9 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Whole-House Ventilation Systems

One of the biggest trends in creating healthy indoor air is whole-house ventilation. In fact, some states even require it, per indoor air quality building codes.

The new Fresh Air Systems from Broan offer one of the best solutions I’ve seen for creating and circulating clean air throughout the home. It runs both indoor and outdoor air through a core that filters impurities, and adjusts humidity and temperature. So no matter where your air is coming from, it’s constantly being purified, creating a healthier home and family.

There are two types of whole-house ventilation systems. Which one is right for your home depends on the climate where you live:

Heat Recovery Ventilators: HRV systems remove heat from the inside air before it’s exhausted to the outside, and use it to warm the incoming air. This makes them a good choice for colder climates.

Energy Recovery Ventilators: ERV systems manage both heat loss and the humidity in the air, making them ideal for warm, humid climates. An ERV system transfers some of the moisture in the humid air stream to the dryer air stream to recover the energy trapped in the moisture.

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