How to Free a Trapped Dishwasher

A dishwasher on a tile floor with its door partially opened.
Plan before you tile — otherwise, you could block in your appliances.

Danny and Joe welcome callers’ questions each week on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Here’s a question from our Oct. 05 broadcast:

Steve in North Carolina says, “My wife and I purchased a condo as a 2nd home. We are upgrading the kitchen and we’re going to replace the dishwasher.

The problem is 10×10 tile has been put down and the tile lip is higher than the legs on the dishwasher and I can’t get it out.

We are going to replace the laminate countertop with granite, so I can lift the old dishwasher out and put in a new one, but in the future, if the dishwasher breaks, how will I get it out? Anything I can do to allow future removal?”

We told Steve he could remove the spacers under the dishwasher to give him some more wiggle room. He can use quarter-inch pieces of rubber similar to garage flooring and place those where the dishwasher legs were.

Listen to the embedded audio clip above for the answer!
Read the blog from the Oct. 05 show and listen to the full broadcast here.

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