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Technician spraying foam insulation using Plural Component Spray Gun

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This week we look further into how spray foam insulation impacts termite protection. Hear from an expert about how this issue is moving closer to a conclusion.

Also, What you can do if the stain on your deck begins to fade.

And, Joe has a solution that will help keep your tools handy using a soda bottle.

Listener Questions

danny lipford and joe truini

Updating Stain on a Deck
Joanne from North Carolina says, “The stain on my deck looks terrible. Do I need to power wash it first, or can I just scrub it clean then restain.”

Repairing Corroded Posts
Bill from Alabama Says, “We are in the process of retrofitting our older home to earn Bronze then Silver rating. One of the requirements for a rating calls for exterior posts to be secured with Simpson or equivalent straps. We had posts replaced about 12 years ago. The bottom straps are all corroding so new straps were needed anyway. We need to figure out how to replace the top and bottom of the straps without removing all posts leading to intensive labor and costs as some posts are part of an existing screen porch. Please advise us. We would be so grateful!”

Brightening a Home Built with Dark Wood
Patsy from Colorado says, “I own an 892 sq. ft. cottage at the base of Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. It was built in the 1940s. The ceilings, walls, and floors are all original wood and my patio is full of huge red rocks. I would like to know how to brighten up the cottage. With all of that wood, it is dark.”

Spray Foam Insulation and Termite Bond Follow-Up

Interview with Rick Bell
Last week a caller said he was having trouble getting termite treatment after deciding he wanted to install spray foam insulation in his new home.

Listen to that call here.

After doing some digging we learned this isn’t an isolated incident. Danny and Joe spoke with Rick Bell, former president of the Georgia Pest Control Association about this issue. What he had to say about this issue, and why he says both sides are working together to come to a solution.

Checking in with Chelsea

Privacy with Wood Lattice
Chelsea stops by to talk about creating privacy with a lattice wall. It’s a project she did to help a friend update her back patio area. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Around the Yard

Spring Yard Preps
The grass is getting greener, flowers are beginning to bloom. Listen to hear from gardening expert Julie Day-Jones about what you can be doing right now to spruce up your yard. “Around the Yard” with Julie Day Jones – sponsored by Pavestone.

Safe & Smart Spring Cleaning

Interview with Brian Sansoni
This spring more than 75% of American households are expected to participate in spring-cleaning. You may be surprised to know about cleaning trends that could put your children or pets in danger. We talk with Brian Sansoni from the American Cleaning Institute about cleaning the safe way.

Simple Solutions

joe truini

Soda Bottle Tool Holster
Make a handy tool holster from an empty one-liter soda bottle.

Grass Seed Spreader
When you need to evenly spread grass seed over a small to medium size area, all you need is a plastic blueberry or raspberry container, the kind with small slits in the sides.

Best New Products

Cordless Hedge Trimmer
Motorized hedge trimmers are a huge time saver when it comes to cleaning up your yard. But if you have shrubs or bushes that are very mature, you know that some of those branches can be too thick for them to cut. Ryobi’s solution for that problem is this 40-volt Lithium-Ion battery powered, Hedge Trimmer.

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Simpson Strong Tie



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