How to Remove and Replace an Entry Door

Finishing an Entry Door Unit

It’s often easier to finish the door and frame before installation, then touch up the frame after it’s installed That way you don’t have to leave the door open while the paint or stain dries.

To finish an entry door unit before installation:

  1. Remove the packing around the door, and take out any nails or clips that are holding the door in the frame.
  2. Door removed from frame for painting before installation.
    Door removed for painting.
  3. Use a hammer and chisel or nail set to tap out the hinge pins, then remove the door from the door frame.
  4. Put 2×4 blocks under the door and lean it against a wall, being careful not to compress or damage the rubber weather stripping on the bottom of the door. Or use our sawhorse door painting tip to paint or stain both sides of a door at the same time.
  5. Prime or stain the door, both inside and out, following the instructions that came with the door.
  6. Finish the door frame separately, being careful not to get paint or stain on the weather stripping or threshold.
  7. Apply two coats of exterior paint (or exterior polyurethane or spar varnish) to the outside of the door and frame, following the instructions on the finish.
  8. Apply two coats of interior latex or oil-based enamel paint (or interior polyurethane) to the inside of the door and frame, following the instructions on the finish.