Leaning Trees

Staking and tying off a leaning tree is a fairly common practice, but it can be avoided by properly planting the tree in the first place. Often times trees lean because of limited access to sunshine. If a tree is planted in the shade of another tree or structure, it will grow toward the available light. As limbs grow predominately on the sun side of the tree it will also become heavy on that side adding pressure to lean that way. Before planting, look at the shade canopy of surrounding trees and try to stay outside them. This way you can avoid staking out your new tree as it grows.


  1. Some trees were planted properly, were growing properly but a storm loosens roots causing the tree to list. How are these trees best straightened!
    Thank you

  2. We have just had a tree planted by the City just a few days ago. We have noticed that the tree is leaning. Will this eventually go straight? or should we call the City and inform them. Thank you.

    • Hi, Lees,
      We would need to know more information to understand the situation.
      What type of tree did the city plant, and in what state?


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