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We have a pair of painting problems. One listener’s primer is still tacky, 48 hours after she’s applied it. Another listener needs help choosing between oil or latex based paint.

Also, finding the right contractor for the job can be a stressful decision. Danny and Joe help one homeowner who needs help in fixing her sunroom.

And, a listener going through a complete remodel is stumped when trying to install an outlet for his new mantle.

Plus, Joe explains how you can remove baseboards in your home without damaging the wall.

Listener Questions

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Primer is Still Tacky After 48 Hours
Peggy from Texas – “I used the BM Superior primer on my cabinets that were cleaned (dawn and green pad) sanded (150 then 220) and after vacuuming wiped down with alcohol. After painting and rolling the BM Superior gray tinted primer it is still tacky after more than 48 hours. The primer comes off easily too-will even roll of where I tried lightly sanding today with 00 steel wool and exposed the wood/previous finish. Not sure what to do at this point, please help!”

Latex or Oil-Based Paint?
Mike from Wisconsin – “My 24-year-old front door has paint that is cracking. I used latex already and it’s not fixing the problem. Is there a reason why or should I move over to an oil-based paint?”

New Mantle and Aligning Doors
John from Kansas – “We have done a total house remodel but are stumped with two things. We want an outlet above the mantle for mantle lights or seasonal decorations. We were able to run a wire up one side of the mantle, but the firewall interfered with doing a similar outlet on the opposite side.
The second project is a bedroom and adjacent closet door. The house has settled, and the door didn’t close. We move the latch on the closet door but you can clearly see the height difference from right to left and it will be more noticeable once we paint the door. The bedroom door sticks and never clears the jam to totally close. Any tips?”

Sun Room Damage
Kim from California – “Bottom panels of my sunroom are getting water damage. I have called 4 different contractors and no one will touch or give any advice as to how to fix. Any advice on what to do or use?”

How to Remove a Sliding Glass Door
Michael from Florida – “How would I remove a sliding glass door, frame for a 36×80 exterior door? Finishing the remaining area with sheetrock interior and brick to match the exterior.”

Simple Solutions

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Wall Protector
When prying off baseboard molding, it’s often necessary to pry against the wall. If you’re not careful, the pry bar will dent or bust through the drywall.

Gluing Tight Cracks
When fixing a split chair rail, cracked baluster, or similar object, it’s difficult to apply glue because the crack is so tight. This trick will help.

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