DIY Improvement Projects for Your Yard

Watch this video for tips and DIY projects to improve and maintain your yard and lawn, including:

Landscaping: Advantages of using plants native to and adapted for your area when landscaping your yard.

Concrete Path: How to lay a concrete path in your yard that has the look of natural stone using Quikrete Walkmaker.

Concrete Curb: How to build forms and pour concrete curbing around planting beds in your yard.

Grass Mowing: Tips on how to choose a lawn mower that’s right for your yard and lawn conditions.

Garden Arbor: How to anchor a garden arbor in your yard with poured concrete footings.

Utility Tractor: Using a utility tractor for DIY projects around your yard as a backhoe, loader, forklift, mower, and more.

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  1. We’re wanting to use the Quikrete walkmaker to create a path in our backyard. Part of our yard is on a small slope/angle. Our concern is how the quikrete will hold on the slope after we take the mold off. Would you have any suggestions on how to handle that part of the pathway?


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