Echo Pro Attachment Series Lawn Tools

To keep your lawn in shape, consider the Echo Pro Attachment Series (PAS) of portable lawn tools for your yard. Interchangeable attachments can be purchased separately to fit the universal power source engine. Attachments available include straight or curved string trimmer, edger, and blower.

Echo PAS lawn tools come with a five year warranty and are available at The Home Depot. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information


Nowadays everybody is looking for ways to cut back on their home expenses, and one of the ways you can do that is by doing your own landscaping. But if you’ve had a crew come in before you certainly don’t want to sacrifice the look they give you every time they’re there. Well, you don’t have to anymore.

Echo, which has provided professional landscaping tools for the professionals for years, has come up with a great line. Now this is their PAS series, which is their Pro Attachment Series. You buy the power source right here that has a professional grade engine in it, with a five year warranty I might add.

Once you get this, you can then decide what attachments you want to get. You can get the curved trimmer, you can get the straight trimmer, you can get the blower, or you can get the edger. You can get one or all four of them just depending on what you want to do; and once you finish your lawn, you’re going to have that professional look every time.


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