Upgrade an Old Concrete Porch with a Painted Pattern

If you want to give your concrete porch some extra flair, paint a pattern on it! Using a stencil makes this a do-it-yourself friendly project.

You don’t need special skills or tools, but do you need patience and time, because attention to detail is a must!

Materials Needed

  • Stencil kit
  • Paint
  • Paint roller
  • Tape

1. Pick a Pattern

Before you begin, find a pattern you like. The stencil kit we’re using on this project includes two pattern types: a smaller version for edges and a larger version for wide-open spaces.

Worried about uneven results? Relax! Because registration marks on the stencil edges ensure proper alignment for the next application.

Homeowners carefully position the stencil before painting
The key to painting an even pattern is to perfect the stencil’s position.

2. Perfect the Position

Remember that attention to detail? It starts before you even paint a thing!

Precision is key, so it’s important to carefully tape the stencil in the middle of the space, and then work toward the edges.

Working from the inside out helps to keep the pattern even across the entire surface.  

A couple paints a blue pattern on a concrete floor with a stencil
When you paint over the stencil, do so in one direction — never back and forth.

3. Paint, Paint, Paint

Paint over the surface in one direction. We’re using a One Part Epoxy Coating designed specifically for concrete. 

To avoid bleed-through, remove the excess paint from the roller each time you dip it in the tray. It’s also a good idea to wipe the paint off the underside of the stencil after each application. 

For sharp pattern edges and a clean look, take your time while applying, removing and painting the stencil. 

Painted concrete porch, stenciled in light blue
This formerly plain concrete floor now has some style, and the transformation cost less than $100!


It doesn’t cost much to transform an old, worn-out concrete porch into a stylish surface for gliders, rocking chairs and outdoor sofas.

Here’s what you can expect to pay for this project:

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  1. Purchased a home built in 1963 with a carport with round metal poles that support the roof. My goal is to wrap these poles to square.
    By the way watch your show every week. I enjoy very much.


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