Transforming a Worn-Out Patio with Recycled Materials

Joe and Audra need a patio makeover that’s as much about recycling as it is about renovation.

The 60-year-old home they share with their daughter, Arlow, has an old retaining wall that closes them off from their backyard, and the aging patio is too rough to enjoy. Joe’s first home improvement project was a small fire pit, but it’s not large enough for entertaining outdoors.

We’ll not only update their patio, but we’ll also recycle their patio’s parts to do it!

Some of the projects we cover in this episode include:

  • Remove Pavers and Regrade Patio
  • Reinstall and Stain Pavers
  • Build a Firepit
  • Pour a Concrete Countertop

Check out the ‘Recycling a Patio’ episode article for more information on this project!

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