last laugh on these little buggers. They came in on some boxes of food from a .gov food pantry program. At first we had a few, then last month we got a major infestation in our little back room pantry. Going in at night you would see a swarm of them. I figured there were over 100 moths.

    I tried the bug light and the pan of water tricks. Very few were caught. So I thought about it for a week and decided they were slow flyers and should be easy to catch. My weapon of choice, a recently purchased HoLife Handheld Vacuum Cordless. Yep a dust buster vac.

    I went into the pantry and just started chasing the little buggers around the room, on the walls and on the ceilings. In a mere ten minutes, I trapped at least 50 of the buggers. Most of them I sucked right out of the air while they were flying. I took the vac outside and emptied it, then went back in and repeated the process twice more. I sucked up at least 150 months and banished them to the hot bright outdoors.

    Wow, no more moths. When the eggs hatch and the worms create the next batch I will dispatch them post haste, thereby interrupting the life cycle. A few cycles will conquer the buggers. In the meantime there is no longer a cloud of moths circling the panty.

  217. YOU ARE THE BEST! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! I can’t say it enough I’ve never seen this before we just moved into this home one year ago and they have been driving me crazy for a year this will be my week end project thank you Jennifer

  218. I didn’t know anything like this existed, then I realised i was forever killing moths. With some googling, I was led to investigate the pantry. Sure enough, there seemed to be a container with a moth inside it, with that webbising stuff. I aslo saw a lavae that seemed to be crawling away from the pantr area. So I just chucked out everything that they eat, flour, etc. A few days later now and I there’s no moths around, I don’t know how the improvement could be so quick, we’ll see.

  219. As recommended in several articles everything has been removed from my pantry and spice cupboard including the liner. I have vacuumed it all and have sprayed the shelves, hinges with vinegar, peppermint oil and water mixture every week for months. I bought some net jewelry bags and put bay leaves in them and hung them in every cupboard with push pins. We also bought some cedar drawer liners and velcroed them to the cupboards. I found that Dr.Killigan’s Pantry Moth Traps catch a lot of moths. I write the date and how many are in the trap and when it gets several, I throw them away and put in a new trap The traps are put in the cupboards, on the top of the refigerrator and stove and range hood.. We found a new plug in trap by ZEVO flying insect trap. It has a blue light that attracts the moths and inside is a sticky pad that traps them. I haven’t seen any for a few days and the traps are not filling up. Unfortunately, after I sprayed, I found one, now deceased . Things are better but the battle continues. I wonder what my daughter’s family when they come to visit, will think of my canned and jars of food sitting all over my living room?


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